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  • Important Story Announcement
    From @Marky Bunny @MountainDew17 @lord caedus

    From tomorrow Wednesday May 15th until FURTHER NOTICE, we are asking all stories outside of the United States to be run by us for story concerns and that any article/story on any non-US topic not pre-approved by us will be disregarded.

    We have a major "story arch/s" starting and we just wish to make sure that these are not interrupted or contradicted by other posts.

    Kind regards

    The writing team
    May 14th 2019

    Rules on conributing
  • @MountainDew17 will be posting shortly full details of how to contribute now.

    In a effort to both streamline the contribution process as well as prevent clutter on the main feed, we are putting in place a new procedure for new contributors and for those with questions.

    For Questions:

    "Questions are important. Because a an answer without a question is a statement"- Mayor Adam West. All Joking aside, we realize that each and everyday, new readers may stumble onto this page for the first time. Thats a lot of material to take if they want to catch up. We also understand that they may not have time to go back to the very beginning to find something, or even if they do, they might not remember everything they read. So, here's what we are asking you to do

    1- Try and find it yourself. There is a search function for each thread, making it a little bit easier, especially for big ticket items, such as wikiboxes and election results
    2- If it is a general question, something that you feel other reads might find helpful, then and only then can you place it in the main thread. An example of this would be, What is the history behind the seemingly bad blood between Jimmy Fitzsimmons and President Seaborn.
    3- If you have a specific question, one that only pertains to your specific interest, then please send me, @MountainDew17 a PM.
    4- Do not harass and nag. Everyone of the writing staff has their own lives to live, including full time jobs and other interests.
    5- DO NOT SPAM. Do not send me stupid questions, or questions that have obvious answers.

    For Contributions and/or suggestions:

    This is where things get a little bit more tricky, so please read very carefully. Over the years, many writers have contributed excellent work to this thread. But more recently, there has been a rash of spam and trolling on this thread. Not only is this behavior childish, most likely indicative of the posters themselves, but it also takes away from the experience of the other readers. This stops now. From now on, there are no more warnings. This post will be your only warning. If you spam or troll the main feed, you will be reported. Plain and simple.

    Now, the contribution process. We welcome and encourage all who want to take part in crafting the story that is the continuation of the West Wing. However, as has been stated several times, the showrunners of this thread have long term plans that are ours and ours alone. towards that endeavor, we seek to prevent any and all posts that will disrupt them in any way. For those who wish to join us, there is going to be a process and trust and credit, for lack of a better phrase. Some of you have been posting with us for years, and as such will require little oversight when it comes to your posts. As for newer posters, there is going to be a approval process than can include full editorial approval of all submissions by the writing staff. Over time, as you build up trust and credit, these restriction will be relaxed.

    So, here are the rules.
    1- Regardless of how many times you have posted in this thread, all new storylines must be submitted to the showrunners for approval. This is to be done through a PM to me and me alone. If i think you have something worthy of consideration, it will be passed on to @lord caedus and @Marky Bunny for their consideration as well. As with everything in this thread, final approval rests solely with @Marky Bunny
    2- Depending on your particular standing with regards to previous contributions, you may be asked to submit your work for approval. This can range from a simple two sentence synopsis, to a two paragraph summary, and even as far as a full article prior to publication. Certain contributors have made special arrangements with @Marky Bunny with regards to what they post. Those arrangements will remain in effect unless you are contacted by the showrunners.
    3- Any unauthorized postings will be reported and removed.
    4- Do not harass and nag. Everyone of the writing staff has their own lives to live, including full time jobs and other interests.
    5- Sometimes, your idea just isn't going to work, no matter how good you might think it is. This could be for any number or reasons. Please do not take it personally.
    6- Please allow time for your work to be reviewed, especially if it is submitted further down the line.
    7- All casting must be approved by the showrunners.

    Also, anyone who is particularly talented with photoshop is also encouraged to come forward, we can always use the help.


    For many of you, you might have an idea that you want to put forward to the writing staff that you'd love to see in the story, but for whatever reason, you are unable to write yourself. That is perfectly ok. We are always open to suggestions. If you have a suggestion, please PM me, it will be handled with the same procedure as submissions.

    It is most unfortunate that these rules have to be put in place, but unfortunately a few bad actors have spoiled it for everyone. I thank you for taking the time to read these rules and hope that going forward we can all work together to help this story continue to thrive.

    So..... What's Next?