Luyag na Caboloan, a Sinosphere country – A Philippines Timeline

Country Profile of Caboloan
In Caboloan, the ruler of Caboloan would defeat the Majapahitans and their attempts to eradicate its independence between the 13th and the 14th centuries, which happened prior to the Deboxah I Era when Deboxah I ruled, the Country of Caboloan would champion the rights of the Nestorians in their country which would have caused the religion to survive to the present day and has become its own religious majority, their earlier string of victories would be followed in the wars against the Bruneians in the 15th to 16th centuries.

Caboloan would formally expand north up to Lawag and Pagudpud in the Deboxah Era under Princess Deboxah which would make it more integrated with the Sinosphere and they would trade with the Japanese and Ryukyuans as well and the tribes of Kankanaey, Bontok, and Kalinga would be under the suzerainty of Caboloan which would expand its own territory further and they would keep their territories that they gained even in the present and would protect it against the Muslims that surround them.

In the Present Day, the Country of Caboloan would be surrounded by the Sultanate of Sambali to East and South and located in the Island of Selurong or in what they call as the Tagalog Lands natively, its boundaries are in the south is the Agno River while in the rest of the areas it is deep within the Cordillera Central.

Similar to Vietnam, Japan, and Korea, Caboloan would write in the Hanzi script to write their own language which would set it apart from the other countries in Selurong which are Sambali and Kumintang who write in Jawi or Arabic Alphabet aside from being a Christian Country as opposed to the Muslim majority of the Island.

The Country of Caboloan is a center of Christianity in Asia and is a Sinosphere Austronesian Speaking country in the world.

There is no such thing as Tagalog Ethnicity/Tribe in this timeline but we have Kumintang instead.
Deboxah I is primarily known as Urduja in our timeline.
The POD is Nestorianism reaches the Philippines or Nestorianism survives, depending on what you believe in.
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Deboxah I Era
In Caboloan, the ruler of Caboloan would defeat the Majapahitans and their attempts to eradicate its independence between the 13th and the 14th centuries, which happened prior to the Deboxah I Era when Deboxah I ruled as the ruler of Caboloan and she would expand north to where the previous ruler supported the Nestorians North of Caboloan, she would expand to the land in the North in Vigan and Lawag where the Nestorians lived which were supported by the previous ruler of Caboloan against Majapahit.

Deboxah I married a man that would support her in her rule which would not be a part of the annals of history and she would continue to trade with the Japanese, Ryukyuans, Koreans, and Chinese which would bring more immigrants and influence of the Sinosphere in her own Kingdom.

Her resistance to the Majapahitans would be remembered by the surrounding countries as they would still talk about her in the present day and it is also believed that she met Ibn Batuta in his travels but not everyone believes that.
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Council of Florence
The Kingdom of Caboloan would pay tribute to both China and the Majapahitans and were able to survive for centuries and during the reign of King David I of Caboloan would send their emissary in the Council of Florence in 1439 and they would want to know if the Europeans would be a great ally against the Majapahitans, the Majapahitans have the coastal areas of the island of Selurong under their suzerainty so they wanted an ally.

David I of Caboloan would hear from his emissaries and decided against allying with European Christians although the arrival of the emissaries from Caboloan or Pangasinan to Rome would mean that the Europeans would know the Kingdom of Caboloan but the Europeans would not be interested in the Kingdom until the Portuguese and the Spanish would make relations with the Kingdom of Caboloan.
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The Bruneian Invasion
In the end of the 15th century the Bruneians and the Lucoes would invade Tondo and expel the Majapahitans from the Coastal areas of Selurong which would lead to the formation of the two Sultanates of Selurong, the Sultanates of Kumintang and Sambali which were both founded by the House of Bolkiah but of different lineages with the Sultanate of Kumintang founded by an illegitimate branch of Bolkiah via Lontok and Kalangitan’s marriage.

The Bruneian missionaries would come to the Kingdom of Caboloan and expelled the missionaries as the missionaries would want to turn the people of Caboloan into muslims and Caboloan would expel the Bruneian missionaries which would be the reason that the Kings of Caboloan would be hostile to the Bruneians as the Bruneians would want to convert their people and corrupt the Kingdom of Caboloan and due to their resistance to Islamization, the Kingdom of Caboloan would survive.

The Kingdom of Caboloan would further tighten their relations with Japan and China after the rest of the lowlands went under the influence of Brunei.
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