2018 Presidential Election

Not exactly high drama, Democrat's are actually well behaved, they are replicating Republicans this time around. Seaborn shound have teased the v.p. selection process out & done a LBJ act, as most reader's will not know, in 1964, LBJ had well over a month to play around with the Vice-presidential possibilities, he milked it, for all its worth, You had Thomas Dodd, Al Gore Sr., Bobby Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey (the eventual choice), Eugene McCarthy, Adlai Stevenson & Sargent Shriver being put though the ringer. Humiliation on a grand scale, LBJ monopolized the news cycle with the "drama". Seaborn should have given himself more time. I'm sure Franklin Hollis is viewed in wtf terms by now, I blame CJ Cregg for this decision.


Speaking of Vinick:

From Tempo Magazine, a profile of Arnold Vinick in pictures through the years:

Arnold Vinick, a life in images:


Arnold Vinick as a member of the Santa Paula City Council, circa 1962


Vinick in 1964

Joe Tynan.jpg

Vinick for Senate re-election campaign ad, circa 1978


Vinick at the 1980 Republican National Convention


Arnold Vinick in 1982


Vinick as Secretary of State


Arnold Vinick reflects, 2017
Breaking News

Former Congressman and Presidental Hopeful Samuel Wendt is announcing his intentions to run for the South Carolina State Legislature. Wendt who was once seen as a possible Gubernatorial and Senatorial option, had his career dismantled over his battle with Alcoholism. In his announcement speech Mr.Wendt put forward his vision for South Carolina.

"I once ran for President under the Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln, I once ran as a Republican who saw a way forward that was clouded under the hatred of the other side, but I am an affirmed Independent. I will not be running for office and a Democrat or a Republican I am running for the State Legislature the same legislature I first started, I want to fight for the ideas of Lower Taxes, a Stronger State of South Carolina, and the protection of Social Security and Medicare." he looks over to his wife and daughters, "I have been fighting a disease for these last few years, and that disease is alcoholism it is a battle I fight through every day, but I have fought this is adversity and I believe I have come out as a better man in the end."

"We cannot allow either party to hold South Carolina stranglehold, as we are a state of great Independence. We were the first state to tell King George NO MORE! We were the first state to secede from the United States, We are a state of great minds and great people. We are a state where a man can start with nothing and he can become something, I don't care whether someone is a Democrat or a Republican. I care if they are a hard worker and a tax payer there are honest men and women on both sides of the aisle, in this time of internal strife among Americans I believe that we must unite to not hamper our legacy in the eyes of our children. I am running for this State Legislature because of our history of working across the aisle, I dont care if I have to work with a Democrat or a Republican I want to make South Carolina a place of unity and of hope. I grew up here 50 years ago, in a time of great agony and hatred among neighbors a time of racism and bigotry I dont care about skin color or political affiliation I care about South Carolina and I care about America."

"I will be running for the first district in the South Carolina state assembly. I am running on being for what South Carolina stands for Fiscal Responsibility and Social Conservatism. We need decency in Colombia and we need decency in South Carolina, that is why we need to elect Sam Wendt to the South Carolina State Assembly."

(First Post, I just love Wendt if anyone has any plans for him or if he's dead or something just tell me and this is gone.) :)
So I was kind of underwhelmed by the lack of upkeep in the House of Representatives list since the (original) thread's earliest days.

So I went through the original thread, double-checked to see if those incumbents listed in the 2011 list have been established as having been elected to/ran for other offices, retired, etc. and if their replacements have been named. In case they haven't, I've taken the liberty of generating some replacements who took office when their previous holder was established to have left (or when the seat was created in the redistricting following the 2010 Census).

I've listed the whole House below, and fit the calculations of the current House (234 D/200 R/1 Ind) to the PVI of the House seats without previously-listed incumbents to determine which party the replacements belong to.

Each rep is listed with their date of taking the seat, if they were established has having been in a previous seat (i.e.- if they got redistricted into a new one) and, if applicable, the date when they were first elected to the House (i.e- they have served non-consecutive terms).

