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To give him credit where it is due, atleast the borders are single pixel. So it could be worse.
And he even went to the trouble of recolouring one pixel Islands. I am actually kind of impressed.

Also USA remains alive on Guantanamo and the Virgin Isles (probably on Guam, American Samoa, Etc too).
To give a reminder where it is necessary, please confine current politics, including maps, to Chat.



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I understand now. I was thinking that something as obviously incorrect as "medicare for all is eugenics" didn't count.

Please don't threaten me.
Wasn't a threat. It was a question.

Normally when someone who was not addressed in a reminder about Board Policy decides that they need to weigh in its because they are looking to start an argument.
a WorldA patch for Western and Central Europe in 1826. for reasons of clarity, only important states are colored. this is admittedly a fairly arbitrary distinction but every map has to decide what to include and what to omit.
important states in europe 1826.png