A different Philippines - Two Sultanates in Luzon instead of Full Spanish Domination of Luzon.

Setting foot of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi
On 1570, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi land in Ysla de Luzon or Ysla de Tagala[1] where he would find two Sultanates, the Sultanate of Selurong and the Sultanate of Kumintang which the Spanish would record as Tagala and Comintan, the Sultan of Kumintang would be friendly to the Spanish and even gave the Spanish some bases in the Island of Selurong, which are Kota Selurong(Manila or Fuerte de los Tagalos) in Manila bay and its surrounding settlements which is under Kumintang’s suzerainty as a concession.

The Sultanate of Selurong would object to the Sultan of Kumintang’s decision and would try to ask for the help of Brunei to punish the Sultanate of Kumintang for his defiance and bowing down to the Spanish which insulted the Sultanate of Selurong, the Sultan of Brunei would tell the Sultan of Selurong to calm down and wait and see, the Sultan of Kumintang at that time is Sulayman III and the Sultan of Selurong is unknown as the Sultan of Selurong refused to contact with the Spanish but it is known in oral history there, Sulayman III is adviced by Rajah Matanda who was under Spanish custody during the El Cano expedition.

Limahong would attempt to conquer the Spanish settlement of Kota Selurong which would lead to Limahong’s defeat and the Spanish would follow Limahong to Caboloan which is west to the territories of the Sultanate of Selurong, the boundary of the Sultanate of Selurong and Caboloan is the Cordillera Central and the Agno River, the Spanish would destroy Limahong with the help of Caboloan and later convert Samtoy which would anger the Sultanate of Selurong as it is considered a part of their territory but the interior of Samtoy in Abra and the areas of the Yapayao and Adasen would be loyal to the Sultanate prompting them to ask the Bruneians to attack the Spanish starting the Castilian war in 1578.

The Bruneians and the Selurongese would be defeated in the Castilian War causing Samtoy and Caboloan to be under the Spanish as the Province of Nueva Segovia under the Spanish East Indies or Las Islas Filipinas but there would be border issues due to the Yapayao and Adasen who are under the Sultanate of Selurong afterwards they are known as the Sultanate of Sambali as they have lost the lands of Ilocos.


The difference here is that Luzon becomes two Sultanates due to the territories of Kumintang and Selurong having different nobility as it was prior to Majapahit and Brunei and also being converted to Islam by Brunei, but at one point the historians would say that they were one at one point but there is no proof of that and Legaspi would interact with the two Sultanates.
1. The Spanish would only translate Selurong or Kota Selurong as Tagala in this timeline as the OTL Tagalog ethnicity does not exist in this timeline.
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Philip II
Philip II would be impressed by the Spanish taking a part of the Northern Island and he would be impressed by the two Muslim Sultanates in Nueva Castilla but at this point he is weakening, the Sultanate of Sambali would not impress Philip II as the Sultanate of Sambali is very defiant and did not want to do any trade with the Spanish but the Spanish were able to gain the new province of Nueva Segovia in the North of Nueva Castilla/Luzon/Ysla de Tagala which is a win of the Spanish against the Sultanate of Selurong which would have strengthened their alliance with the Bruneians.

Philip II is happy that he is able to secure a trade deal with the Sultanate of Kumintang with Fuerte de Tagala or Kota Selurong and the area around it as a concession with the Sultanate of Kumintang despite the fact that the people of the Sultanate of Kumintang did not want the deal.
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Between the Turks and the Spanish
The Sultanates would have a close relationship with the Ottoman Empire and Brunei but they would have a special relationship with the Spanish as well, although Kumintang has already had decided to step to have trading relations with the Spanish, Sultanate of Sambali would not have relations with the Spanish until later when the colony or province of Nueva Segovia started to revolt in the next century.

The Sultanate of Sambali would remain isolated and allied with the Ottomans and Brunei and solidly in their camp until the 17th century when they started to have some relationship with the Spanish as well after the revolt of Malong and Almazan in Nueva Segovia.
Japan and China would swap destinies in this timeline, Japan will be a Communist Republic similar to OTL China, and China will be the one modernizing and opened by the West by Spain.
Portuguese succession and China
On 1580, Philip II of Spain is made as Philip I of Portugal after the death of Henry, the Archbishop King as he was prevented from leaving his vows and siring a heir.

