2018 Presidential Election


My questions-and comments after this one -are most definitely abated. If I had it to do over I wouldnt have asked them.Sorry again .



I remember this lady from the Equatorial Kundu election a while back.........


'member a while back when we had that election that was Darth Vader running against Darth Vader, for the body that Luke Skywalker is in, and that Princess Leia used to be in.


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'member a while back when we had that election that was Darth Vader running against Darth Vader, for the body that Luke Skywalker is in, and that Princess Leia used to be in.


I have no doubt that you are trying to be funny. Problems is no one in this thread agrees that you are even a little humorous.

That means that you are trolling. Stop trolling.
You didn't "ruffle feathers", you bombarded the thread with questions (thirteen in this post alone) and I asked that instead you try searching the thread (and its predecessor) first to find the answers yourself and, in general, limit the amount of questions you ask.

As Mark said, both the writing staff and other contributors answered many of the questions you asked, but the volume and frequency of questions that you were asking would have frankly cluttered and partially-derailed the thread if it had been allowed to continue unabated.

I would also like to point out that back when this series of threads got started the forum was on vBulletin. Also image hosting places like imgur weren't even up yet. vBulletin itself was particularly infuriating as it had a limited 30 day edit limit, and no threadmarking capability. In fact the only reason we have some of the earliest infoboxes is because I had saved the hard copy, and it was in a folder that missed a data purge so I could play GTA V. imagebucket, or photobucket, which we used to host all of our images in the early days shut down free accounts after a certain time period. Many things were lost. Like Tim Thomason's flags off all nations, full wikiboxes of sessions of congresses, supreme court justices back to Staub and many others.

In short research is required because quite literally we have to contend with 600 pages full of text and infoposts, scattered memories of photobucket blocked images, over the the better part of 10 years. It's hard enough keeping track of the ACTUAL congress, let alone a fictional one.
Are people like me able to add new story content on this awesome thread? Or can we only make suggestions? I ask because I know absolutely everything about the west wing, and would love to be a part of this. I would never try to alter the main storyline in any way, I've just had various ideas
Are people like me able to add new story content on this awesome thread? Or can we only make suggestions? I ask because I know absolutely everything about the west wing, and would love to be a part of this. I would never try to alter the main storyline in any way, I've just had various ideas
@MountainDew17 will be posting shortly full details of how to contribute now.
Mark, are you going to do live coverage of the midterms on November 3rd, or just a summary the next day?
I hope live coverage of some description, but that will be determined by my personal circumstances in November. I will let people know nearer the time.
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Rules on conributing
@MountainDew17 will be posting shortly full details of how to contribute now.

In a effort to both streamline the contribution process as well as prevent clutter on the main feed, we are putting in place a new procedure for new contributors and for those with questions.

For Questions:

"Questions are important. Because a an answer without a question is a statement"- Mayor Adam West. All Joking aside, we realize that each and everyday, new readers may stumble onto this page for the first time. Thats a lot of material to take if they want to catch up. We also understand that they may not have time to go back to the very beginning to find something, or even if they do, they might not remember everything they read. So, here's what we are asking you to do

1- Try and find it yourself. There is a search function for each thread, making it a little bit easier, especially for big ticket items, such as wikiboxes and election results
2- If it is a general question, something that you feel other reads might find helpful, then and only then can you place it in the main thread. An example of this would be, What is the history behind the seemingly bad blood between Jimmy Fitzsimmons and President Seaborn.
3- If you have a specific question, one that only pertains to your specific interest, then please send me, @MountainDew17 a PM.
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This is where things get a little bit more tricky, so please read very carefully. Over the years, many writers have contributed excellent work to this thread. But more recently, there has been a rash of spam and trolling on this thread. Not only is this behavior childish, most likely indicative of the posters themselves, but it also takes away from the experience of the other readers. This stops now. From now on, there are no more warnings. This post will be your only warning. If you spam or troll the main feed, you will be reported. Plain and simple.

