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  1. The Iron Age of Comics: Jim Shooter's Return to Marvel
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    -Excerpted from the thread “WI Jim Shooter never returned to Marvel Comics?” on, April 30, 2020 -- And thus after spending the last few years contributing or ghosting pop culture threads, I have posted my own comic book themed TL. So the PoD is Ron Perelman dying in a car...
  2. Company 3: The History of Endgame Comics.
    Threadmarks: A Fateful Choice

    Prologue: A Fateful Choice It was impossible to pretend that Steve Ditko was anything other than one of the biggest names in the comic book world. Right alongside the likes of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Gardener Fox, he had been in the game for one hell of a long time and without a doubt, his...
  3. THeaven

    Fawcett comics survives

    In 1949 National Comics tried and failed to both have Fawcett cease publication of Captain Marvel comics and have Republic Pictures withhold release of the Captain Marvel serial via a cease and desistin June 1941.When the action went unheeded, Detective and Superman, Inc. filed suit against...
  4. Mr_Fanboy

    Alternate media mergers and acquisitions and their implications

    The recent drama surrounding the acquisition of 21st Century Fox's media assets by The Walt Disney Company made me very interested in the topic of media mergers generally, and reading up on the history of such deals revealed some very interesting proposals that ultimately never went through, and...
  5. Mr_ Bondoc

    Spiderman: A Life Story

    We have all talked about it, but it has been done. Chip Zdarsky has written a nifty comic mini-series which details what would happen in Marvel characters didn't maintain their same age in a "sliding time scale". As such, the series details, "On this Earth, many Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man...
  6. WI: Jim Shooter Doesn't Ban LGBT Characters

    During his time as Marvel's EIC, Jim Shooter banned depictions of LGBT characters. The story goes that a scene in a Hulk issue where Bruce Banner narrowly avoids getting raped by two gay men drew a lot of protests, so Shooter decided that any depiction of LGBT characters would be too...
  7. What if Jim Shooter's Dazzler movie was made?

    So in 1979 Jim Shooter pitched a weird Movie about Dazzler. The whole plot was too weird to describe here. Read it here So what if this movie was made?
  8. HeX

    Laughin' Place: Redefining Disney
    Threadmarks: Map of the Locations of the Disney Parks

    -------------------------------- A man slumped down at the corner of an alleyway. He hadn’t showered in weeks, and his stomach rumbled incessantly. He was currently living off of a lone ham and cheese sandwich he’d managed to scrounge out of the trash, but he’d eaten that two… no, three days...
  9. Aloha

    Marvel buys DC Comics in 1984

    I used to be really into comics, so I decided to make a comic WI. In 1984 Warner Bros. almost closed down the DC Comics publishing imprint and licensed the characters to Marvel. So what if Marvel did end...
  10. WI: Number One from Captain America Vol 1 #175 is outright stated to be Nixon.

    In Captain America Vol 1 #175, Steve Rogers finds out the identity of the head of the Secret Empire, Number One. It is heavily implied that this man is Richard Nixon but never outright said. What if it explicitly revealed in that issue to be Nixon? How does this affect Marvel and the comic book...
  11. Mr_Fanboy

    Comcast Buys Disney in 2004

    Considering the current Disney/Fox/Comcast corporate drama, I thought that this would be an interesting POD. In February of 2004, Comcast launched a bid to buy The Walt Disney Company. This was during the very nadir of Michael Eisner's tenure as Disney CEO and the second "Save Disney" campaign...
  12. WI: Amalgam Comics always existing pop-culture effects

    In a world where Amalgam Comics has been around since the 1930's (I'm assuming that's when they were formed since their fictional history goes back to the Golden Age of Comics) and DC and Marvel never existed what would be the pop culture effects?
  13. Mr_Fanboy

    WI: No Image Comics?

    In 1992, several prominent artists for Marvel Comics, including Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, and Todd MacFarlane left the House of Ideas in order to found Image Comics. This due to their frustration that Marvel did not grant them much in the way of royalties from their popular works...
  14. loneranger

    AHC: Make a comic book Legacy stick

    Perhaps the most well known instance of a legacy character (which is one character taking the superhero identity of another, for whatever reason) is Wally West becoming Flash after the death of Barry Allen. This lasted for about 20 years. My challenge to you, should you accept it, is to try...