1. kasumigenx

    WI: Philippines is Partitioned between Portugal and Spain

    I have been reading and talking with historians and it turned out that Portugal discovered Luzon and Mindanao prior to the Spanish, what if the Portuguese decided to concede Visayas and Palawan to the Castilians and decided to colonize Luzon and Mindanao instead of fighting to get all of the...
  2. kasumigenx

    Luyag na Caboloan, a Sinosphere country – A Philippines Timeline
    Threadmarks: Country Profile of Caboloan

    In Caboloan, the ruler of Caboloan would defeat the Majapahitans and their attempts to eradicate its independence between the 13th and the 14th centuries, which happened prior to the Deboxah I Era when Deboxah I ruled, the Country of Caboloan would champion the rights of the Nestorians in their...
  3. How big of a Japanese cultural sphere and japanese creole community can Japan maintain in the pre colonial Phillipines?

    This is something that I have been thinking about recently, and I want to know: just how large of a cultural sphere and creole community could Japan create and sustain in the Philippines (prior to Spanish colonization of the Philippines)?I know that China had contacts with the Philippines, but...
  4. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Ferdinand Magellan sails for Portugal?

    I don't think I've ever seen this one done before. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the world ... in service of Spain. His history in Portugal became rather turbulent: For the sake of this scenario, let's suppose Magellan and Manuel don't have a falling-out...
  5. Arsenio Lacson, president of the Philippines?

    So I found out about this guy after a cursory look at Wikipedia and the Filipino politics thread in Chat, and he's definitely a character who deserves more attention in this site. Arsenio Lacson was mayor of Manila from 1952 until his death, and during this time he cultivated the image of a...
  6. kasumigenx

    Adelfo y Laura: A Phillippine Alternatehistory
    Threadmarks: Adelfo y Laura

    Since the late 1200s there is a tale passed in each generations and it has inspired a love story in Sambali called Adelfo y Laura by the Portuguese the story is about the marriage of a Princess from one of the former statelets of Sambali to a Bornean noble man, each kingdom in the Northern half...
  7. Arsenic Express
    Threadmarks: 1. Filipino First Policy (March 1957 – November 1957)

    1. Filipino First Policy (March 1957 – November 1957) After the death of President Magsaysay in March of 1957, the Nacionalista party was thrown into chaos on who they will nominate as president. Magsaysay was sure to be reelected in 1957 both the Nacionalista convention and the Philippine...
  8. kasumigenx

    A different Philippines - Two Sultanates in Luzon instead of Full Spanish Domination of Luzon.
    Threadmarks: Setting foot of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi

    On 1570, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi land in Ysla de Luzon or Ysla de Tagala[1] where he would find two Sultanates, the Sultanate of Selurong and the Sultanate of Kumintang which the Spanish would record as Tagala and Comintan, the Sultan of Kumintang would be friendly to the Spanish and even gave...
  9. Spain sells Philippines to Japan in 1896 - impacts on World War II(and 20th century)

    According to the Spanish diplomat F.E. Reynoso, in 1894 the Japanese offered to buy the Philippines from Spain for 40 million pounds sterling. However, according to Reynoso this offer was not accepted.[20] According to the scholar C.E. Russell, in 1896 Spain was rumoured to have offered to sell...
  10. El Decentralizado: Philippine HRE

    Starting today, every two weeks this TL shall be focused from now on, the same shall occur with the Empire TL. Two weeks for each TL.
  11. kasumigenx

    Intramuros, a Christian Enclave
    Threadmarks: Establishment

    The Spanish would establish a settlement and trading place in Kota Selurong in 1570 which would later get the ire of the Selurongese Sultan at that time as they are allying with the enemies of the Selurongese Sultan at that time in Selurong particularly, Lakandula which would cause Lakandula...
  12. Effects of an Imperial German (and later Imperial Japanese) Philippines

    POD: In 1894, Marti is caught and arrested as he attempts to depart from Florida with soldiers and guns instead of getting released, or alternatively, he dies before the entire expedition takes place, or Eugene Debs is elected POTUS in 1896, leading to there being no Spanish-American War. Some...
  13. Would Ferdinand Marcos be a Democrat or a Republican?

    In an alternate history where the Philippines is integrated into the United States instead of gaining independence, would Ferdinand Marcos be a Democrat or a Republican? Could it be he becomes a Democrat and stays a Democrat, or he's a Democrat and later becomes a Republican, etc.?
  14. How does US not taking over Philippines effect the Eastern front?

    IOTL the decision to take over Philippines essentially came down to one man McKinley. However lets say he instead listens to the anti imperialist faction instead and US recognizes the first Filipino government. Now fast forward to WW2, what will be the effects of such a decision?
  15. kasumigenx

    Uncolonized Philippines

    Luzon Luzon won’t be called as Luzon, but it would be called as Sultanate of Selurong, since the original exonym of Luzon is Selurong due to the Bruneians having time to prosetylize to the masses, the lowlands would be muslim completely by early 17th century as Islam has already completely...
  16. The Philippine Empire

    Hello guys. Sorry if I am out of the spotlight for a while since I am occupied with personal matters, as well as being slowly uninterested to continue my timeline of an alternate Tondo. Ultimately, I have decided to do a third revision of the first TL of the "Philippine Empire Series" first...
  17. kasumigenx

    Luzon and Borneo -Two lands forged in the green crescent
    Threadmarks: Arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi

    A chief of Bohol named Catunao would guide Miguel Lopez de Legazpi as a guide to Cebu and he would anchor in Cebu but he would not land due to opposition with the natives and he would be able to ally with the natives of Samar and Bohol and making blood compacts with their chieftains. Rajah...
  18. Timeline for a stronger and more unified Asia

    Pan-Asianist (Minus most of the imperialism) fever dream, basically The way I see this timeline playing out: 1. More successful Freedom & People's Rights Movement ----------------------------------------------------- 2. Industrialized, independent Korea via successful Gapsin Coup...
  19. kasumigenx

    WI: Spain with Cordilleras in Luzon instead of Majority of Lowland of Luzon

    I was wondering what would have been the consequences if Luzon had an organized Islam before Spanish arrival although Spain still gets Caboloan and Ilocos along with the Cordilleras who will be threatened by their Muslim neighbors, this would be an inversion since the Lowland Pagan Gaddangs and...
  20. How might the Japanese Empire be different with these early 20th century borders?

    Say Japan is able to scramble up enough cash, perhaps from a greater victory or a much earlier Sino-Japanese War, to make war on Spain for her colonies in the East Indies before the Unites States does in 1898. In addition, the loot from this victory against may allow Japan to pursue a purchase...