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God it took me like 2 days while I was sick to make all this and idk what to this. So I'm posting it here.
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I'm just gonna tag @Yes because this involves president McGovern
Some context: the timeline diverges in the 8th century, and a lot of things are different in this world (though there are some wide parallels, such as the eventual invention of guns, cars, and planes). The foreign-looking language in the article is an a posteriori constructed language (ie it's derived from existing languages) that was created by me for this timeline.


• Gerborg roughly corresponds to OTL Gothenburg. Likewise, Sbieslán = Sweden.
• Cónalsen is located on the coast of OTL Colombia, near the ruins of Ciudad Perdida (located east of Barranquilla).
• I failed to mention it in the article and I'm not prepared to create a new one to make the small change: Hahtniish, who is randomly mentioned in paragraph 5, line 4, with no establishing context, would later become the founder of the Cahokia Criminal Organization, which is mentioned a couple of times in the article.
Fun story: I googled "Fear, Loathing, and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72" to get to their tvtropes page. With that, I found this map on wikimedia commons:

and HAD to make a box about it, and it's beautiful:
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A very, very, very delayed follow up to this post.
The vast majority of the time, when a party is forced to hold a leadership race only 2 years after the last, it is a sign the previous leader was, to put it kindly, not very good at his job. It is a sign that the party was floundering in opposition, or looked doomed to soon be there. Yet this was not at all the case for the British Conservative Party, who held a leadership election in 2012 only 2 years after their previous one in 2010. The party was united under their newly-minted leader George Osbourne, and was consistently leading the Labour Government in the opinion polls.

And then tragedy struck.

On the afternoon of April 6th, 2012, George Osbourne, leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party and considered by many the favourite to win the 2015 election, was killed in a car accident.

Immediately, tributes began to pour in from all sides. Those who had served under him as Conservative MPs, both on the back and frontbenches, praised him as a truly visionary man who would have changed Britain for the better, whilst the government heralded him as a fundamentally good person who served the House of Commons well.

Terrible though Osbourne's death was, the Conservative Party had little time to mourn, what with having to organize a leadership election and all. The overwhelming favourite for the contest was Shadow Chancellor Theresa May. She was deeply tied to Osbourne, but she was also very much a strong candidate in her own right, having served in the Shadow Cabinet almost continuously since 1999.

In the end May faced only one challenger, all the other contenders either refusing to run or having entered and dropped out: Nadine Dorries. Dorries, a staunchly right wing MP with no Shadow Cabinet experience, had previously ran for the leadership in 2010 just as a way to state her intense dislike for George Osbourne and his predecessor. In truth, it may have been more accurate to say May faced no challenger, so low were Dorries's chances of winning.

With only 2 candidates, there was no need for any MPs ballots, and the party went straight into a members vote. With May popular among the membership and Dorries having no coalition to build off of, it was all but assured that May would win. Sure enough, May won the leadership easily, taking over 70% of the vote.

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Live or Die. Make Your Choice.


John Kramer
was an American civil engineer, philanthropist, and serial killer who murdered at least 30 in the infamous Jigsaw Killings in the early-to-mid 2000s.

Kramer began his career by joining prominent Chicago lawyer (and future Jigsaw victim) Art Blank in founding the Urban Renewal Group, a real estate company with the goal of property development for the needy. Kramer, along with his spouse Jill Tuck, founded the Homeward Bound clinic, a recovery clinic for drug addicts.

Kramer was diagnosed with cancer in early 2002, and attempted suicide in January of 2003. His unsuccessful suicide attempt is what is believed to be Kramer's motivation to begin the Jigsaw murders. The murders were infamous in that the victims, in most cases, were given opportunity to escape through means such as self-mutilation, emotional manipulation, and other methods of self harm, with the idea that if the victim is unable to escape, then they did not have a sufficient will to live. This philosophy, known in the modern day as Jigsawism or Kramerism, has lead to multiple copycat killings across the globe.

Kramer was killed on August 5, 2006, with his throat slit. It is believed that one of the victims of the Gideon Trap, either accomplice Amanda Young, Lynn Denlon, or Jeff Denlon murdered him. As all were deceased, there is debate on whether he was killed maliciously, in self-defense, or if the death was carried out at his own request.

(This was my attempt at making a wikibox and summary of infamous SAW villian John Kramer. If there are any errors in the writing, please let me know, so that I may fix them. Some of the information listed, such as the location of Kramer's birth and death, are not canon, but were simply guesses.)
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