1. WI : Battle of Tagliacozzo

    What if Conradin won against Charles of Anjou in the battle of Tagliacozzo and managed to establish himself in Sicily. Would he go north to claim the Emperorship? Would Aragon still invade Sicily in the name of Constance, or would the Sicilian Vespers be butterflied. Additionally, who would the...
  2. Battle of Benevento.

    What if instead of Charles of Anjou winning the Battle of Benevento, Manfred of Sicily did? What if Manfred himself also managed to live for say another 40 years, giving him ample time to stabilize his kingdom. Additionally, would Conradin attempt to invade Sicily to claim his birthright or...
  3. kasumigenx

    Tagliacozzo a Timeline
    Threadmarks: Conradin’s victory

    Tagliacozzo OTL After considerable maneuver, Conradin's invading army confronted that of Charles of Anjou in the Palentine Plains plateau, outside the town of Tagliacozzo (more precisely, near Scurcola Marsicana). Each army deployed in three divisions. The first Hohenstaufen division was...
  4. The Professor

    Conradin born female - consequences

    So, what consequences would a 'Conradina' have? Would the Pope still offer Sicily to any royal prince going? What effects on the HRE would there be?