Alabama (6R, 1D)
01: Jim Doldier (R)- 2011
02: Bryan Mason (R)- 2015
03: Simeon Puller (R)- 2003
04: Grady Bridges (R)- 1997
05: MacKenzie Driefort (R)- 2007
06: Roger Callahan (R)- 1993
07: Billy McCain (D)- 2011
Alaska (1D)
AL: Frank Woodside (D)- 1994
Arizona (5R, 4D)
01: Quentin Collier (R)- 1993
02: Tom Reilly (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 8th)
03: Ivan Guterriez (D)- 2013
04: James Culkin (R)- 1999 (redistricted from 2nd)
05: Bill Jones (R)- 2007
06: Sam Fellows (R)- 1981
07: Hector Arroyo (D)- 2017
08: Troy Foster (R)- 2013
09: Tony McMichael (D)- 2013
Arkansas (2D, 2R)
01: Wallace Conklin (D)- 1985
02: Jack Stanton (D)- 2005 (first elected 1981)
03: Bonnie Thayer (R)- 2003
04: Tucker Johnston (R)- 2015
California (37D, 16R)
01: Doug Grassley (R)- 2017
02: Martin Hallifax (D)- 1985 (redistricted from 1st)
03: Julianne Wake (D)- 2005 (redistricted from 5th)
04: Chuck Edison (D)- 2015
05: John Capuano (D)- 2017
06: Claudia Greenwood (D)- 2001
07: Linda Brass (R)- 2009 (redistricted from 3rd)
08: Johnston Meek (R)- 2007 (redistricted from 41st)
09: Annie Cao (R)- 2005 (redistricted from 11th)
10: Alan Ross (R)- 1991 (redistricted from 19th)
11: Kristin LeBrandt (D)- 1999 (redistricted from 7th)
12: Jack Caton (D)- 1987 (redistricted from 8th)
13: Stephen Savage (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 9th)
14: George Simmell (D)- 1997 (redistricted from 12th)
15: Kara Sherman (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 13th)
16: Will Durham (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 20th)
17: Katherine Garcia- 2013
18: Ken Uyeda (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 14th)
19: Ernesto Granado (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 16th)
20: Sam Howard (D)- 2010 (redistricted from 17th)
21: Trent Gorman (D)- 2013
22: Caitlin Fern (R)- 1989 (redistricted from 21st)
23: Winchester Collins (R)- 2005 (redistricted from 22nd)
24: Harry Wade (D)- 1968 (redistricted from 23rd)
25: Kristin Vazquez (R)- 2009
26: Darryl Hamilton (R)- 2005
27: Juan Vincente (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 32nd)
28: Eve Howard (D)- 2005 (redistricted from 29th)
29: Guillermo Augusto (D)- 1981 (redistricted from 28th)
30: Randy Celeste (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 27th)
31: Aaron Holmes (R)- 2007 (redistricted from 42nd)
32: Kellen Cahill (D)- 1993 (redistricted from 38th)
33: Brody Lambert (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 30th)
34: Luis De Herrera (D) - 2007 (redistricted from 31st)
35: Landon Carmen (D)- 2003 (redistricted from 43rd)
36: Maria Lopez Estudillo (D)- 2017
37: Russell Lewis (D)- 1999 (redistricted from 33rd)
38: Erin Baker (D)- 2003 (redistricted from 39th)
39: Riley Church (R)- 2003 (redistricted from 40th)
40: Megan McKeena (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 34th)
41: Leslie Wang (D)- 2013
42: Mark Ojai (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 44th)
43: Tavon Glass (D)- 2007 (redistricted from 35th)
44: Martha Blaine (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 36th)
45: Alex Perrin (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 48th)
46: Brendan Harper (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 47th)
47: Alvin Coates (D)- 2013
48: Reed Halvin (R)- 1977 (redistricted from 46th)
49: Alton Moore (R)- 1999
50: Joe Reese (R)- 2001 (redistricted from 52nd)
51: Rebecca Burgoon (D)- 2007
52: Peter Herger (R)- 1985 (redistricted from 50th)
53: Ellen Bloomberg (D)- 2009
Colorado (5D, 2R)
01: Lance McKey (D)- 2011
02: Chris Petrie (D)- 2015
03: Chase Sweet (D)- 2017
04: Matthew Garner (R)- 2015
05: Daniel Wellsley (R)- 2007
06: Sophia Hill (D)- 1997
07: Nick Henderson (D)- 2011
Connecticut (4D, 1R)
01: Laura Halperin (D)- 2013
02: Herbert Walker (R)- 1997 (first elected 1971)
03: Ned Rothstein (D)- 2013
04: Max Brantley (D)- 2013
05: Earl Brennan (D)- 1979
Delaware (1R)
AL: W. Robert Robertson (R)- 2007
Florida (14R, 13D)
01: Lawrence Locke (R)- 2004
02: Lynn Haven (R)- 2011