Now, the contribution process. We welcome and encourage all who want to take part in crafting the story that is the continuation of the West Wing. However, as has been stated several times, the showrunners of this thread have long term plans that are ours and ours alone. towards that endeavor, we seek to prevent any and all posts that will disrupt them in any way. For those who wish to join us, there is going to be a process and trust and credit, for lack of a better phrase. Some of you have been posting with us for years, and as such will require little oversight when it comes to your posts. As for newer posters, there is going to be a approval process than can include full editorial approval of all submissions by the writing staff. Over time, as you build up trust and credit, these restriction will be relaxed.

So, here are the rules.
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It is most unfortunate that these rules have to be put in place, but unfortunately a few bad actors have spoiled it for everyone. I thank you for taking the time to read these rules and hope that going forward we can all work together to help this story continue to thrive.

So..... What's Next?
OOC: I just realized that I haven't taken advantage of the ability to make Wikipedia-style articles (or their introductory paragraphs), with the infobox on the right of the write-up, on this thread. Time to change that with the most recent presidential election (I may do ones for the 2010 and 2014 elections, we'll see).


The United States presidential election, 2018 was the 59th presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The Democratic nominee, senator Sam Seaborn of California, defeated the Republican nominee, former Secretary of Labor Henry Shallick of Missouri, as well as the Green Party nominee, former senator Haydn Straus of Ohio. A contingent election for vice president led to the election of the Republican nominee for vice president, senator Jack Hunter of Minnesota, to be Seaborn's vice president over the Democratic nominee, businessman Franklin Hollis of New York. Seaborn took office as the 46th president, and Hunter as the 51st vice president, on January 20, 2019.

Incumbent President Glen Allen Walken was ineligible to pursue a third term due to term limits imposed by the Twenty-Second Amendment. The Republican Party primaries proved inconclusive, leading to the first contested convention since the 2006 Democratic National Convention. On the third ballot, Shallick was chosen over governor Peter Gault of Kansas. In the Democratic primaries, Seaborn secured the presidential nomination by March 2018, emerging as the liberal alternative to senators Andrew Thorn of New York and Rudi Robinson of Indiana. After withdrawing from the Democratic primaries in September 2017, Straus won the Green nomination at their August 2018 convention. He selected his opponent, activist Susan Buckner of Wisconsin, to be his running mate.

Shallick campaigned on continuing Walken's policies, while Seaborn offered a more liberal vision, pledging higher tax rates on the wealthy, stronger action on climate change, gun control and support for nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage. Hollis' selection as the Democratic running mate also became an issue, especially after his company Inksoft announced it was closing facilities in the swing state of Minnesota in October 2018. Almost simultaneously, Shallick's campaign received a major blow with the release of the Shallick emails by the New York Times that showed Shallick disparaging his Republican primary opponents, and being open to using the sexuality of his primary rival Liz Clark's son Tom, as a weapon to attract support from anti-gay Republican primary voters.

The election was one of the closest in American history, and with several states still too close to call by the next morning. Seaborn was finally declared the winner on November 13, one week after Election Day, after Minnesota certified him the winner of that state's electoral votes. Holllis' unpopularity with Democrats resulted in an unprecedented amount of faithless electors refusing to vote for him as vice president, scattering their votes, and resulting in no candidate receiving the necessary 270 electoral votes. A contingent election was held between Hollis and Hunter on January 4, 2019 that resulted in Hunter being elected. Ultimately, Seaborn defeated Shallick by slim margins in both the electoral and popular vote, taking 274 electoral votes and 47.0% of the popular vote, winning just 28,496 votes more than Shallick, the smallest popular vote margin since 1880.

