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Okay, so some time ago, I had made a map of a fictional continent with the intent of going over the different regions and cultures through the personal writings of a monk/explorer sent by his king to explore the lands to the north of the "great sea of sand. Along with that I also made a map showing what that continent might look like in a potential "modern day." Today I'll be violating your eyes with a thingy showing all existing territorial claims/disputes/whatever you want to call it in this modern day map.
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Everyone respects little sky blue state in the southwest, and sky blue state respects everyone else <3

So, as I was experimenting with Britain's F03E46 color variation, a friend oversaw my progress and asked, "why are Mexico, China, and England the same color?"
"Um. Technically not."
"They're all the same shade of pink."

So, I basically got rid of their subtle differences and just used China's pink. This new union's biggest enemy became the United States. I quote an American local:

"Why did the Brits and Mexicans unite with the Chinese? They don't even speak Chinese."

Sometime later, Taiwan fell into a coup, after which a pro-CCP government asked mainland to annex,.