woodrow wilson

  1. JacobB17

    WI Woodrow Wilson was re-elected and became a Nazi?

    Woodrow Wilson died in 1924 after suffering a stroke a few years earlier. He was seeking a third term at the time of his death, so this scenario explores what could've happened if he survived and was re-elected. Wilson was very racist and, especially in his later years, delusional. It's not...
  2. Bomster

    WI: Charles Evans Hughes defeats Woodrow Wilson in the 1916 Election

    IOTL, incumbent President Woodrow Wilson won an extremely narrow victory against Republican nominee and Associate Justice Charles Evans Hughes. Hughes came within 4,000 votes of winning the state of California, which alone would have swung the election to Hughes. The 1916 Presidential Election...
  3. WI: US entry into WWI leads to massive protests and a possible uprising

    What if at the time when the noninterventionist United States was on a verge of entering WWI against Germany in early 1917 after the Zimmerman Telegraph incident, the public reaction despite the newspaper and American propaganda attempting to rally up support somehow in this alternate scenario...
  4. Woodrow Wilson decolonize the world

    What if woodrow wilson made Triple entante decolonizing Europe, Africa , Asia based on self determination a requirement for US entering the war
  5. AltoRegnant

    What If America Entered WW1 By 1916?

    OTL, the US wasn't involved (offically) in ww1 until 1917, and our role was largely in keeping money and material flowing into France and Britain. But what if America got dragged in sooner, say by spring 1916? Wilson still wins in 1912 but finds a more aggressive Germany, who extends a far...
  6. AltoRegnant

    WI: Italy Got Everything They Wanted From Austria-Hungary?

    OTL, the treaty of Saint Germaine that ended Austria-Hungary's involvement in ww1 infamously saw that Italy would only gain token lands ceded. this is, at least, in part because of the nature of the Austrian collapse and Serbia's conflicting desires over what would become Yugoslavia. but...
  7. Gukpard

    Save Woodrow Wilson legacy after his government was over.

    A fun thing that led to me to think of this scenario is that I studied "Relações Internacionais", that is basically a fancy way of saying "Diplomacy" at university, and the father of this course is Woodrow Wilson and there was a certain teacher who talked a lot about him, but being very neutral...
  8. The US civil service isn't segregated?

    What if the US bureaucracy wasn't segregated in the 1910s? Say Woodrow Wilson doesn't get elected or that he doesn't impose Jim Crow in the civil service for whatever reason. How would race relations and civil rights evolve from then on? Could something like the Civil Rights Act be passed...
  9. AHC: Make Woodrow Wilson one of the most respected Presidents by Liberals

    The challenge is as follows, with a POD no earlier than 1900, have Woodrow Wilson become one of the most respected presidents by Liberals in 2021, akin to FDR, JFK, etc. You can't change his personal political views, however other changes to American history are all game. To my understanding...
  10. WI: Woodrow Wilson has his stroke four years early?

    What if, instead of having a debilitating stroke in October 1919, Woodrow Wilson had one in October 1915?
  11. Sarthak

    A Better Thought out Sixtus Affair?

    So it's seems that i have caught the Habsburg bug for i seem to be reading on them too much for my own sake. Alright, otl, the Sixtus affair was an attempt by Karl I to get peace in March - May 1917. It failed. Utterly. Partly because the foreign minister thought it was good to talk badly...
  12. Bomster

    How can Teddy Roosevelt win in 1912?

    In American politics, being a third party is difficult. Historically a two party system, the United States has rarely had a third party find success in elections, and when they do that party typically takes the place of another in the duopoly. In 1912, a split in the Republican Party led to a...
  13. Bomster

    WI: Charles Evans Hughes defeats Woodrow Wilson?

    To me, the 1916 Presidential Election is one of the most consequential in both US and world history. Because of this election, Wilsonian ideals reshaped the entire world at Versailles, leading to WW2, the Cold War, and American foreign policy even up to the present day, and conservative...
  14. Marklin

    WI Wilson loses to Roosevelt, What happens to the rest of the world?

    So recently, I watched a video by Alternate History Hub theorizing what would happen if Wilson lost the election to Teddy Roosevelt. However, the video only really explored what happened in Europe. This has me asking, how would another Roosevelt Presidency (And a lack of Wilson) affect the...
  15. AltoRegnant

    WI: America Entered Right After The Lusitania?

    OTL, despite it being the most commonly cited reason for american entry, America didn't get involved in the Great War until over a year later with the zimmerman telegram. But say that there were no weapons on the boat and more americans died, and american outrage was far stronger than otl...
  16. GauchoBadger

    How would president Charles Hughes handle the aftermath of WWI?

    Charles Evans Hughes was an US politician noteworthy for being Woodrow Wilson's opponent as Republican nominee during the 1916 elections. He ran on a belligerent campaign in favor of US involvement in WWI (which would prove itself redundant as Wilson joined the war on the Entente's side anyway)...
  17. President Charles Evans Hughes and post-WW1 diplomacy

    I see we've had multiple threads on the 1916 election and a Hughes victory. But most of it focused on whether he would have entered WW1 earlier/later, and the potential backlash against the GOP in the 1920s. Some people have said that the peace treaty would have been basically the same. In the...
  18. WI: Bob La Follette Sr. Runs as a third party in 1916

    In 1916 Robert La Follette Sr. tried to get the Republican nomination. At the time, he was a prominent Anti-War voice. The Republican nomination went to Charles Evans Hughes, who was more militaristic. What if after losing the nomination, La Follette ran as a third party candidate on a peace...
  19. WI: Earlier death of Wilson

    Say that instead of holding on until 1923, Woodrow Wilson dies soon after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. What are the immediate impacts of this, and who is likely to win the 1920 Democratic nomination now that Wilson’s endorsement is not longer holding McAdoo back?
  20. Amadeus

    If TR Runs and Wins in 1908, Who Wins in 1912?

    Suppose that Theodore Roosevelt never made his 1904 pledge to not run for a third term, and he runs and wins in 1908. In this scenario, who wins in 1912?