1. AHC: The Confederacy allied with the USA by 1939

    The Challenge: with a POD no later than 1867, have the CSA win the American Civil War (through any means you want) and no later than 1939, have the CSA and USA be allies. I'm not talking about a superficial alliance; the challenge is to create a legitimate, strong alliance between the two...
  2. New Alternate History Video-South achieves Independence in the Civil War

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share an Alternate History video that I recently created. It is a brand new channel and my first video. I teach American History at the High school and college levels. I was interested in giving this a try, and would really appreciate you giving it a view. I plan on...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    Industrial Slavery in the CSA

    Industrial slavery was thing in the South before, during and even after the war. How far could this take the South in terms of industry? How would this impact life of enslaved people. Would they become a minor or regional superpower?
  4. GameBawesome

    WI: Hippos... in the CSA?

    Alright. This idea is going to sound batsh*t insane, and kills thousands of Butterflies... But hear me out. However, before we get into the scenario, some context around “Lake Cow Bacon." In 1910, Louisiana Congressman Robert F. Broussard proposed a bill, to fund $250,000, in importing hippos...
  5. World Mapping

    Philadelphia as the capital of the US after a Confederate victory in the ACW

    Let's say that the Confederates win the American Civil War in the fall of 1862, and postwar, the US gov't relocates to Philadelphia, due to D.C. now being on the border. How does this impact the development of Philadelphia, now the administrative capital of the United States?
  6. Calcaterra

    Union-Entente Alliance in a CSA Victory Scenario?

    The usual assumption made in a CSA victory scenario is that the Confederates win due to European (i.e. British/French) interference in the Civil War, followed by an Entente-Confederate alliance, parallel to one between the Union and the German Empire. I suppose my question is, then, in two...
  7. General Edgar Allan Poe, which photo looks best?

    Here is some art I made inspired by the short AH story "No Spot of Ground" by Walter Jon Williams. The POD of which is that Edgar Allan Poe does not die as he did in OTL and goes on to be a Confederate general in the ACW. I'm thinking of making him a character in an ASB TL I've had planned for...
  8. GameBawesome

    "Benedict Arnold's" in the US Civil War

    The term "Benedict Arnold" is synonymous with the term a traitor. It stems from General Benedict Arnold, who initially fought for the Continental Army, only to switch sides and join the British Army. What if, there were major "Benedict Arnold's" during the US Civil War? A general who switched...
  9. Bomster

    Some alternate history questions about the Civil War and the Confederacy?

    What’s the easiest more plausible POD for a Confederate victory/independence in the American Civil War? If the South won its independence what territories/states if any would they receive in a peace treaty with the United States. What would the relationship between the two America’s look like...
  10. GameBawesome

    What happens to Abraham Lincoln after a Victorious CSA?

    Assuming that the war ends around 1862 to 1863, and with the aid of Great Britain and France, the Confederate States of America. So what happens to Lincoln after this lost? Assuming that his assassination is defiantly butterflied away (unless he gets killed someone else then Booth), what...
  11. Xanthoc

    Red State: A Confederate Timeline by Xanthoc
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue “The question I ask today is not an easy one. That question is this: what is the spirit of our nation? For one such as ours, this question is complicated, intricate, and at times impossible to answer, especially if one examines it from the perspective of our entire history. Even that...
  12. TheNixonator

    AHC: Confederate Hawaii

    The Confederate States of America owning Hawaii. How? Remember no ASBs. Are you up for the challenge?
  13. GameBawesome

    William Walker's Nicaragua after a Confederate Victory

    William Walker was a Filibuster, who tried to reintroduce slavery in areas where he go, like Sonora, Baja California, and Nicaragua. He became President of Nicaragua in 1856 and ruled until 1857, when he was defeated by a coalition of Central American armies, helped by Vanderbilt (Walker...
  14. *

  15. Old1812

    Confederate Kentucky TL - Brainstorming Thread

    (This is a copy of a thread I created at CivilWarTalk) Hi everybody, my Confederate Kentucky timeline has languished in development hell for a while now, and will likely be there a little longer still. My main reason for this is concerns over plausibility in various respects. I've asked several...
  16. American and Confederate pop cultures in a Confederate victory scenario

    Now I'm not talking about just one entertainment related thing (i.e. film) instead we're going into how pop culture in the United States and the Confederate States would be in a Confederate victory scenario. Personally, I think that the both American and Confederate pop cultures in the rest of...