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  1. AHC; More/Most World Wars

    Your challenge is to have as many possible world wars, with a soft 1900 POD though shortly before would be acceptable too... Just how many earth shattering conflicts can you concoct? Is the world more or less developed by the end of it all, or are we currently in a new stone age? Looking...
  2. The Legacy of Liege: A Great War TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: The Shots Heard Round the World

    The Shots Heard Round the World Opening narration from Apocalypse: The Great War, voiced by David Attenborough When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrelo Princep in Sarajevo in the year 1914, his death sparked one of the greatest bloodletting's in human history. The...
  3. Fashoda War

    Foreword: Hello everyone, this is my first post here in a while - I've had a few accounts across the years, the names of which I've forgotten, though my only relevant contributions ever were to the TL-191 thread - but I hope you will find it is of decent quality. Given the scant availability...
  4. Pax Versalica - A 'peaceful' world after the Great War.

    Hello, I decided to create this thread in a similar way to Thousand-Week Reich but with a different theme: A world where the Paris Peace Conference (Versailles) unfolds differently. This will lead to a series of changes that will cause the post-war to be called Pax Versalica, the peace of...
  5. AHC: Ensure the U.S. joins the Great War in 1914

    Challenge: Create a point or series of divergences that culminate in the United States joining the Great War in 1914. You are allowed to go as far back as 1865 (the American Civil War's end will not be affected). Having Theodore Roosevelt become president in 1912 is not enough and is not...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Empire and the Great War

    Is there a way to make the Dutch Empire stronger / larger but let WW1 still occure as OTL. I was for example thinking about a remaining Dutch Ceylon, but are there more possibilities? Your thoughts?
  7. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate casus belli WW1

    So if we assume The Netherlands kept Belgium in 1830, will this butterfly the murder of Frans Ferdinand away? If the answer is yes, what are other causes of ITTL WW1 (which will off course be very different)?
  8. Friedrich der Große

    If Cape Colony remains Dutch, would WW1 still happen?

    If The Netherlands manage to keep the Cape Colony in a 1815-POD, will World War I still happen?
  9. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands if Germany won WW1

    What would happen to The Netherlands if Germany won WW1? Would they get more land and/or colonies (could also be on the long run), which role would they play in Europe and the world if this alternative WW1 occured? And how would Dutch politics ánd the Dutch colonial empire develop? Thoughts?
  10. Friedrich der Große

    World War I without Wilhelm II

    If somehow Kaiser Wilhelm II would have not reigned over Germany, would World War I still happen? I read somewhere that WW1 was not the result of Wilhelm II’s reign, but the result of the German army and Prussian elite having very much influence on there politics. So basically: a modern country...
  11. Friedrich der Große

    If the Belgian Revolution never happened, would WW1 still happen?

    So basically this: If the Belgian Revolution never happened and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive, would WW1 still happen, or wouldn’t it because of the butterflies?
  12. Ideological Great War: State Atheist Authoritarian-Liberalism vs Christian Democratic-Socialism

    Starting back in the French revolution a new ideology emerges from the chaos that blends laissez-faire capitalism, state atheism, and proto-totalitarianism becoming popular over the next few decades eventually taking power in the 1850's and after some butterflied chaos similar movements take...
  13. Rothbardian21

    Fate of the Franco-Russian Military Alliance (No-USSR timeline)

    What happens to the Franco-Russian Alliance if the Great War had ended sooner, a victorious Entente before the Bolshevik revolution is ever allowed to materialize? You can imagine your own scenarios to enable the war's end, or you can reply directly on my scenario (for me it's the British...
  14. What If: Carlist Hungary vs The Little Entente

    This supposes that the Charles IV's march on Budapest starting on October 21st 1921 is successful and he takes the throne once more reestablishing the Habsburg Dynasty in Hungary. Upon doing so he reiterates that he will revoke the Treaty of Trianon as it was signed under duress calling for a...
  15. For Want of a Word – Stolypin endures
    Threadmarks: Kiev 1911 - A stuttering Bogrov

    Kiev, august 1911 The assassin paused for a second [1]. He wanted to say something, to utter an immortal sentence that would echo in the centuries, or at least in the revolutionary circles to which he belonged. After a second that felt like eternity, he managed to utter in a shrieking voice...
  16. Sarthak

    Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Osman Reborn: The Survival of Ottoman Democracy *** Chapter 1: Preparations for War? *** “The Legacy of the Italo-Ottoman War is one of incredulity in Italy, and one that of pride in the Ottoman Empire, and not without reason. The war did a lot to restore the pride of its citizens in the...
  17. No US, no Kerensky Offensive; how will WWI end?

    In my last post I asked what the effects might be of US neutrality on the immediate events of 1917. It seems that one major change would be no Kerensky Offensive, since US loans were a major part of convincing the Russians to try it. Had the offensive not taken place (and failed), Russia...
  18. Tresckow

    Der Krieg Des Sieges | A Central Powers Timeline
    Threadmarks: Title Page

    A Central Powers Timeline
  19. Drex

    AHC/WI: "Flipping" the fronts of WW1.

    All right the tittle may be a bit confusing but here is the basic idea. IOTL WW1 developed into fairly static trench warfare in the western front after the failure of the Schlieffen Plan, and a more open conflict in the eastern front. The 1917 revolutions in Russia caused them to drop off the...
  20. The Kaiser's Europe or What if Germany Won the First Battle of the Marne?
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    THE WELTKRIEG THE ASSASSINATION OF THE ARCHDUKE June 28th, 1914 started out fairly normally in the city of Sarajevo. Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir-presumptive of the Austro-Hungarian throne, had supposedly been sent to the city to inspect the military units stationed...