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I love a good map shitpost as much as the next man, but I readily agree: they're getting in the way of the actually good art people are trying to post on the actual map threads. So I suggest posting your map shitposts here.

A map shitpost is a map that is intended to be A) poor in quality and B) humorous in character. This is not a thread for works in progress or old work that you don't like anymore; don't try fishing for complements here.
Additionally, I strongly discourage you from posting anything needlessly vulgar or offensive. Think about how people may react to your post, and think long and hard before posting anything inspired by 4chan or the like. Refer to the Forum Rules and Guidelines if you're unsure, but if you are unsure you probably shouldn't post it. I will report anyone who violates the rules of the forum and I expect you to do the same.
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I'm going to take full responsibility for derailing the map thread.

Here's the map that started this whole fuckfest.

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What the fuck, Belarus?!

The Belarusian panhandle was created in 1952 at the discretion of J Stalin as part of his program of screwing of communist puppet nations boarders, also to provide the USSR with an almost connection to germany and to gain leverage over poland by almost cutting it in half. it is now the 6th belarusian province? state? IDK what they call them, although it has separate customs and allows free movement across from poland to poland.

Does this go here?


Normal Map Thread- Nah, this map is too much of a quick weird deal

ASB Map Thread- Ehh. No one goes there.

Sheetposting Map Thread- I guess?


United States in blue, original 5 colonies and 4 indian states outlined in red.