A Blank Map Thread

Alright apologies for the huge request again but I'm doing it again.

Looking for the maps:
Administrative Maps of Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, Spain and China
Map of Southeast Asia
Subdivisions of the Middle East including Turkey
Map of Antarctica (South Pole)

Again apologies for the large request but I've been looking for like 2 hours and I'm tired
Hi, I'm working on a surviving West Rome scenario series of maps aiming to cover this state's history from the deviation point, 476AD to 2000AD. The general idea is to make big maps that give you a deep dive into an important period, like the height of an important ruler or a point of instability that marks, events that mark a before and after. Said maps would be accompanied with a wall of text explaining the map and the period it's set in.
So, I'm in need of a map blank map containing Europe, the Middle East and North Africa that has major rivers, 1st to 2nd level modern country administrative divisions, with national borders and in the M/V-bam size.
I already try looking through the threads here but they are fucking big and will take a while. Thanks.