A Blank Map Thread

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A map of the world 66 million years ago, at the time of the K-Pg extinction event. Mostly based on a deeptimemaps.com map.
Idk if someone has posted this before
After way too much searching for an Image of lake texcoco that gives you any idea of the scale of the thing and roughly where it was situated I have found a nice map by national geographic and I am posting it here so no oneelse needs to do this again. No more google maps eyeballing for me.
And yes I am making a map that requieres a lake texcoco reconstruction. Idk if its requiered but I am not profiting from this in any way. All rights to respective holders.


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What I like to call a U.S.-BAM. Without any further sources, I'm attributing this to @Reagent, since this is a modified version of a map in their UACOG timeline.

Here's one for presidential elections, featuring the split votes in Nebraska and Maine.