1. AHC: Wank the Otomo Clan

    So, the challenge is: With a POD not before 1540 make Otomo Clan ( ) the lords or overlords of Kyushu from the end of the OTL Sengoku Period at least until the XIX century. They must be roman catholic christians. Bonus Points: If the south of...
  2. Could Catholic Japan conquer the Spanish Empire?

    If the Spanish converted Japan to Christianity, could westernized Japan then conquer the Spanish Empire, or at least the Philippines?
  3. Happers

    Christian State

    I was thinking about this earlier but how could a Christian State arise similar to the idea of a Caliphate in Islam? A united Christian nation, Christendom, if you will. I was thinking if the Papal States tried to rule more directly instead of indirectly you could at least have a Catholic...
  4. Happers

    Christianity Accepted Sooner

    In 313 AD Emperor Constantine the Great of the Roman Empire passed the Edict of Milan officially stopping Christian persecution within the Roman Empire, and he himself converted to Christianity. Now, is there anyway a Roman Emperor could convert to Christianity sooner? Were there any emperors...
  5. Happers

    Jesus the Jewish Messiah

    What if the Rabbi and the Jewish people had accepted Jesus as the Jewish Messiah? Also, how could Jesus have been thought to be the Jewish Messiah? Sorry if this has already been asked.
  6. LNSS

    A Christian Persian Empire

    What would be the most likely time for a Persian Empire (Mesopotamia + Persian plateau) with a Christian (Nestorian?) ruler class to emerge? From what I understand, in Sassanian Persia, Christianity was beginning to spread so that almost all of Mesopotamia (where Ctesiphon itself, seat of the...