03: April Fearon (D)- 2005 (redistricted from 10th)
04: Evelyn Wilson (R)- 2001
05: Len Segal (D)- 2001 (redistricted from 3rd)
06: Julie Ramos (D)- 2013
07: Audra Weaver (R)- 2003
08: Kay Mort (R)- 2005 (redistricted from 15th)
09: Chet Gates (R)- 2013
10: Brian Wayne (R)- 1991 (redistricted from 8th)
11: Mac Cleese (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 5th)
12: Tom Riddle (R)- 2003 (redistricted from 9th)
13: Adrian Galway (R)- 2009 (redistricted from 10th)
14: Steven Stevens (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 11th)
15: Randal Simons VI (R)- 1997 (redistricted from 13th)
16: Ted Broderick (R)- 1997 (redistricted from 13th)
17: Maria Garcia de Trenton (D)- 2009
18: Jeff Johnson (D)- 1991 (redistricted from 22nd)
19: Carol Gelsey (D)- 1999
20: Alicia DeSantos (D)- 2005 (redistricted from 23rd)
21: Selina Draper (D)- 2013
22: Pat Haney (D)- 2013
23: Tim Walker (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 20th)
24: Raul Montero (R)- 1997
25: Michael Judge (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 21st)
26: Jose Cervantes (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 25th)
27: Robert Bruce (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 18th)
Georgia (9R, 4D, 1I)
01: Dustin Benedict (R)- 2011
02: Jesse Heyward (D)- 1993
03: Auggie Davis (R)- 2003
04: Eli Palmer (D)- 2011
05: Stoker Hanson (I)- 1991
06: Elton Russell (R)- 2001
07: David Horton (R)- 1995
08: Bo Deal (R)- 2011
09: Lee Eldrige (R)- 2003
10: Alan Sizemore (R)- 1991
11: Dominic Rudig (R)- 1995
12: Michael Albright (D)- 1997
13: Anderson Gruber (D)- 2013
14: Norm Burke (R)- 2013
Hawaii (2D)
01: Evelyn Bindo (D)- 2005
02: Brian Kapahala (D)- 2007
Idaho (2R)
01: Jim Arkin (R)- 1995
02: Heathcliff Verlander (R)- 1999
Illinois (12D, 6R)
01: Todd Evers (D)- 1983
02: Barry Robinson (D)- 2005
03: J.R. Jennsen (D)- 2003
04: Pedro Rodriguez (D)- 2011
05: Mary Maskaleris (D)- 1997
06: Austin Cohen (R)- 2007
07: John Baxley (D)- 1991
08: Hank Lloyd (R)- 2011
09: Daniel Maddox (D)- 2001
10: Rajiv Nehru (R)- 2011
11: Joyce Pearce (D)- 2013
12: James Newhouse (D)- 1991
13: Bill Delmon (R)- 1993
14: Mitch Davis (D)- 2001
15: Marvin Troughton (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 19th)
16: Callie Durling (R)- 2001 (redistricted from 11th)
17: Gene Kramer (D)- 1987
18: Ray Riggleman (R)- 2001
Indiana (5R, 4D)
01: Tom Peterson (D)- 1985
02: Jackie Raines (R)- 2015
03: Matt Stillman (R)- 1997
04: Todd Means (R)- 2017
05: Anne Coleman (D)- 2017
06: Mitchell Harris (R)- 2001
07: Olivia Buckland (D)- 1999
08: Rick Enders (D)- 1995
09: Chuck Fitzgerald (R)- 2013
Iowa (2D, 2R)
01: Ty Blount (D)- 2015
02: Dennis Sanders (D)- 1997
03: Kevin Nix (R)- 2011
04: Brian Hale (R)- 2005
Kansas (4R)
01: Philip Goddard (R)- 1995
02: Tawny Cryer (R)- 1989
03: Jardine Mantell (R)- 1981
04: Curt Judd (R)- 2013
Kentucky (6R)
01: Pauline Gardner (R)- 2001
02: Martin Reynolds (R)- 2011
03: Nicholas Townsend (R)- 2011
04: Daniel Ablend (R)- 2009
05: Richard Wilcox (R)- 1981
06: Bernard Clark (R)- 2005
Louisiana (5R, 1D)
01: Steven Milling (R)- 2011
02: Sam Callas (D)- 2011
03: Thomas Evers (R)- 1983
04: Steve Harriman (R)- 2012
05: Eugene Tewes (R)- 2003
06: Patricia Stecker (R)- 2005
Maine (2D)
01: Diane Frost (D)- 1991
02: Peter Zelowsky (D)- 1993
Maryland (7D, 1R)
01: Donald Richter (R)- 1989
02: Sam Weston (D)- 2009
03: Dan Whiteside (D)- 2013
04: Janelle Carson (D)- 2008
05: Albert Fife (D)- 2013
06: Jack Phelps (D)- 2017
07: Elijah Mays (D)- 1991
08: Benjamin Emanuel (D)- 2011
Massachusetts (9D)
01: Mark Sellner (D)- 2015 (first elected 1981)
02: Stephen Reed (D)- 1999 (redistricted from 3rd)
03: Caroline Martin (D)- 2001 (redistricted from 5th)
04: Eli Gold (D)- 1991
05: Arianna Cathey (D)- 2013
06: Ray Sindh (D)- 2007
07: Alan Trent (D)- 1981 (redistricted from 8th)
08: Theo Demaskos (D)- 2003 (redistricted from 10th)
09: Peter Swanson (D)- 1999
Michigan (8R, 6D)
01: Chris Hakkala (D)- 2013
02: Jim Norton (R)- 1993
03: Ron Prentice (R)- 1997
04: Gus Edwards (R)- 2011
05: Richard Arthur (D)- 1995
06: Freddie Coons (R)- 2009