Philip II would focus on his trade with China and abandon the missions and trade with Japan which would cause Japan to get sidelined by China in Western Influence but China would restrict the trade of the Spanish in China in 1590 to Macau, it would be Mexico, an offshoot itself that would open China completely to western influence in the late 1800s.

The Start of Spanish trade with China in 1590 would help the later relations between Mexico and China which was jumpstarted by the opening of China by Mexico to the west in the late 1800s

The Japanese trade declining would have helped better the relations of the Sultanate of Sambali with the Spanish as the Spanish would have neglected the borders between the Sultanate of Sambali and the Spanish controlled province of Nueva Segovia, the decline in the Japanese missions and trade would also cause Deshima and Nagasaki to decline as well but Christians would be left behind by the Spanish and Portuguese who would be isolated due to neglect and would create their own church in the coming decades.

All in all, Spain would benefit on Portugal being united with Spain as one of the Spanish Kingdoms but the Portuguese would have objections.
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The foundation of the two Sultanates
During the 15th century the Bruneians would sack Tondo and jumpstarted the Islamization of the Island of Selurong, the Bruneians would leave the Sultanates alone when they would prove to be able to govern themselves and promote Islam in the Island, the Sultanates would have converted the Island majorly to Islam with the exception of the Kingdom of Caboloan which would be under the Spanish.

The two independent Kingdoms just like the Sultanates of Aceh and Champa would fall under Ottoman domination as it is the primal power in the Muslim world and when the Spanish came there would be some relationship between the Spanish and the two Sultanates but the Spanish and the Sultanates would be neutral even if the Spanish would convert a small population of the two Sultanates into Christianity although the Sultanate of Sambali would have bitterness with the Spanish due to their annexation of Samtoy.

The rulers of the Sultanate of Kumintang are the descendants of Dayang Kaylangitan and her husband Lontok of Brunei while the Sultanate of Sambali is ruled a different line of the Bolkiahs their border is the Lake of Pulilan[1] Kasumuran.

The religious capital of the Sultanate of Sambali is in the Town of Baler in the East of Selurong near the area that will dredged from the seas in the following centuries with the town of Palanan and the Island of Palaui being also being popular to sea trade as it will be attractive as it is near Baler while the trading capital is Tondo and Maysilo.

1. Laguna de Bay.
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Portuguese crown(1580-1668)
On 1580, when the Spanish had already acquired Portugal, Philip II would decide that the area of Luzon and Mindanao conquered by the Spanish would be given to the Portuguese crown in honor of the fact that these areas has been discovered by the Portuguese first, an arrangement that would last until the split of Portugal with Spain in the Treaty of Lisbon in 1668 which transferred the Spanish controlled Luzon, Mindanao, Maluku, and Ceuta to Castile.

This arrangement would make the colony of Nueva Segovia to have close ties with Macau where in some of the people of Macau will migrate to Nueva Segovia and these ties will last until the split of Portugal from Spain wherein the Portuguese controlled Luzon, Mindanao, and Moluccas would be transferred to the Castilian Crown along with Ceuta which is also in Portuguese crown as well.
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Henriette, Queen of Spain
On 1658, Marianna of Austria would die after a disastrous miscarriage, causing another bride for the King of Spain to be needed.

As a part of the treaty of peace between France and Spain in 1660 Henriette Marie of England would marry Philip IV of Spain and Louis XIV would marry Infanta Maria Theresa(Marie Therese).

Henriette would give birth to Infante Carlos on November 6, 1661 which would have meant that she would be the regent to the Kingdom of Spain in her child’s minority as Charles II.

During the marriage of Catherine of Braganza with Charles II, Catherine of Braganza would correspond with the Queen of Spain and Sophia of Hanover and arranged the betrothal of Anne of York to George of Hanover which would start the Hanoverian Dynasty.

Henriette would help the creation of the treaty of Lisbon with Portugal in 1668 due to her correspondence with Catherine of Braganza.

The lineage of Infante Carlos would not have been an issue until the Stuarts were expelled from England and replaced by the House of Orange Nassau then Hanoverians as the Spanish would support the Stuart claimants.