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More White House Drama as photo of Edwards with Japanese Politician emerges

Washington D.C.- In the lasted development in the "scandal" that wont seem to go away, a photo has emerged that shows John Edwards meeting with former Japanese Councillor (Senator) Muhammed Hassan Inoki. Inoki, who served two terms in the upper house of the Japanese Diet from 1989-1995 and 2013-2019, has been known in Japanese politics for both his support of radical political beliefs, as well as his "unorthodox" forms of diplomacy which has included a face-to-face negotiation with Saddam Hussein shortly before the outbreak of the Gulf War. In more recent years, Inoki has made headlines with his several unauthorized (from the Japanese perspective) "goodwill" visits to North Korea.

While the photograph itself doesn't actually prove anything, other than that fact that John Edwards did meet and shake hands with Mr. Inoki, it will certainly add more fuel to the conspiracy fires that Edwards was in Japan conducting secret diplomacy on behalf of Vice President Jack Hunter
Which character?
EDIT: I was going to have the character reappear now that TTL has a Democratic president again, but I don't think it's in good taste owing to what's happened to their actor.

The character is Harvey P. Stefano, who runs Underworld News Network out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was portrayed by Randy Quaid and Quaid has kind of turned into a sad, clearly unwell individual. His Wikipedia entry highlights some of the bizarre things he's been up to in the past decade. Or take a look at his YouTube page that is 90% him delivering creepy Trumpist mini-rants with a flashing light effect. Either way, I don't think it would be in good taste to bring back the Stefano character when it would just be a sad reflection of what's really happened to the actor who is portraying him.
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Edwards to Media: "My vacation plans are none of your business"

Washington D.C.- John Edwards fired back at his critics this afternoon, taking aim at those who have bought into the notion that his recent holiday vacation to Japan was actually a secret diplomatic excursion on behalf of Vice President Jack Hunter. Despite Edwards' denials, a photo surfaced late Monday night that showed Edwards meeting with former Japanese Councillor Muhammed Hassan Inoki, which on the surface appears to have contradicted Edwards' claims. Edwards, known for keeping his private life private, has refused to comment on the photo, excepted to confirm that the photo is indeed real. Edwards went further, during his brief statement, stating "my private life is private and my vacation plans are none of your business"

The White House has yet to comment on the Edwards photo or his statement.

Friday January 17th 2020

Conservatives win Esher & Walton by-election

The Conservatives won the Esher & Walton by-election yesterday. It means the return of former Cabinet member Martin Greenwell to the House of Commons after he lost his seat at General Election in September 2018.
The election was needed following the death for MP Anthony Walker who had been speaker of the House of Commons since 2009. Greenwell won the seat with a majority of 15,04 with the Liberal Democrats in second place.
The full results are shown below.

(Thanks to @lord caedus for the Wikipedia box)

Updated Current make-up of the House of Commons
Conservative 336
Labour 255
Liberal Democrat 14
National Peoples 13
DUP 10
SF 5
PC 4
Socialist Alliance 1
Speaker 1
Conservative Majority: 22 seats
Working Conservative Majority: 29 seats*

Conservative 335
Labour 253
Liberal Democrat 14
National Peoples 13
DUP 10
PC 4
Socialist Alliance 1

* Excludes the Speaker, three Deputy Speakers (two Labour and one Conservative) and the five Sinn Féin members (who follow a policy of abstentionism).
What’s space exploration like ITTL?
OOC: Largely the same as OTL up to the early 2000s. There was no Columbia disaster, but the Space Shuttle program ended shortly after Walken took office after it ended its operational lifespan. The Constellation program was pushed as a replacement, but greatly reduced in scope by Congress after the end of the Santos administration. It largely resulted in the US retaining the ability to launch manned missions to the International Space Station (IOTL the only way astronauts have been able to get to the ISS since the space shuttle program ended is to hitch rides on Russian Soyuz craft), but at greatly reduced frequency. The Artemis program was announced after Seaborn took office.
OOC: Because I had way too much time on my hands last night, I decided to figure out what the federal judiciary looks like ITTL.

Thanks to the new table feature because of the forum upgrade, here's a table of how each level looks by which president appointed its members to their current position. Outside of the Supreme Court, all I did was take the OTL sitting judges' day of nomination and sort them into a TTL presidency.

SUPREME0002 (22.2%)3 (33.3%)1 (11.1%)3 (33.3%)00
CIRCUIT06 (3.4%)6 (3.4%)24 (13.4%)34 (19.0%)19 (10.6%)69 (38.5%)20 (11.2%)1 (0.1%)
DISTRICT1 (0.1%)9* (1.3%)3 (0.4%)49 (7.2%)107 (15.7%)89 (13.0%)274 (40.2%)78 (11.4%)72 (10.6%)
OTHER00003 (12.0%)07 (28.0%)7 (28.0%)8 (32.0%)
TOTAL1 (0.1%)15 (1.8%)9 (1.1%)75 (9.2%)147 (18.0%)109 (13.3%)353 (43.2%)105 (12.9%)81 (9.9%)
*- Two of the district court judges were nominated by Acting President George P. Bush

By partisan affiliation:

Democratic (Carter, Newman, Bartlet, Santos, Seaborn): 371 (45.4%)​
Republican (Reagan, Lassiter, Walken): 443 (54.2%)​
vacancies: 81 (9.9%)​

Yes, there is one person appointed by Jimmy Carter who is still serving in that same position four decades later.

Most of this table makes sense- more recently-serving presidents will have more people still in the positions they were appointed to than the presidents who preceded them. The only exception seems to be when a one-term president (Newman, Santos) follows a two-termer (Reagan, Bartlet).
OOC: One year since President Seaborn was inaugurated. You know what that means...infoboxes of four different members of Congress!

  • Considering that Laura Shallick almost became TTL's Hillary Clinton (in terms of a First Lady simultaneously being a senator), I figured it was kind of appropriate to have Shallick be born in the same city as Hillary.

  • Mayer's place of birth and ex-wife are definitely not King of the Hill references.

    Also, yes, Ron Paul existed and served as a member of Congress ITTL. No news on Rand. He's probably still a ophthalmologist in Kentucky.

  • Callas' father Devin was established as being a famous jazz singer. His family's jazz origins also explains his middle name.

    He was established as being a mayor of New Orleans prior to being a member of Congress, who gained praise for his response when two hurricanes hit New Orleans right after each other in 2007.

  • Irving's predecessor as 10th district congressman was a libertarian-leaning Republican who joined the Libertarians after leaving office and was the aborted Libertarian presidential nominee in 2010. He resigned his seat in 2011 ahead of a special Senate election against Bryce (who was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Jack Enlow after he faced assault and battery allegations).

Cast (all previously established)
Patricia Heaton as Laura Shallick
Stephen Foot as Bob Mayer
Brad Pitt as Sam Callas
Tom Cruise as Jasper Irving