1. SkylineDreamer

    AHC/WI: A Slightly Different Republican and Democrats

    Supposedly there were changes in this alternate American politics, regardless of how it shifted, which made the Dem vs Rep split into these traits. Republicans: Balance between business and regulation, internationalism and realism, but socially liberal Democrats: Protectionist and [if can]...
  2. DBWI: (US POLITICS) What if the Democrats became the Left-Wing Party and the Republicans the Right-Wing Party

    OOC Disclaimer: My Double-Blind scenarios have a history of confusing people, so I'll just put this here in case you don't know what's going on. This is a Double-Blind scenario (in this case a Double-Blind What If), a scenario from the perspective of a timeline where things went a different way...
  3. Electoral College Runoff Election

    The US famously really only has two parties that matter the most in politics, and that’s the Democrats and Republicans. But in the last 4 years or so, we’ve really seen diverging ideas within those political parties. Many of these ideologies would have their own parties if they weren’t part in...
  4. WI: Successful June 1832 Rebellion of Paris

    The June Rebellion of 1832 was the event in France that radical republicans attempted to overthrow the Louis-Philippe and establish a republic. So here's my question, What If the June Rebellion succeeded? Would the republicans establish a republic similar to the Second Republic established in...
  5. WI: Democratic Party Splits in the 1864 Election

    Say the Democratic Party in the 1864 election splits with the Pro-War faction supporting George McClellan and the Copperheads running their own candidate. Now in OTL Lincoln won the election in a landslide and gained a majority in both the House and the Senate, so a split Democratic party is...
  6. Amadeus

    DBWI: Hamilton Duels Burr

    In 1804, Vice-President Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. Burr was furious over Hamilton's support of a rival Republican over him for Governor of New York, in addition to Hamilton's personal attacks on Burr's character. Hamilton considered accepting Burr's offer, but...
  7. Padric1938

    Robert Lafollette becomes president in the 20s?

    Would it be possible that instead of the conservative Republicans like Harding and Coolidge, progressives like Lafollette and Hiram Johnson take control? Would it be possible, or will the bitter taste of teddy’s 1912 run still turn off republican delegates to a progressive candidate?
  8. Amadeus

    DBWI: Rudy Giuliani Becomes a Republican

    It often comes as a surprise that Rudy Giuliani, one of New York's most influential Democrats, once considered switching parties. In the 1970s, Giuliani flirted with joining the GOP in order to move up the ladder as a federal prosecutor. However, Giuliani decided against this and remained a...
  9. DBWI: No 2010 Moderate Republican Revolution

    In 2010, we saw perhaps the biggest midterm election landslide in recent memory. Republicans gained 16 governorships, 12 Senate seats, and 67 Congressional seats. Many people attribute this to a wave of moderate Republicans who were swept in to office, notably in states where they had no...
  10. AHC/WI: Libertarian GOP and Populist Democrats

    With a POD of 1990 have the GOP be at least semi libertarian, and the democrats be at least semi populist. What effects does this have on us politics? What states become “blue” and “red”? I thought about doing this when I saw these posts...
  11. lerk

    Dewey defeats Roosevelt

    What if Thomas Dewey had defeated Roosevelt in 1944? The states Roosevelt won which pushed him over 266 were close, and if Dewey had won every state where he was defeated by 5.1% or less he could have become president. For this to become possible let's say Roosevelt selects Byrnes, causing...
  12. Amadeus

    1968 US Presidential Election Without the Vietnam War

    The POD is the United States doesn't divide Indochina at Geneva in 1954, and free elections see a united Vietnam twenty-one years early. Back at home, US Presidential elections from 1956 to 1964 follow the same course and in 1968 LBJ is still President. Without the Vietnam War dividing the...
  13. Kaiser Chris

    AHC/PC: Repeal Reapportionment Act of 1929

    One act that I have always never been fond of and wished to be repealed is the Reapportionment Act of 1929 which limits the amount of members of the House to just 435. I've always found this to be rather undemocratic method as it does not take into account the growth of the United States, which...
  14. Amadeus

    WI: The US Had Abolished the Electoral College in 1804?

    After the confusion of 1800, the US amended it's constitution to ensure that Presidential electors vote for one Presidential ticket. Simultaneously, President Jefferson privately expressed support for abolishing the electoral college altogether. His argument was essentially the same as those...
  15. Jack Hawksmoor

    Vignette: Fortunate Hoosier

    ___________________________________ Less than seven years ago he was ridiculed for his confused statement on Mars. Less than four years ago he was still though to be a joke. Less than two years ago he was still thought to be powerless. But everything was changing. Now he had the opportunity...
  16. How Can Richard Nixon Win the Presidency in 1960? (And Keep It)

    Namely, Nixon must be the Republican candidate in '60, and '64. He must also serve two FULL terms. (I suppose something Watergate-esque could occur and he could be impeached, because Nixon, but let's avoid that for now) Thoughts?
  17. Nightingale

    Can Republicans gain the Solid South post-Civil Rights without catering to racists?

    As the OP says, can the Republicans gain the Solid South from the Democrats without becoming a party that allows racists and racial resentment to fester since Nixon's Southern Strategy?
  18. Chapman

    WI Reagan as the GOP Nominee, 1968?

    What if Ronald Reagan had managed to beat out Richard Nixon for the Republican Nomination in the 1968 election? Who would be a likely running mate for him? Would he stand a chance at winning, or would his closeness to Barry Goldwater sink his campaign in the General Election? And if he did win...
  19. Chapman

    WI Bill Bradley, 2000?

    IOTL, Vice President Al Gore swept the 2000 Democratic Primary, winning every state and soundly defeating New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, who was his only primary challenger. But what if, through one means or another, Bradley pulled an upset and managed to clinch the Democratic nomination? Who...
  20. Chapman

    AHC: President Jesse Jackson, 1989

    As the title states, make Jesse Jackson the President of the United States in 1989. Whether he wins the 1988 election on his own, or is elevated to the Presidency after becoming VP, is of little consequence.