1. The Philippine Empire: Revolutionary War 1823-1827 (Revised)

    Note: This was a major revision of the old one since by that point, it was realized that the TL itself had become too idealistic. The threadmarks of this new thread shall be sourced from my test thread.
  2. The Philippine Empire: Revolutionary War (1823-1827)
    Threadmarks: Introduction 1

    This alternate timeline would cover an alternate history of the Philippines, from the the year 1823, the year of Andres Novales' revolt, to the early 20th century following the end of the Philippine Revolution (1896-1899) I would first tackle of an alternate war of independence that started in...
  3. kasumigenx

    Saludong Jawi – Philippines Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    On 970(1570), the leaders of Maynila and Tondo would expel the expedition of Legaspi in Saludong which would cause the tribes not to want to convert to Catholicism, this expulsion was decided by both Lakandula, Sulayman, and Rajah Aceh/Matanda after they find out that the Spanish wanted to...
  4. kasumigenx

    The divided island
    Threadmarks: The divided island

    On 1663, the Spanish would be expelled in most of Luzon by Koxinga but they have been dealing with the Moros in that island prior to 1663 which would refuse to be conquered and proselytized by the Spanish. The Northern most Island, Luzon have been divided, one of which is not even independent...
  5. kasumigenx

    A divergent philippines
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    On 1600s the Ilocanos, Kapampangans, and Pangasinenses would adopt Chinese influences and would be partially sinified as a result, while the Gaddangic like the Gaddangs, Irrayas, Yogads, and Irita would increase in population in Cagayan Valley in the 1600s and would continue to resist the...
  6. kasumigenx

    Magellan’s defeated but circumnavigated
    Threadmarks: Magellan’s survival

    On 1521, Magellan would survive, however the Spanish would be defeated in Mactan, the expedition of Magellan would leave Cebu and head west back to Spain but in the journey west they resupplied, the defeat of the Spanish in 1521 is very much shameful for the Spanish although, the Spanish would...
  7. Taunay

    WI: Spain defeated in Manila?

    In 1574, a battle between the Spanish and Chinese/Japanese pirates broke out close to Manila. IOTL, the Spanish managed to win, as the pirates were not organized enough and had made a critical mistake during their first assault on the city: WI Limahong did not order the prisoners to be executed...
  8. kasumigenx

    Terraces and Masjids
    Threadmarks: Defeat of the Chinese Pirate Limahong

    On 1575, the ruler of Kaboloan would bravely defeat the Pirate Limahong himself, who would return to China himself which would allow Kaboloan or Pangasinan to be an independent Kingdom from the Spanish and remain professing Islam and its other faiths. Kaboloan would resist the Spanish who were...
  9. GameBawesome

    Question: Spanish Loyalists in Cuba and Philippines in 1898

    Whenever reading about the Spanish-American War, particularly the lead up to it, as in the Philippine Revolution and Cuban War of Independence, where in both nations, the people revolted against colonial rule, and wanted to become independent and overthrow Spanish rule. However, whenever...
  10. kasumigenx

    A Christian Bruneian Empire under Agustin de Legaspi From what I have heard he is married to Putri of Brunei, he can take over Brunei himself if he succeeded against the Spaniards. How would a Christian Brunei look like and would they ally with Portugal and the Dutch.
  11. The Empire of New Castille v2
    Threadmarks: 1. The Ides of March

    The Empire of New Castille version 2 1. The Ides of March Governor General Mariano Fernández de Folgueras reinforcements from Spain arrived last October 20, 1822 along with his replacement Juan Antonio Martinez. Spain’s colonies in the Americas have rebelled. A lot of the soldiers within the...
  12. Pre colonial Philippine timelines recommendations?

    Im looking for timelines that is centered around a pre-colonial Philippines any recommendations? (P.S is there a timeline that focuses specifically on a united Philippines similar to what oda nobunaga done to japan?)
  13. kasumigenx

    The Plucked Garuda
    Threadmarks: An unlucky noble in Java

    On the late 1200s, Raden Wijaya, the son of Mahisa Campaka would fail to make the necessary connections to conspire with the Mongols to establish a new kingdom in Java, he would disappear from history as a simple noble from Java and would die from obscurity, he returned from another land trying...
  14. kasumigenx

    Pearl of the East of Borneo
    Threadmarks: In the East of Borneo

    The lands South of Nihon and east of Borneo, the lands of Sambali(Sanfotsi), Kumintang, Ma-Yi, Butuan, and Toupo would have existed, the lands of Sambali, Kumintang, Butuan, and Toupo would have relations with the Song Dynasty, Sri Vijaya with trade and would have used Malay as their own...
  15. kasumigenx

    Portuguese Philippines

    I think if the Portuguese colonized the Philippines, the colonization will be much slower and the Portuguese would have rights to Luzon and Sulu due to discovery and alliance, the last Majapahit ruler was allied with Manuel I and Joao III. I think the Igorots might have allied with the...
  16. kasumigenx

    What is your preferred name of the Philippines

    What is your preferred name of the Philippines Katagalugan/Selurong(Seludong/Saludong alt. spellings in Malay) In context, Malay Historians use to call Luzon as Selurong while Moro historians refer to the people of Luzon as Tagalogs so basically in the same context, Katagalugan = Selurong, it is...
  17. What if instead of the Late President Ferdinand Marcos becoming the President of the Philippines in his time.

    Someone else became the dictator and went deranged due to a family tragedy (example rebels killing members of his family) during martial law. He then plotted to bomb the Malacañang Palace on the time EDSA Revolution happened, and succeeded to blow up himself, the palace, and the revolutionists...
  18. What effect would a surviving Spanish Empire have on trade in China, and East Asia in general?

    I know that trade between Southern China and the Americas was a pretty big deal for a long time, but what effect (if any) would there be if that trade continued well into the 19th century? Or conversely what effect did the fall of the Spanish Empire have on trade in East Asia? Was the inflow...
  19. Domz

    What if the Spanish colonized the Philippines 100 years after OTL?

    It has been said that the islands of the Philippines was on the verge of adopting Islam (like Indonesia OTL) by the time the Spanish first arrived in the Philippines in the early 16th century, converting the Southernmost regions of the Philippines as well as the region surrounding modern-day...
  20. kasumigenx

    Consequences of a Chavacano speaking Mindanao

    This is a possibility after 1900, if the Americans did not settle Mindanao as there were a lot of Chavacano speakers and Cebuano and Illonggo speakers were settled to Mindanao and even settlers from Luzon also went to Mindanao, although a Pre-1900 POD is possible, this is possible due to...