07: Jerry Proctor (R)- 2008
08: Darren Gibson (R)- 1995
09: Andrew Travis (D)- 2011
10: Chuck Schiff (R)- 2001
11: Gerald Somerfold (R)- 2003
12: Nikolas Bronislaus (D)- 1999 (redistricted from 15th)
13: Michael Rice (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 14th)
14: Meredith Payne (D)- 1989 (redistricted from 13th)
Minnesota (6D, 2R)
01: Bill Vanderleen (D)- 2007
02: Leik Erikson (R)- 1987
03: Pauline Granholm (D)- 2009
04: Melanie Selles (D)- 2013
05: Fatima Ali (D)- 2013
06: Janine Miller (R)- 2001
07. Thom Grunder (D)- 1973
08. Jordan Samuels (D)- 2011
Mississippi (2D, 2R)
01: Donnie Reeves (R)- 2011
02: Raymond Purcell (D)- 1991
03: Curtis Spurling (R)- 2001
04: Charles Inboden (D)- 1997
Missouri (6R, 2D)
01: Clay Richmond (D)- 1973
02: Zach Thibodeaux (R)- 2001
03: Carol Goodman (R)- 1997 (redistricted from 3rd)
04: Todd Hitch (R)- 2011
05: David Moore (D)- 2011
06: Jordan Peele (R)- 2011
07: Patricia Templeton (R)- 2011
08: Allan Blant (R)- 1997
Montana (1D)
AL: Rick Price (D)- 2011
Nebraska (3R)
01: Anthony Bentley (R)- 2005
02: J.D. Garrett (R)- 1999
03: Gail Trent (R)- 2001
Nevada (3D, 1R)
01: Derek Maxwell (D)- 2017
02: Hank Wallace (R)- 1981
03: Stephen Chase (D)- 2011
04: Micah O'Rourke (D)- 2013
New Hampshire (1D, 1R)
01: Franz Duke (R)- 2007 (first elected 1987)
02: Benjamin Benoit (D)- 2005
New Jersey (7D, 5R)
01: Walt Hubbard (D)- 1983
02: Tucker Fitzpatrick (R)- 1996
03: Ty Branson (D)- 2011
04: Stu Clendon (R)- 2005
05: D.R. Perry (D)- 2011
06: Holly Clarke (D)- 2011
07: Conor Ramsey (R)- 2013
08: Khalil Hamdan (D)- 2011
09: Mike Sheare (R)- 2011
10: Cedric Williams (D)- 2011
11: Jack Fowler (R)- 2009
12: Gregory Laurie (D)- 1989
New Mexico (2D, 1R)
01. Tomas Candellario (D)- 2011
02. William Raven Diego (D)- 2011
03. Henry Riker (R)- 2015
New York (21D, 6R)
01: Joe Calhoun (R)- 2001
02: Carson Dellinger (D)- 2011
03: Ronnie Tucker (D)- 2011
04: Karen Lawson (D)- 1997
05: Jay Gatsby (D)- 1985
06: Keira Briggs (D)- 2009
07: David Ramirez (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 10th)
08: Greg Hamilton (D)- 2013
09: Sharon Pine (D)- 2017
10: Julia Dreyer (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 8th)
11: Mark Richardson (D)- 1971
12: Nathan Petrelli (D)- 2007 (redistricted from 14th)
13: Antonio Williams (D)- 1995 (redistricted from 15th)
14: Wire Munson (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 7th)
15: Gabriel Martinez (D)- 1987 (redistricted from 16th)
16: Martin Reid (R)- 2003 (redistricted from 17th)
17: Steve McKenna (D)- 1989 (redistricted from 18th)
18: Carol Powell (D)- 2013
19: Del Roberts (R)- 2011
20: Sam Heller (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 21st)
21: Carter McCutcheon (D)- 2013
22: Jim Cutter (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 24th)
23: Frank Whitley (R)- 2003 (redistricted from 29th)
24: Jack Rivers (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 25th)
25: Melissa Castle (D)- 2005 (redistricted from 28th)
26: Mark Jenks (D)- 2009 (redistricted from 27th)
27: Andrew Casey (R)- 2000 (redistricted from 26th)
North Carolina (7R, 6D)
01: Sue Borden (D)- 1997
02: Terry McCovey (D)- 2011
03: Nick Jarrett (R)- 1991
04: Andrea Quinn (D)- 2011
05: Tommy Ray Mitchell (R)- 2011
06: Phil Eeling (R)- 1995
07: Greg Vendor (D)- 2007
08: Samantha Wilcox (R)- 2011
09: David Epps (R)- 2009
10: John M. Porter (R)- 2001
11: Jim Woodcock (R)- 2017
12: Aaron Bonds (D)- 2003
13: Julius Schreibman (D)- 1999
North Dakota (1R)
AL: Veronica Benjamin (R)- 2011
Ohio (9D, 7R)
01: Charles Ferris (D)- 2011
02: Joan Reese (D)- 2013
03: Dan Burnett (D)- 2013
04: Joseph Bellefontaine (R)- 2003
05: Tony Marino (D)- 2011
06: Jerry Hoff (R)- 2011
07: Ulysses Wilton (R)- 2011 (redistricted from 18th)
08: Robert G. Mitchell (R)- 1993
09: Josie Bail (D)- 2003
10: Ralph DiMarco (D)- 2017
11: Marcus LeBrandt (D)- 1997
12: Mary Ann Summers (R)- 1979
13: Roger Matthews (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 17th)
14: Chet Logan (R)- 2011
15: Mike Bryce (D)- 2017
16: Joseph Steele (R)- 2009
