1. GameBawesome

    AHQ: How would Chinese Emperors address foreign leaders outside of Asia

    (This is a weird one, as it's more of a question + Alternate history scenarios) The Chinese Imperial Tributary System is a complicated one. For thousands of years, China was the hegemonic power in Asia, with various countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Central Asia, at...
  2. WI: China ships 10 million women to the US in 1973 So, what if Kissinger takes this as comedy and jokingly accepts, yet to his surprise shiploads of Chinese refugees begin swarming the west coast in the following months? How would the US respond? China wouldn't accept them...
  3. Chinese Alternate Stories - Are land consolidation the cause of the fall of dynasties?

    Hello everyone, I have been a fan of alternate history stories, and therefore one reason why I have stumbled upon this site. I also love reading chinese alternate history/self insert stories, and I have noticed that most if not all follow a general trend. Land has been increasingly controlled...
  4. kasumigenx

    A divergent philippines
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    On 1600s the Ilocanos, Kapampangans, and Pangasinenses would adopt Chinese influences and would be partially sinified as a result, while the Gaddangic like the Gaddangs, Irrayas, Yogads, and Irita would increase in population in Cagayan Valley in the 1600s and would continue to resist the...
  5. Northern and Southern China develop separate identities?

    In it's long history, China has often split itself into several pieces, often in North and south, for extended periods of time. There are also notable differences in climate, cuisine, and main crop staples for many regions as well. Is it possible that once a unified dynasty falls, Northern and...
  6. Aluma

    AHC: Lusophile China

    Pretty much what it says on the title. How can we have a China that loves all things portuguese? Note that I DO NOT mean a european-dominated one or the conversion of the chinese to Christianity. Rather, the goal is to see how Portugal could cause a good impression, to the point there's a vast...
  7. PolishMagnet

    How would Chinese language have developed if the Qing Dynasty had maintained power

    I think some simplification of the written language would have occurred, much like in Japan with the Kyuujitai, but would they have done some things differently? How would the spoken and written standards develop? The Qing Dynasty used a koiné as far as I know called "Guanhua" 官话 frequently...
  8. errorofmyself

    Could A Sino-American War Have Started During The Cold War?

    As my title suggested, how could a war between the PRC and the US start ? How it would go?
  9. GameBawesome

    WI: The Imjin War ends in 1596

    The Japanese Invasion of Joseon Korea, also known as the Imjin War, had two phases. The initial first invasion lasted from 1592-1596 was called Imjin Disturbance, which ended in a truce in 1596. However this truce didn’t last, because negotiations fell through. This caused a second invasion in...
  10. GameBawesome

    Discussion: Your favorite Imperial Chinese Dynasty and Why?

    China has a long history of Dynasties. There are major dynasties like Han to Qing, but also minor dynasties, like Wei and Shun. However, we'll be discussing the Major imperial dynasties, meaning everything before Qin Dynasty, although important, weren't Imperial. Imperial Dynasties include: Qin...
  11. AHC/WI: Sinicized empire in Indonesian archipelago

    As the title says, what if there's a Sinicized empire or at least a kingdom in Indonesian archipelago? Which of the Indonesian-based kingdoms you reckoned to be a good candidate to be one? How will it affects on the world as of result? The POD is after the fall of Tang Dynasty in year 907.
  12. With a POD of anytime after 1500 AD, what is the highest level of development that China can achieve by the modern day?

    Let's define our metrics for development as follows: HDI, GDP per capita, literacy, and other general indicators of quality of life. China must, at minimum, control all Han majority areas in OTL mainland china. I apologize if this last question comes off as ignorant, as I'm not all that...
  13. FernandoPerla

    East Asian immigration to Peru

    In the 19th and 20th centuries, Peru received a considerable flux of Chinese and Japanese immigrants. From 1849 and 1899, respectively. They made great contributions to Peruvian culture. Peruvians with full or partial Chinese ancestry are approximately 6,4 million (about 20% of the country's...
  14. The Comatose Dragon--Stunted China

    With a POD of after 1900, make China never a first-rate power afterwards. Second-rate or worse, but not a top tier economic or military power. Term comes from "sleeping dragon", and something worse than that.
  15. The Comatose Giant--China Question
    Threadmarks: China

    How could China not become a world power/be permanently stuck in the second rate or worse division? (Maybe I should move this into the post-1900s thread? Not sure about that). It's always a second-rate power? How could this be possible? "Comatose Giant" as opposed to merely a "Sleeping Giant".
  16. AHC: Living standards in China on par with Japan

    With a POD of whenever, your challenge is to create a scenario in which Japan and China have roughly equal levels of development and standard of living. There are some rules, however: China must be at least as developed as the modern-day Japan of OTL. China must, at the very least, control all...
  17. GameBawesome

    WI: Large-Scale Asian Immigration to the Thirteen Colonies?

    What if, with a POD of 16th century and 18th century, what if the British (Possibly by the EIC) import Asian Immigrants, to increase the makings of products that usually come from Asia. Chinese immigrants imported to the Thirteen colonies for porcelain and ceramic products production, and...
  18. GauchoBadger

    WI: Kuomintang collapse in the midst of WW2; CCP takes the wheel?

    I've seen multiple people in this board claim that Chiang Kai-Shek's pro-US Kuomintang regime in China was dangerously close to collapsing from both internal (communist agitation, corruption) and external (Japan, of course) threats in the midst of World War 2, mostly in between the crucial years...
  19. WI: large-scale Chinese immigration to Soviet Union

    Just as the title says, what happens if Soviet Union allowed large-scale immigration into the USSR? Will it resulted in more Chinese people becoming Soviet citizens? In which parts of the USSR will have large numbers of Chinese immigrants? How will this affect on relationship between Soviet...
  20. AHC: Democratic China with a GDP per capita of at least $35,000

    As a rule, China must control all of the territories of the OTL PRC (so no cheating by limiting them to Taiwan).