1. kasumigenx

    A Primeira Noiva(The first Bride) – A Portuguese timeline
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    On 1516, after the birth of Infante Antonio, Maria of Aragon would recuperate but she would not give birth again afterwards and survive her husband after his death in the plague for a few years and die in 1523. On July 16, 1518, Eleanor of Austria would marry Prince John of Portugal, later John...
  2. 1898: The Dawn of a Tragedy, a Nation’s Road to Disgrace
    Threadmarks: Philippine Independence

    Chapter 1 The End of an Empire It was December 10, 1898, and a treaty signifying the peace between two nations, one on the rise and one that was on the brink of collapse, was signed. With this treaty, one nation would gain prestige and power, consolidating its position amongst the great...
  3. Philippine WI: Andrés Novales' revolt succeeded?

    Andrés Novales was a Filipino soldier who led a brief revolt against Spanish colonial rule in June 1, 1823. Unfortunately for him, although he and his followers captured several important buildings in Manila, they failed to seize Fort Santiago since its commander, despite being Andrés' brother...
  4. ThomasianHistoryGeek

    Quezon's Manilaners: A New Jewish Homeland (TL)
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    Quezon's Manilaners A New Jewish Homeland Escolta St., Manila under U.S.-administered U.N. trusteeship, 1968 Preface Hello! This is my first TL on this site. Before I signed up, I thought Alternate History Fandom Wiki was the main site so I started writing there. Then I realized the fandom...
  5. kasumigenx

    Fidalgo – A renaissance timeline
    Threadmarks: An exploration made public

    The Portuguese exploration of Luzon in 1545 by Pero Fidalgo and the Knowledge of Tomi Pires about Luzon in 1512 would be known in Portugal during the reign of John III of Portugal which would cause the Spanish to be blocked from acquiring Luzon up to 1580 when the Spanish took control of the...
  6. kasumigenx

    Certain Alternate History Philippine Ideas

    These are two ideas I am exploring for an AH. Luzon was not largely considered as one Island but sometimes as two or three islands connected by the Isthmus of Metro Manila and the Sierra Madre and Tayabas Isthmus connecting to Bicol/Ibalon to the rest of Southern Luzon prior to the Spanish...
  7. AHC: Prevent Ferdinand Marcos from being re-elected in 1969

    The 1969 Philippine presidential election is known to be the one of the dirtiest elections in Philippine history, with alleged cases of vote-buying, and Ferdinand Marcos having spent 50,000,000 Philippine Pesos for his campaign (most of which were unloaded in Cebu). As a result, he won against...
  8. kasumigenx

    Martyrs of Manila
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    On May 1571, Lakandula would refuse the Spanish and it will spell the end for the Bruneian hold to the Bruneian held Selurong when the Spanish came back to seize the part of the island that they rule. Rajah Matanda is also against the Spanish since the Spanish had kidnapped him while he was...
  9. kasumigenx

    The Barito of Madagascar settle in the Philippines instead of Madagascar

    The Barito of Madagascar settle in the Philippines instead of Madagascar, I don't think it would really have an impact on the history of the Philippines although Madagascar would remain uninhabited. The Philippines was settled by Barito and Dayak tribes as well according to the oral histories...
  10. kasumigenx

    Only one Imperialism
    Threadmarks: A battle that never happened and a colony aborted

    The chieftain of Macabebe would accept that Lakandula had decided to make friends with the Spanish and decided to not marry the woman that he was engaged in and decided that he would instead focus on trying to regain the lands taken by Bolkiah, he would remain silent regarding the Spanish and...
  11. kasumigenx

    International Impacts of the Spanish not discovering and conquering the Philippines

    Since I am doing a timeline where the Spanish don't colonize and discover the Philippines, it will be quite obvious that there will be the impact of the Spanish not conquering in the territory and one of that is that Luzon would be divided into a state ruled by Bruneian dynasty and a state ruled...
  12. Gillan1220

    What if the U.S. military never withdrew from the Philippines in 1992?

    This may somehow border into current politics so please keep it to a minimum. In OTL September 1991, the Philippine Senate voted not to renew the lease of the U.S. military bases in the archipelago. This was following the Mount Pinatubo eruption in June of that year in which Clark and Subic...
  13. kasumigenx

    DBWI: Magellan does not land in Mollucas and in the Bruneian Empire

    I remember some people in Alternate History boards are thinking of Magellan not landing in Maluku in 1521 and instead in Sugbu, I find this hillarious. I remember, that Sugbu, Butuan and Madyaas are not pacified by Brunei until a certain point and the Northern States north of the Bolkiah...
  14. kasumigenx

    Princess of Heaven(Princesa del Cielo) - A Philippines/Majapahit timeline
    Threadmarks: Princess of Heaven

    In the late 15th century, Dayang Kaylangitan would have watched the defeat and death of her father, the chieftain of Tondo. Dayang Kaylangitan is in confinement in her own home after knowing the defeat of her father, the chieftain of Tondo She would refuse to marry Lontok, the son of Bolkiah...
  15. kasumigenx

    Politics of an Uncolonized Philippines

    -Caboloan and Macabebe and other former Majapahit Vassals that Brunei did not conquer but made tributary to them after Tondo was sacked, are basically shifting alliances with the Japanese, once the Macabebe Kingdom take control of Free Selurong land, since the Macabebeans had more political...
  16. kasumigenx

    Magellan lands right
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    On 1521, Magellan would land in the Spice Islands in March 16 where he would return to the people that he have contacted back in the days which included the people that he once settled in the Spice Islands and decided to live in peacefully and stayed there for the rest of his own life. The...
  17. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Insurgency in US-occupied Philippines and Hawaii?

    Congress officially passed the Newlands Resolution, which annexed Hawaii as a US territory, in 1898, in the context of the Spanish-American War. By that point, the Kingdom of Hawaii had been overthrown, and Hawaii had been ruled by white Americans and their business interests since 1893 -- five...
  18. Simeon

    AHC: Luzon develops similarly as Classical and Feudal Japan

    I once saw a rice productivity map of the Philippines and, upon seeing the Cagayan and Central Luzon Valleys, I wondered how it would have fared under the koku system used in Japan. Hence, I'll just phrase this challenge with these questions: Up to what degree did the political economy of...
  19. Metempsychosis

    WI: The EDSA Massacre of 1986

    So it's been 35 years since the People Power Revolution, and it's election year again, with an interesting bunch of presidential candidates, so I couldn't help but ask this What If Scenario. What if Marcos and General Ver decided to shoot the protesters on EDSA during the EDSA Revolution? What...
  20. Metempsychosis

    Los Hijos del Pais v3: Two Hundred Years of Solitude, a Philippine TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction: Background and Bloody February

    Hey guys, @Timaeus here. Some of ya might remember me from little posts here and there. Mostly I responded to other people's works, and to the ASOIAF fandom threads. My main contributions were to collaborative projects like The World of the Sundering. Mid 2018, just when I was starting to get...