Oklahoma (5R)
01. Jack Wooden (R)- 1969
02: Markford Wayne (R)- 2015
03: George Walker (R)- 2001
04: Solomon Christian Malden (R)- 2009
05. Daryl Lukins (R)- 2007
Oregon (3D, 2R)
01: Arthur Carney (D)- 1969
02: Greg Hutchens (R)- 2015
03: Evan Rhodes (D)- 2011
04: Will Bailey (D)- 2009
05: Caroline Young (R)- 2011
Pennsylvania (10D, 8R)
01: Jacob Klein (D)- 1987
02: Arthur Cornforth (D)- 1995
03: Natalie Taylor (D)- 2011
04: Chris Franklin (R)- 1987 (redistricted from 19th)
05: Kyle Jackson (R)- 2015
06: Lydia Daniels (R)- 2011
07: Kristin Porter (D)- 2011
08: Rick Nelson (D)- 2017
09: Phil Taylor (R)- 2017
10: Debbie Dawn (D)- 2001
11: Anna Alberin (D)- 2007 (first elected 1991)
12: Erin Gatwood (R)- 1997 (redistricted from 8th)
13: Lydia Hemmer (D)- 2005
14: Samantha Kennedy (D)- 2011
15: Matt Addams (R)- 2011
16: John Pitter (R)- 1997
17: Anthony Cipriani (D)- 2007
18: Joseph Bruno (R)- 1981
Rhode Island (2D)
01: Tim Longo (D)- 2015
02: Chris Thiele (D)- 2001
South Carolina (4D, 3R)
01: Max Johns (R)- 1977
02: Scott Wilson (R)- 2011
03: Todd Winters (R)- 2013
04: Elle Barclay (D)- 2011
05: Darryl Hopsin (D)- 2015
06: Grant Spencer (D)- 2001
07: Cory Bamber (D)- 2013
South Dakota (1D)
AL: Scott BigHorse (D)- 2001
Tennessee (6R, 3D)
01: Alan Spicer (R)- 1999
02: Brett Allen (R)- 2003
03: Percy Barnett (R)- 2007
04: Walter Peterson (R)- 2011
05: Jeremy Vector (R)- 2003
06: John Kimball (D)- 1993
07: Roy Norton (R)- 1995
08: Carolyn Reed (D)- 1999
09: Isaac Marshall (D)- 2011
Texas (21R, 15D)
01: Charles Miner (R)- 2013
02: Louis Pierot (D)- 2011
03: Michelle Rodriguez (R)- 2005
04: John Hancock (R)- 1997
05: Rep Omundson (R)- 1987
06: Patrick Quinton (R)- 1975
07: Ralph Ellis (R)- 2011
08: Caroline Chenowith (D)- 2011
09: Patsy Burns (D)- 2009
10: Pedro Gonzalez (D)- 2011
11: Ronald Gennings (R)- 2009
12: John Peters (R)- 2001
13: Gary Oliver (R)- 2007
14: Bob Mayer (R)- 2011
15: Maria Consuelo (D)- 2007
16: Oscar Huerra (D)- 1997
17: John Collington (R)- 2011
18: Ana Flores (D)- 2007
19: John Connally (R)- 1987
20: Jose Carrera (R)- 2011
21: Benedicto Romero (R)- 2001
22: Peter Lien (R)- 2001
23: Luis Lamberto (R)- 2011
24: Merchant Tanner (R)- 2003
25: Lee Weldon (R)- 2013
26: Uriah Rathburn (R)- 1995
27: Charlie Coronado (D)- 2011
28: Francis Suarez (D)- 1997
29: Tim Fields (D)- 1991
30: Eddie Cullen (D)- 1993
31: Christopher Finn (R)- 1989
32: Margot Knight (D)- 2011
33: Marc Dewitt (D)- 2013
34: Felipe Vega (D)- 2013
35: Diego Chavez (D)- 2011 (redistricted from 25th)
36: Al Farley (R)- 2013
Utah (4R)
01: Ford Brimgardener (R)- 1987
02: Chris Hughes (R)- 2011
03: Karl Beck (R)- 2001
04: Julianne Betancourt (R)- 2013
Vermont (1D)
AL: Alexis Larroquette (D)- 2011
Virginia (8D, 3R)
01: John Marks (R)- 1997
02: Marcus Donovan (D)- 2011
03: Gina Pratt (D)- 1989
04: Kenneth Dent (D)- 2011
05: Thomas Monroe (D)- 2011
06: Allan Goodwell (R)- 1993
07: Dave Faulkner (D)- 2015
08: Allison Baynes (D)- 2005
09: Noah Gellman (D)- 1995
10. Kurt Cameron (R)- 2009
11: Mark Andrews (D)- 2011
Washington (7D, 3R)
01: George Washington Li (D)- 2005
02: Randy Sims (D)- 2011
03: Mark Ohanko (D)- 2007
04: Norton Newark (R)- 1995
05: Steven Thomas (R)- 2011
06: Patty Thompson-Cline (D)- 2017
07: Kevin Lyson (D)- 2011
08: Amanda Leggitt (R)- 2011
09: Cameron Hall (D)- 2007
10: Tom Vanier (D)- 2013
West Virginia (2R, 1D)
01: Mac Walters (R)- 2011
02: Pat Smigel (D)- 2011
03: Charles Hacker (R)- 1989
Wisconsin (5D, 3R)
01: Samuel Botrell (R)- 1999
02: Bud Wachtell (D)- 1999
03: Drake Headley (D)- 2001
04: Sheila Fields (D)- 2005
05: Booby Cornbaugh (R)- 2005
06: Connie Black (R)- 1979
07: Mickey Kraus (D)- 1997
08: Nicole Henderson (D)- 2007
Wyoming (1R)
AL: Abel Sheen (R)- 2011
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Thank you lord caedus.
It's my fault for not keeping the House up to date. I have kept the Senate & Gubuterioal races going, but for some eason, I let the 2012 House Races slip through without a full update.
Again many thanks.
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Monday July 16th 2018

