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  1. Vidal

    The President Lay Dying: A TLIAW

    The President Lay Dying A Short Story in Alternate History by Vidal Introduction First, you needn’t worry. This is not some long-term project that will in any way jeopardize Jimmy Two. We’ll be back at the peanut farm in no time. I have loved writing Jimmy Two, but one of the few downsides...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    WI : President Michael Dukakis (D) v Senator Bob Dole (R) v Businessman Ross Perot (I)

    OTL, in 1988, Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts made a series of gaffes that led to him losing the 1988 Presidential Election to Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush of Texas. If those gaffes never happened or were slightly muted and Dukakis attacked Bush on Iran-Contra more, one...
  3. Frederick II of the HRE

    For a Better America
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    For a Better America 1996 Republican National Convention ----------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Divergence When the previous fiscal year ended on September 30, 1995, the Democratic president and the Republican-controlled Congress had not passed a budget. A...
  4. Questions for a Ford '76 Timeline

    Hey everyone, I've been working on a Ford Wins 1976 timeline off and on for several months, and I have a good idea of the general direction I want to take it to the present day (and possibly beyond) but I'm still solidifying some of the specific details. I don't want to spoil it so things like...
  5. Vidal

    Republican nominee if Carter is re-elected

    Threads on this topic that I found seemed to have fizzled. Let’s say that through some combination of not appointing Volcker and no Iranian hostage crisis, Carter wins re-election. Who are the likely Republican contenders in 84? I’m most interested in if we think Ford gets into the mix. Bush...
  6. GrandMaster

    WI: Bob Dole withdrew from the 1996 Presidential election instead of the Senate

    What would be the impact if Bob Dole remained in the Senate, and instead withdrew from the 1996 Republican primaries? Who would Slick Willy face off against in '96, and what would the impact be, if any, on the wider political history of the United States and the world?
  7. Bomster

    No Lee Atwater in 1988?

    Let’s say for one reason or another Lee Atwater never becomes involved in the 1988 presidential campaign. Maybe he dies early or Bush rejects him. Without Atwater, does Bush win?
  8. Dole's Fair in Love and War
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Dole Begins

    Pierre du Pont was being sworn in as the junior senator from Delaware on January 3rd, 1984. Just a year ago, it was widely debated whether the term-limited governor would even decide to run against 2 term senator Joe Biden, but after months of wavering he decided to go for it. He famously said...
  9. WI: John McCain Ran for President in 1996

    Let's say that the Republican Party's "Crown Prince", Senator from Kansas and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole announces he is not running for President in early January 1995, prompting Senator from Arizona John McCain to announce his own run for the Republican Party Presidential Primaries of...
  10. 1988 Election Without Lee Atwater

    Suppose that Vice-President George H.W. Bush never hired Lee Atwater as his campaign manager for the 1988 election. What would've been the result of the primary season and ultimately the general election? Would Bush have been able to win without Atwater?
  11. Bomster

    AHC: Bob Dole wins in ‘96

    If Bill Clinton got into a scandal earlier, could he have lost the election in 1996? How could Bob Dole win that election?
  12. Bomster

    Gerald Ford in ‘76

    IOTL, President Gerald Ford came very close to winning the election in 1976. Despite being associated with Richard Nixon and Watergate Ford had a strong showing in the election. What if the election had gone another way? Say that Ford doesn’t make that gaffe about Eastern Europe in the debates...
  13. Service to Country

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was Ronald Reagan's night. He had finally done it. 4 decades of making crappy films and less crappy speeches had been worth it. He was finally the Republican nominee for...
  14. Calcaterra

    AHC: Have a Dole/Kemp Ticket Win in 1996

    Win Bob Dole and Jack Kemp the 1996 election, but you can only do it with a POD after June 11th, 1996 (the date Dole resigned from Senate), and you cannot use the "bimbo eruptions" (the scandals involving extramarital affairs that almost took Clinton down several times in his career IRL).
  15. Mr_Fanboy

    AHC/WI: Bob Dole in '88

    Though he would eventually win the Republican presidential nomination in 1996, Bob Dole ran a fairly strong primary campaign in 1988. Dole lost out to sitting Vice President George HW Bush, but not before besting him in Iowa and giving him a close race in New Hampshire. So... 1) What PODs...
  16. Oppo

    TLIAW: Running in the Digital Age
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    I’ve lost the script, Oppo. Thanks a lot. Sorry TLIPOT intro person thing, I will prepare a new one for you. Okay. What the hell are you trying to do? It’s a timeline dealing with the 1996 election, as you could probably tell from the title card. I have to ask you if you will get this done in...
  17. lawrencecostin

    Ford wins in '76, does Dole run in '80?

    POD: Ford wins narrowly. Bob Dole is now Vice President for the 1977-81 term. Does Dole run for President in this TL's 1980? Is America ready for another disabled President?
  18. Jaguars4life

    DBWI:George HW Bush 1988?

    What if Vice President George HW Bush who was the favorite to win the 88 Republican Nomination who would go on to lose the republican nomination to Bob Dole who I thought ran a campaign that did a good job mixing being a moderate with being a conservative. What if Bush ran a better campaign and...
  19. Jaguars4life

    Healing the Nation. A Gerald Ford 1976 collab timeline

    POD:Gerald Ford never mentions anything about Soviet domination in the debates. November 2th 1976: Gerald Ford wins reelection after narrowing winning Florida and Ohio. Feel free to add anything. Just don't get too ASBish.
  20. Jaguars4life

    AHC:Make Bob Dole President

    Realistically try to get get Bob Dole elected in 1996 and try to make it at least not a disaster.