The last twigs of Hohenstauffens

The sudden victory
On 1268, Conradin, the grandson of Frederick II of HRE would kill and defeat Charles of Anjou which he had outnumbered already which would cause him to be crowned as the King of Sicily as Conrad II of Sicily, finally having the throne that was stolen by his own uncle, Manfred.

The first thing he would do as the King of Sicily is to send the sons of Manfred to a monastery to be raised as priests while the other daughter of Manfred, Beatrix would be useful for him to be used as a marriage pawn, however, since Constance had married the King of Aragon that would be his problem and he would proceed to a betrothal with Princess Elizabeth of Hungary who was released from the convent after betrothal who would later prove to be fertile.
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Family of Conrad II of Sicily
On 1270, Conrad II of Sicily would wed Elizabeth of Hungary who would be released from the convent upon betrothal and she would be crowned as Queen of Sicily in the same year which would start the Hohenstauffen involvement in Sicily.

Children of Conrad II of Sicily and Elizabeth of Hungary, Queen of Sicily

Frederick of Sicily b. 1269

Beatrice of Sicily b. 1272

Elizabeth of Sicily b. 1274

Conrad of Sicily, Duke of Swabia b. 1276

Otto of Sicily b. 1283

Catherine of Sicily b. 1290

John of Sicily b. 1294

Agnes of Sicily b. 1295
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Frederick I of Baden
Just after his victory, Conrad II of Sicily would restore Austria to Frederick I of Baden who he would make as the Duke of Austria and the Margrave of Verona, but Frederick would have a problem with administering Verona as the rule of the Margrave has been gone for a long time although he would wait, he would eventually choose to marry Beatrice of Sicily which would strengthen his alliance Conrad II of Sicily.

Conrad II of Sicily would have a hard time convincing Premysl Ottokar from withdrawing from Austria and Styria, he would try to threaten him with a war and Premysl Ottokar would remember that he has no male heir yet so he would decide to withdraw from a possible war with Conrad II of Sicily, after Conrad II and Premysl Ottokar had male children there would be a double marriage between their children Kunhuta would be betrothed to Frederick and his daughter Elizabeth would marry Wenceslaus.
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Here are my plans for the two elder children of Conradin

Frederick would marry Kunigunde of Bohemia while Beatrice would be betrothed to Alfonso III but ends up marrying his brother James as Alfonso III dies before the marriage happens.

As far as the siblings of Elizabeth of Hungary, this is what happened to them.

Stephen V of Hungary m. Elizabeth the Cuman

1a. Elizabeth of Hungary m. Conrad II of Sicily

2a. Catherine of Hungary m. Stephen Dragutin of Serbia

3a. Mary of Hungary m. Albert of Germany, Count of Habsburg

4a. Anne of Hungary m. Andronikos II of Eastern Roman Empire

5a. Ladislaus IV m. Clementia of Germany

6a. Andrew of Slavonia