Reese draws outrage for skipping first day of Democratic convention to speak at White House summit

With the Democratic National Convention kicking off today, the Democratic Party leadership hopes that the convention would be a unification to bury animosities stirred up by the primary campaign between presumptive nominee Sam Seaborn and main challenger Andrew Thorn have, at least temporarily, been derailed by the decision of Congresswoman Joan Reese to skip the first day of the convention to appear at the White House Summit on Working Families. Reese gave brief remarks praising President Walken and Vice President Clark for their "willingness to listen" to advocates for working-class families and backed the White House's late-term push for further tax credits for parents making less than 200% above the federal poverty line.

Reese, who represents Ohio's 2nd congressional district, was a vocal supporter of Senator Thorn during the primaries and has offered only tepid public support to Senator Seaborn following the latter's victory in the primaries. Her congressional district voted strongly for President Walken in 2014, and Reese has maintained a friendly relationship with the White House since joining Congress in 2013.

Liberal activists have slammed the appearance as a "betrayal" and "tacit endorsement of the GOP ticket". Former New Jersey governor Kate Crossley, who has appeared as a Seaborn surrogate in several media venues in the past two months, called for House Speaker Daniel Maddox to strip Reese of her committee assignment for disloyalty. "There is no place in the Democratic Party for someone who gives political cover to a White House that has worked to undermine the system that working-class people and families have relied upon for decades."

