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  1. Peru wins its war against Gran Colombia?

    The first years of independence were rife with turmoil for Spain's former colonies in the Americas, with civil and foreign wars breaking out somewhere every few years. One such conflict, born from longstanding border disputes and a clash for hegemony over their corner of South America, was...
  2. Two Centuries of Chaos- Feedback for TL

    I'm kind of a newbie here, so I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on (please tell me where if it isn't), but I have some ideas for a timeline that I would like feedback/more in-depth knowledge on, (ill admit my knowledge of history is pretty eurocentric unfortunately, so id...
  3. Smaller Mexico, fragmented New Spain (Gran Colombia but in Mexico) - Better outcome?

    Most Alt-history narratives explore the scenario of Mexico remaining a vast "empire", potentially rivaling the United States in power. This speculation is cool indeed, but here I would like to think about a smaller Mexican State. At the time of its independence, Mexico was indeed enormous, and...
  4. AlfLandonFan

    WI: Francisco de Paula Santander becomes President of Gran Colombia; Does Gran Colombia survive?

    Francisco de Paula Santander was the Vice President of Gran Colombia, and perhaps most known as the "leader" of the Federalist faction. So, what I'm wondering is: What if Santander became President, either by Simon Bolivar dying while Santander is Vice President, or the September Conspiracy...
  5. Taunay

    WI: Chiquitos incident escalates into major South American war

    Previous thread in this topic by @GauchoBadger. So basically Brazil almost annexed the region of Chiquitos in 1825, and this resulted in a diplomatic crisis between Brazil and Bolivar's Gran Colombia. This also involved the United Provinces of La Plata, which was in midst of its own war against...
  6. AHC: Spanish Viceroyalties don't break apart

    How could the Spanish viceroyalties avoid breaking up and forming smaller countries after independence? They may lose some territory but overall the new country should be a modern version of the original viceroyalty. Mexico never loses it's southern territories, Gran Colombia remains intact...
  7. jacksonkelly_art

    DESCENDANTS OF THE BOATS - Great Powers of Latin America TL

    Before You Read This is an alternate history series documenting the creation and the conflicts surrounding The former colonies of a much more powerful, rich and democratic Spanish Empire. How these more stable and established States came to build their national mythos, and build a new...
  8. Taunay

    AHC: Spanish-speaking majority Amazon

    With a POD of 1550, your challenge is to make the majority of the Amazon be located in the Spanish-speaking regions, you can do this any way you want (screw Brazil, Portugal, wank Spain, Gran Colombia etc.) as long as it's not unrealistic to the point it could be considered ASB. You don't...
  9. Would Gran Colombia build the Panama Canal?

    If Gran Colombia were to survive the first decade and become a great power equal to otl's US, would they try to build the panama canal? I can't think any reason that they wouldn't other than possibly from nationalists who'd rather dig up Nicaragua, and I'm not sure that way of thinking existed...
  10. treefreak32

    AHC: Latin Draka/Reverse Decades of Darkness

    Obviously, this is a pretty crazy one, but I've been reading Jared's DoD and was struck with the idea of reversing the fates of North and South America in that TL. Essentially, how could a Latin American super power (Gran Colombia maybe?) get the idea that they were a master race, and decide to...
  11. Neal Caffrey

    What If: Bolivar agreed to the French Proposal for a monarchy in the Gran Colombia?

    So in 1829 Charles Joseph Bresson was sent as the ambassador of France to the Gran Colombia, one of his explicit goals was to secure French influence in the country, with this goal in mind he proposed to many influential and wealthy Gran Colombian elites a deal in which France would lend 20...
  12. Neal Caffrey

    Alternate liberators for South America?

    So let's say in an Alternate Timeline Jose de San Martin, Simón Bolivar Agustin de Iturbide and Miguel Hidalgo and don't rise to power, perhaps they die of they don't stand out enough, what are other options for liberators of South America? As far I understand for places like the area of New...
  13. Thundercalf101

    WI: Gran Colombia never fell

    I was wondering while doing a Gran Colombia Vic2 run, "What if Gran Colombia never fell in out timeline" Usually the timelines I write are more about influencial people dieing, so I don't have a good or clear idea of what would happen.
  14. FernandoPerla

    Gran Colombia

    Gran Colombia was a massive country that was composed of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama from 1819 to 1831. Do you think it could still be existing today? If so, how? What impact do you think its existence would have in Latin America, and the rest of the world?
  15. AltoRegnant

    Would A Surviving Gran Colombia Chanllenge US Hegemony In The New World.

    Otl, Gran Colombia was a prominent nation while it lasted, with James Madison calling it the country of the future. But it fell apart over the decades after it's leader, Simon Bolivar, died. But had it survived, could it challenge the US? Or would it be another fragile Latin American state as...
  16. AHC: Gran Colombia survives

    Your challenge is to have Gran Colombia survive until at least 1900.
  17. AstroRangerBeans

    An Equal and Thriving Enlightenment: An Alternate Latin America
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    I live in the country of full of loyals, A land that honors god and the king, Of long-ranged mountains that had stretched Down from the southern Andes and Into the northern Andes Her beauty and passion that never dies God will protect our loyal nation. It was the long decades that These angry...
  18. GameBawesome

    Which Ambitious Latin and Large American Countries would be Powerful?

    Which Large and Ambitious Latin American Country(s) could survive, and while competing with other rivals, become powerful and dominate force(s) in Latin America. Rule 1. Multiple vote on, just in case you have multiple opinion, and believe in a Latin American Cold War between multiple Powerful...
  19. Fernsong

    Stronger Gran Colombia

    Back when John Quincy Adams was secretary of state, he claimed that Gran Colombia was one of the most powerful nations in the world. However, Gran Colombia only existed for about 12 years. What would've had to take place for Gran Colombia to stay united and could it eventually become a major...
  20. Mecanimetales

    Gran Colombia: An American History

    Chapter 1:Bolivar Live! After several attempts to assassinate Simon Bolivar, the Republic of Colombia was at a very critical moment for Venezuela, since Colombia, hung on by a thread for the separatists both Venezuelans, Colombians and Ecuadorians. Simon Bolivar, conducted some appeasement...