1. Lexyflop

    Less anti-semetic middle ages europe

    Ok so this is a very broad question but doing research on medieval europe and often the Jewish community’s story during this period it’s been on my mind. What if the Bible did not have anti semetic texts or messages? or at least a reduced amount. and perhaps one or two moments of Jesus saying...
  2. Would they still have been able to invent these skirts and these patterns?

    Is it possible that the folded pleated(whose style is folded knife pleats) skirt and tartan patterns would still be independently invented by 21st century AD modern fashion designers and be used in highschools(for female students) even if Celtic peoples never invented them?
  3. WI: Christian Japan

    What if Christian missionaries from Iberia managed to convert Japan to Christianity in the 1500s? Additionally what if this Japan managed to conquer Korea in the Imjin War (or an alternate version of it) or a later war when the Ming was collapsing
  4. AHC; 4th major Abrahamic religion

    Your challenge is to create a 4th major Abrahamic religion, with at least as many adherants as Judaism. You can uplift a group like the Druze, or take an extinct movement and wank them, or push a fringe denomination into becoming its own religion - regardless of your method, there needs to be...
  5. Oba Cahokia

    WI Persia reclaimed it's Western domains from Rome before Jesus' Birth?

    Original Map by u/--Faris-- on Reddit How would this Effect Religion in Rome and Persia? How different would the Gospels be ITTL? How does effect religion and cultures in Armenia and Ethiopia, the oldest states to adopt Christianity? How different would Christianity be?
  6. Oba Cahokia

    WI Rome split into a Mithraist West and a Christian East

    How different would Europe be with Mithraism popular in the West and Christianity in the East. How would would this affect cultures in Northern Europe, the Near East and in Africa? Would this affect Islam?
  7. kasumigenx

    A Christian Bruneian Empire under Agustin de Legaspi From what I have heard he is married to Putri of Brunei, he can take over Brunei himself if he succeeded against the Spaniards. How would a Christian Brunei look like and would they ally with Portugal and the Dutch.
  8. Al-Za’im

    Christianity in a Byzantine Levant

    Assuming that by some set of circumstances, Heraclius is able to repel the Arabo-Islamic incursions into the Levant; effectively cementing the Levant as part of Rhomania for centuries to follow. Without the permeation of Islam, Christianity likely reminds the dominant faith within the region...
  9. PakistaniGuyUK

    Thought Experiment: How far East can you go before a "White Christian" nation would no longer be deemed a suitable candidate for EU expansion?

    So I’ve created this alternate map of West Asia for this purpose. In this alternative world, by 1992 and up to the present day, we are left with a ‘Christian arc' of independent states stretching from Ukraine to Goa. The rest of the world is exactly the same, albeit with a few countries losing a...
  10. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    The Pentarchy was once a structure of five Christian churches in Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople that governed the faith. But it fell apart after the Muslim invasions and the Catholic-Orthodox Schism. However if the Vatican is ambitious enough or if certain...
  11. The_Persian_Cat

    AHC: Ethiopian-normative Christianity

    Christianity has its origins in Roman-occupied Judaea, and became a global cultural force largely because of the Roman Empire. Constantine the Great made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire, and he also convened the First Council of Nicaea to standardise Christian doctrine and dogma for the...
  12. The History of the Alexandrian Creed or: The Slap Heard 'Round the (Christian) World
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: A Slap Too Far

    "The heretic is always better dead. And mortal eyes cannot distinguish the saint from the heretic." -George Bernard Shaw Chapter I: A Slap Too Far The sound of the palm of Nicholas of Myra hitting the cheek of Arius of Alexandria echoed through the council chamber at Nicaea, followed...
  13. WI :Christian worship collapses in the USA over the 20th century. What replaces it?

    So for whatever reason Christianity collapses in the united states over the 20th century, excluding atheism and the worship of capitalism (like in the OTL), what replaces it? I could see it going from an existing religion like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism, though to more eccentric...
  14. AHC: Cold War between Religious Communism and Atheist Capitalism

    First thread, might as well make it personal. I've always considered myself a Christian communist but as an American, i'm in the minority. For some reason or another Americans are literally incapable of mixing together religion and equality. Makes picking sides during political arguments fairly...
  15. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Larger Christian Minority in Japan

    Basically, the idea is to have Christianity grow in Japan to the point that it's the second or third largest religion in the nation behind Shintoism or Buddhism. For added points, one could give some ideas for how Japan would develop as a nation in the 19th and 20th century as a result.
  16. Challenge/What If: Christianity Revival/Comeback In The Middle East and North Africa During The Modern Era

    Is it realistically possible for Christianity to become more mainstream and more common in North Africa and the Middle East again by the time of the modern era? What would have to happen for it to occur? Can a native Middle Eastern government pull it off on its own? Does this require European...
  17. AHC: Pro-Aztec Conquistadores?

    In China, European Catholic Monks who arrived were huge "weeaboos" to use a modern term. They started dressing like Chinese sages, were the first Westerners to master the Chinese language and writing system, started eating Chinese food, reading Chinese literature, and even tried to modify...
  18. WI: Paul of Tarsus dies on the road to Damascus

    Instead of having a vision of God, Paul has a seizure on the road and dies. What are the long-term consequences? The most immediate consequence is that Paul never preaches across the Roman Empire and becomes an author of Christian New Testament (CNT) texts. So the seven Pauline epistles that...
  19. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Another Christian majority nation in Asia.

    I was thinking about how the Philippines is the only Christian-majority nation in Asia. As well as how it contrasts to the number of Christian-majority nations in Africa today. With that in mind, what would it take for another Asian country to get a majority Christian population?
  20. Social effects of Nicean Christianity embracing Annihilationism instead of Hell

    There is a minority view professed by some Christian denominations (Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, possibly also Christadelphians and Unitarians, not sure about the last two) that if you die as an unrepetant sinner, God punishes you not by sending you to Hell, but by destroying...