Reese's office issued a statement saying that the appearance was "a non-partisan show of support for American families and example of [Reese's] tireless work on behalf of working families in her district" and should not be perceived as an endorsement of the Republican ticket. The statement did not say whether Reese would attend the convention in Cleveland, although her office has informed NBS that Reese is going to be in Ohio for the remainder of the week.

Joan Reese waves to the crowd at the White House Summit on Working Families.


(photo by Christina Hendricks)
nbs.com, Monday July 16th

Hollis Having “Second Thoughts”

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, the Vice-Presidential nominee, businessman Franklin Hollis is reportedly having “significant second thoughts” about accepting the position and has reportedly had to be talked into staying on the ticket on at least two occasions since he accepted Sam Seaborn’s offer.

The reports that form the basis of a Washington Post report by Matthew Rook have led to wild speculation that Hollis may not make the key note speech that he has scheduled for the convention, though this was dismissed as “ridiculous’ by DNC executives this afternoon.

Mr Rook says his sources are extremely credible and come from both he Hollis camp and senior figures within the Seaborn campaign.

There is no doubt that the Hollis pick has proven to be, at best, a headache for Seaborn. There have been frequent clashes over scheduling, messaging and the role that Hollis will take on should the pair be elected. Despite the clashes the reports by Rook are the first indication that relations had gotten so bad, his story suggests it’s been weeks since the nominee and his Vice-Presidential choice have even spoken. Rook quotes a campaign source as saying “The Senator simply had enough of thirty minute meetings lasting four hours and 9am meetings starting at midday. They didn’t seem to agree on anything.”
The Hollis decision seems to be coming back to bite Sam’s campaign now. If he does decide to back out then they’re going to have to scramble to find a new choice.
How about a certain New Hampshire Governor.

I'm not sure that would be a good choice. He's already being hit with being too close to President Bartlet, so it would likely just backfire on him. He'll either need to go with someone from the Thorn wing or maybe the individual who should've been his choice in the first place in Senator Robinson.


