1. What if the Caldas corvette crisis escalates into a war between Colombia and Venezuela?

    To put you in context, it was a diplomatic crisis that occurred between August 9 and 18, 1987, between Venezuela and Colombia as a result of the incursion of a Colombian corvette in waters not delimited between both countries. Although the crisis was finally resolved thanks to the intervention...
  2. WI/AHC: The (actual) 1964-1967 British Invasion of the USA

    What if the so called cultural "British Invasion" movement in the mid-60s was a real, full fledged invasion across the Atlantic? Whatever the justifications for this war, its outcome and consequences are up to you - all I ask is that there is no POD prior to 1945 ;)
  3. MeatPowers

    The German-Czechoslovak War of 1938

    Hitler annexes Austria! MARCH 25, 1938 On the night of March 12, Hitler marched his Heer, the German army, across the border of Austria. The Nazi forces were met with little resistance as they marched to and occupied Vienna. The very next day, the Nazis held a referendum in Austria to determine...
  4. RedGuy353

    Argentina's Darkest Hour

    It is January 1, 1979, Argentina almost started a war with Chile over the territory of the Beagle and the Strait of Magellan on December 22, 1978. A conflict that was resolved diplomatically with the intervention of Pope John Paul II, Videla knew that this conflict could have made military rule...
  5. The Grand Sheikdom, A Kuwaiti TL

    Chapter 1: The Jump In the year 1821, the Arabian Peninsula was a tumultuous region marked by geopolitical shifts and power struggles. It was during this time that Jaber I Al-Sabah, a shrewd and ambitious leader, seized upon the opportunity presented by the Greek War of Independence to declare...
  6. defconh3ck

    Scorpion's Tale - A World Unseen
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Ocean of Tears

    Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new adventure. While we wait for my next large scale project, Horizon, I began to wonder about a new project, and a new story - one that takes us not to space (Right away, at least), but the bottom of the ocean. Scorpion’s Tale is a story of Cold War...
  7. The Korean Dawn

    [Self-Removed due to potential rule violations]
  8. Where do the American coal wars start and why?

    So picture the 13 colonies gaining independence in the American Revolution, but instead of ratifying a new Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation, the disagreements over the Bill of Rights are too great to be overcome and the federal experiment ended right there. Suddenly all the...
  9. PrinceTanglemane

    What if the Confederacy captured the White House?

    Many people know that the Confederate States tried to capture Washington D.C or threatened the capital during the battle of Fort Stevens but what if the Confederate States succeeded? What if the Confederate States took over Washington D.C.? But, in this scenario, the Confederates still lost...
  10. WAR IN THE MAGELLAN STRAIT: Clash of dictators and the world to watch II

    December 19th, 1985 - Magellan Strait "Warzone Charli" Trenches have been set in the surroundings of the city of Punta Arenas, near the town of "tres puentes" north of the city there is constant fire between infantry, several companies have tried to advance, only to be met with astonishing...
  11. What if Richard Nixon passed away before 1968 Presidential election?

    In POD, Democrats Presidential candidate Richard Nixon died from the heart complicated issues on September 23, 1968 on days before the month of October 1968 Presidential debate OTL national election preparation among Republicans Richard Nixon, Democrats Hubert Humphrey, and American Independent...
  12. The Opium-Church conflict. Early European Drug war.
    Threadmarks: What's this?

    The Opium-Church conflict. With the Reintroduction of Opium to Europe(around 1527), most Europeans became infatuated and addicted with the drug, instead of treating it as a normal medicine. This creates a pandemic of drug-addicts(Nobles ,Merchants, and only a few of peasants being...
  13. How different would a second war between the USA and CSA be in the 1880s?

    Assuming the Confederates States gain European recognition to back their independence be 1862-1863, how differently would a second war between the USA and the CSA be fought if conflict broke out in the 1880s?
  14. AHQ/WI: What if the War of the stray dog had escalated? Who would've won, Bulgaria or Greece?

    In 1925, a short war occurred between Greece and Bulgaria. It isn't truly known what caused the war, with two versions of the story existing. But that doesn't matter, what only matters is who would've won? What would have occurred after the victory for whichever side pulls the win? How does it...
  15. Taunay

    Alternate wars caused by diplomatic incidents

    There are many diplomatic incidents that had a non-zero chance of resulting in war (Even if in a small scale), some of whom I can name are: Nootka Crisis - Envolves an indigenous tribe, the Spanish Empire, Great Britain and the US. Would probably be a minor war, with a status quo result...
  16. A Demographic Exercise: ATL POD's effect on Chinese population

    Hello, all it appeared to me that if the violence and conflict China went through in the late 19th and early 20th century could have been ameliorated, may have led to a different level of population at its present. The Qing dynasty was pretty stable in terms of food distribution, at least until...
  17. Kingdom of California: A Timeline of British Colonization

    In a world where California was not colonized by Spain, instead it was colonized by Britain, as a second crown colony. Post American Revolution, immigration picked up, leading to a large, young population in the colony when we hit our POD. In 1810, Napoleon was in complete control of Europe...
  18. Birds of War and Birds of Peace: A Tale of the Vietnam War and Beyond.
    Threadmarks: THE HAWK, Part I

    Part I: The Hawk August 1964, Washington D.C: Lyndon Johnson was not a man for deep and introspective thought. He noticed the problems at hand, and acted against them with brutality and efficiency. Whether it was wrangling support for a bill when he was Senate Minority Leader, working...
  19. Largest possible Private Military Company

    How large could a private military Company realistically get before being shut down? Could we see privately owned air squadrons or carrier groups? How about armored divisions?
  20. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: China/Japan relations similar to OTL's France/Britain relations.

    Basically, a historical rivalry that turns into first truce then alliance through shared conflicts. One example could be the two countries having to fight together against a Soviet invasion.