Seaborn became the third sitting senator to be elected president after Warren G. Harding and John F. Kennedy, and the first Democratic nominee since Josiah Bartlet in 2002 to win the popular vote. Straus' showing of 6.0% of the popular vote was the most successful outing for a third-party candidate since Jim Buckner in 1998. The election also marked the first time since 1836 that a vice presidential contingent vote was necessary, and only the second time since 1796 (prior to the ratification of the Twelfth Amendment) that a president and vice president were elected from different tickets.
NBS 2020.png

Monday September 14th 2020

NBS Election HQ: Gubernatorial ratings
This is the first time we have rated the 21 gubernatorial races.
North Dakota=Lean
West Virginia=Lean (Gain)
Rhode Island=Safe
Florida (Rep Held-open seat)
Illinois (Rep Held)
Maine (Rep Held-appointed Incumbent)
Minnesota (Dem Held)
Oklahoma (Dem Held)
Pennsylvania (Rep Held-open seat)
Washington (Dem Held-appointed Incumbent)

Projected Nationwide Popular Vote
Republican 51%
Democrat 46%
Others 3%
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NBS 2020.png

Monday September 14th 2020

NBS Election HQ: Senate ratings
This is the first time we have rated the 33 Senate elections, plus the two special elections.
Kentucky= Safe (Gain-Open Seat)
Kentucky=Safe (Special Election)
North Carolina=Safe
Oklahoma=Lean (Gain)
South Carolina= Safe (Gain)
South Dakota=Safe
West Virginia= Safe (Gain)
California=Safe (Special Election)
Minnesota= Lean (Appointed incumbent)
New Jersey=Safe
New Mexico=Lean
Rhode Island=Safe
Virginia= Lean
Arkansas (Dem Held)
Colorado (Dem Held)
Florida (Rep Held)
Iowa (Rep Held)
Louisiana (Dem Held)
Maine (Dem Held)
Montana (Dem Held-Open seat)
New Hampshire (Dem Held)
Oregon (Rep Held)
Projected Nationwide Popular Vote
Republican 50%
Democrat 47%
Others 3%
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Monday, September 14th, 2020

Franklin: "The task of the judge is not to make the law"

In her first day of confirmation hearings, Chief Judge Olivia Emmett Franklin, President Sam Seaborn's nominee to the Supreme Court, spent most of her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing how her life story informed her conduct as a judge and her previous judicial career, eschewing most discussions of her legal philosophy by stating that "the task of the judge is not to make the law...but instead to act as its temperate interpreter."

Franklin spoke of her childhood growing up in rural South Carolina, being the first person in her family to graduate from college, and coming from a working-class background where she needed to work multiple jobs through law school ("I was young, and coffee wasn’t very expensive," she joked). Franklin also thanked all 89 senators she was able to meet in advance of her confirmation hearing, and thanked President Seaborn for the "greatest opportunity of [her] life...to stand before the United States Senate as the first black woman nominated to the nation's highest court."

Democrats on the committee were positive in their assessment of Franklin, who serves as chief judge of the United States District Court of South Carolina, and has served on the district court since her appointment by President Josiah Bartlet in 2003. Majority Republicans struck a more mixed tone. While some, such as Rob Buchanan (VA) and Michael Rojas (NM), praised Franklin, others, such as Samuel Wilkinson (KS) expressed skepticism. Wilkinson said he was concerned at Franklin’s ability to "impartially decide certain cases" without a higher court to provide oversight, citing her previous career as an attorney for several advocacy groups before becoming a federal judge.

Franklin took the skepticism in stride, saying she hoped to "remove any doubts" that she takes the idea of judicial restraint and impartiality seriously over the next few days. As part of her testimony, Franklin formally submitted a letter from her doctor, Dr. Peter Carcedo of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, discussing her method of treatment for her type 2 diabetes, which she was diagnosed with in 2017.

"In the three years since her diagnosis, Judge Franklin has shown excellent control of her diabetes, with consistent blood sugars better than 95 percent of all diabetics," Carcedo wrote. "She has maintained consistent levels of her hemoglobin A1c [the best measure of diabetic control] at or below 6.5%, the optimal level proscribed by every diabetes organization."
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