1. Challenge/What If: Christianity Revival/Comeback In The Middle East and North Africa During The Modern Era

    Is it realistically possible for Christianity to become more mainstream and more common in North Africa and the Middle East again by the time of the modern era? What would have to happen for it to occur? Can a native Middle Eastern government pull it off on its own? Does this require European...
  2. AHC: Pro-Aztec Conquistadores?

    In China, European Catholic Monks who arrived were huge "weeaboos" to use a modern term. They started dressing like Chinese sages, were the first Westerners to master the Chinese language and writing system, started eating Chinese food, reading Chinese literature, and even tried to modify...
  3. WI: Paul of Tarsus dies on the road to Damascus

    Instead of having a vision of God, Paul has a seizure on the road and dies. What are the long-term consequences? The most immediate consequence is that Paul never preaches across the Roman Empire and becomes an author of Christian New Testament (CNT) texts. So the seven Pauline epistles that...
  4. Andrew Boyd

    AHC: Another Christian majority nation in Asia.

    I was thinking about how the Philippines is the only Christian-majority nation in Asia. As well as how it contrasts to the number of Christian-majority nations in Africa today. With that in mind, what would it take for another Asian country to get a majority Christian population?
  5. Social effects of Nicean Christianity embracing Annihilationism instead of Hell

    There is a minority view professed by some Christian denominations (Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, possibly also Christadelphians and Unitarians, not sure about the last two) that if you die as an unrepetant sinner, God punishes you not by sending you to Hell, but by destroying...
  6. WI: Medina is destroyed and Baby Mohammed are Killed during the Year of the Elephant

    In Islamic history, the Year of the Elephant is when Usurper general Abraha, ruler of Askumite Controlled South-Western Arabia, Is stopped in his tracks by a miraculous plague, as he attempts to conquer Medina, and possibly all of the Hejaz. What happens if he succeeds and Islam is never born, I...
  7. AHC: Make the Isis or Cybele cult the main roman religion.

    How could these secret cults become the official religion of the empire instead of Christianity? I have always been intrigued by these cults, which practically are the resurgence of the pre-Indo-European mother goddess cult.
  8. AHC: Exactly Equal Proportions of the Abrahamic Religions

    As of 2015, the Abrahamic religions make up 55.7% of the world's populations, with 31.2% Christian, 24.1% Muslim, and 0.2% Jewish. My challenge is to make a world where by the current year, equal percentages of Jews, Christians, and Muslims make up the Abrahamic religion's population. To not...
  9. GauchoBadger

    AHC/WI: Nestorian Christian Tibet?

    Tibet, IOTL, is often seen as the world's main cultural "hub" of Buddhism and Buddhist monasticism. What people tend to forget, however, is that, before around the 12th century, Tibet was a very plural country that practiced a range of religions also including (but not limited to) Islam...
  10. Anarcho-Occultist

    WI: Pat Robertson goes into law?

    Pat Robertson is one of the key faces of the American Christian Right. He played a key role in forming it into a clear movement. However this was not inevitable. Robertson’s religiosity wasn’t always such a key part of him. Indeed he only became so religious in the late 1950’s after he failed...
  11. The Possibility of the Christianised Japan?

    If I remember correctly (I don't recall much of my undergrad Japanese History Course), but by the end of the 16th century, Japan had one of the largest Christian communities outside of European rule. In fact, the Christian community in Japan was a vibrant community, until it was crushed and...
  12. Chrzęścimir

    WI Christianity appear thousand years later ?

    What would happen if Christianity appeared a thousand years later ?
  13. Challenge: Pagan ERE, Christian WRE.

    The POD can be whenever. I'm up for really any scenario, even borderline ridiculous ones, so long as they are at least minutely possible.
  14. Ulyanovsk

    Mehmet embraces radical Shi’a preacher?

    “In 1444 an inspirational religious fanatic of a heretical Shia sect had appeared in the city. Crowds flocked to the Persian missionary who promised reconciliation between Islam and Christianity, and Mehmet himself, attracted by his teachings, welcomed the man into the palace. The religious...
  15. Christian Somalia

    Say in the 6th century the Somali tribes converted to Orthodox Christianity, what would the potential ramifications be? Would there be a chance of the entire horn of Africa repelling colonialists?
  16. WI: More Western MMORPGs had a priestly class of a more explicitly Christian bent?

    In the Warcraft Universe, the faith of the Human race was increasingly retconned into a more "spiritual but not theistic" leaning from Warcraft 1 onwards, eventually resulting in the religion of the Holy Light which is kinda like Unitarian Universalism mixed with Buddhism, but keeping the...
  17. Terranical

    Spain succeeds in invading Cambodia and annexed it

    Spain invaded Cambodia during the 1600s and tried to spread their faith through Cambodia and probably in the future that Buddhism would decrease while Christianity would increase in Cambodia (and Indochina) like the Philippines? Would a huge Cambodian Rebellion occur after annexation of...
  18. GauchoBadger

    Constantine defeated -- effects on the empire's borders and politics

    Most of the discussions about a reverse outcome at Milvian Bridge i see here often focus on the development of christianity as a religion. But, here, i'll like to ask: what are the effects of an absent constantinian restoration on the Roman Empire as a whole? How would the empire be divided...
  19. GauchoBadger

    AHC: a native christian kingdom in India or Indonesia

    Title says it all. The state must not be a colony. Bonus points if you can get this christian kingdom to be a regional power.