Uncolonized Philippines


Luzon won’t be called as Luzon, but it would be called as Sultanate of Selurong, since the original exonym of Luzon is Selurong due to the Bruneians having time to prosetylize to the masses, the lowlands would be muslim completely by early 17th century as Islam has already completely penetrated the upper classes and it would have time to penetrate the lower classes.

The people of Selurong would participate in slavery of Visayans with Sulu and they would enslave the Igorots as well, the Aetas would be integrated and assimilated to the Muslim lowlanders due to them sharing the same languages as the lowlanders.


Madyaas and the other Visayan States would have issues with Selurong and Sulu enslaving their population which can be stopped if the Visayans ask for help from a European power.


Butuan would convert to Islam and become a Sultanate, the Sultanate of Maguindanao and the Lanao Sultanates would not be formed and it would have good relations with the Visayan States in the North until it converts to Islam completely and might be part of the raids against the Visayas.

Butuan does not get destroyed because they don’t encounter Magellan with its ruler converting to Islam and not making blood pact with the Spanish.

The Sulu Sultanate and Selurong Sultanate would engage in raids against the Visayans which can be stopped if the Visayans ask for help from a European power.

International factors

Without Spanish helping the Portuguese in proselytization with the Japanese and constant Spanish and Portuguese influence with the Japanese due to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, the Japanese would not learn any technology from the west from the Spanish and the Portuguese although the Muslims of Selurong(Luzon) would have issues with the Japanese pirates in the North which would not be supported by the government, the Japanese pirates and traders could get influenced by Islam which might result in Islam expanding to parts of Japan.

If the Japanese expanded to Taiwan when it reaches their height of power Selurong would have issues with the Japanese in the Bashi channel which would result in a war of the Japanese with Selurong, Brunei, and Sulu.

This would be the map of the Philippines without Spain basically.
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