A Blank Map Thread

it doesn't have previews wth i used the insert image button what how do i get them to have previews this makes no sense

Vatican-BAM, part of my City-BAM series.
are you kidding me
why does it show as an ATTACHMENT
I have a suggestion for you: make your own test thread (in the test sub-forum https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/forums/post-test-messages-here.4/). There you can try every option you can find to post an image (as a thumbnail, full size, linking to another site, etc, etc). Hopefully you'll be able to find the one which works for you on your device - and if not, you can post a question in the Public Forum asking for advice and explaining what you've tried and what doesn't work for you.
Just a quick request but does anybody have one of these style maps but it is Asia-centric instead of Europe-centric?


Basically with this alignment
Alright apologies for the huge request again but I'm doing it again.

Looking for the maps:
Administrative Maps of Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, Spain and China
Map of Southeast Asia
Subdivisions of the Middle East including Turkey
Map of Antarctica (South Pole)

Again apologies for the large request but I've been looking for like 2 hours and I'm tired