If CJ really was responsible for the Hollis decision then she's in a LOT of hot water with Sam right now...
If CJ really was responsible for the Hollis decision then she's in a LOT of hot water with Sam right now...

If I would have to guess, CJ is trying to stay out of his way right now and making sure that she not about to lose her spot in the campaign. I could see Josh getting ready to take a bigger role in it all right now.
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Democratic National Convention 2018

Day One Highlights

Speaker: Chairman Stephen Collins

Quote: "Sam Seaborn is not only the better nominee, but he is the better man to lead this nation into the future"

Speaker: Governor Liz Bartlett
Quote: "I have known Sam Seaborn for over 20 years and I can state categorically that he is the best nominee this party has had since my father"

Speaker: Abby Bartlett
Quote: "I just know that my Jed is looking down on all of us tonight with a bright smile on his face"

Speaker: Daniel Maddox
Quote: "Now is the time for all of us to come together, regardless of how we voted in the primaries. United, we are strong"

Speaker: Laura Seaborn
Quote: "My husband is the only one who will stand up for minorities, for women, the poor, the downtrodden, the left behind"

(With thanks to our special convention correspondent MountainDew17)

Tuesday July 17th 2018

Not a good start for the Democrats in Cleveland as Liz Bartlett snubs Santos & Fitzsimmons in endorsement of Seaborn

It cannot be said that that the Democrats have started their convention with a flourish, with two negative stories dominating the media coverage prior to the official opening last night, that of Ohio Congresswomen Joan Reese who was at the White House for a summit on Working Families appearing alongside President Walken and Vice-President Clark on the day the Democratic convention opened in her own state and strong rumours that Franklin Hollis might not take the VP slot despite already being chosen four months ago.

Then once the convention kicked off, it seemed things would get better, DNC Chairman Stephen Collins gave a decent opening speech, then came New Hampshire Governor and former First Daughter, and Co-Chair of the Seaborn campaign Liz Bartlet. In a passionate speech she said that the "country had gone backwards under President Walken" whilst calling Senator Seaborn "the man who can build on my Father's legacy" before adding" I have known Sam Seaborn for over twenty years and I can state categorically that he is the best nominee this party has had since my father". Wait a minute the press corps seemed shocked "she has just ignored President Matthew Santos and Senator Jimmy Fitzsimmons". Bartlet said afterwards that her words had been misunderstood, but it was clear from supporters of Senator Andrew Thorn that they where furious "I think Governor Bartlet needs a history lesson" New York Congressman Mark Jenks told NBS afterwards alongside North Carolina Congressman Greg Vendor who said the speech "could have been written by the Republicans, President Santos was a great President and Senator Fitzsimmons got within two electoral college votes of the Presidency, now neither man's legacy seems to mater".
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Breaking News: Long Time NFL Star Orlando Kettles Announces Retirement

Orlando Kettles the NFL star who was going into his 13th Season has announced his retirement, Kettles a D.C. native who starred at Ohio State for 3 seasons before leaving for the NFL was picked 15th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft by The New York Jets, Kettles who was an All-Pro 4x and a 6 time Pro Bowler, was a stay at Right Tackle in the league. This retirement leaves a big hole for the Jets on the Offensive they will have to fill.
Well well, I'm not going to be the one to say to Sam Seaborn, "I told you so" but remind me later. How did he not see that the Hollis selection might come back as a big negative? Seaborn may have spun it as thinking "outside the box", but it was reckless & a touch of hubris if not downright naive. Maybe if Josh Lyman had a more prominent role in the inner circle, then C.J. Cregg may have not been the only person offering advise. Andrew Thorn should have been at least considered. His selection would have gone a long way to unifying the party. If I was Seaborn I would have Thorn waiting in the wings, encourage Hollis to withdraw, and get Thorn in there. Maybe Jimmy Fitzsimmons might be useful. This needs to be fixed. Also Lyman needs to be given a more high profile & meaningful role in the campaign. I would reduce Creggs role, not substantially as she has some good instincts. But Cregg's role in making the Hollis choice happen in my view was a doozy.
Josh is known as the best mind in the Democratic Party, I think he would have a very prominent role in Seaborns campaign. The nominee in 14 wasnt great so they really need to show Seaborn is young and handsome and has new ideas.