1. NotTheCrab

    A World Without Flight (name still pending)

    DISCLAIMER: Despite the title this AU does have flight, just none that is heavier than air. Given a world without arguably the most influential invention of the twentieth century, what would the world look like? Types of Aviation in AU: AirPlane-NO Helicopter-NO Glider-YES Rocket-NO Hybrid-NO...
  2. thezerech

    A single seat fighter for the Fleet Air Arm?

    It's say, 1935 or 1936, and someone at the top of the British defense establishment realized that if Britain were to fight Japan in the Pacific, Italy in the Mediterranean, or the United States anywhere, the FAA would probably need a modern single seat, single engine fighter. If you're a...
  3. Petike

    Are STOL (short take off and landing) aeroplanes possible with 1900s and 1910s tech ?

    To explain what I mean by the question in the title, I'm curious whether good quality and dependable aeroplanes from the 1900s and 1910s (regardless of size or type) were capable of STOL takeoffs and STOL landings. I'm particularly curious about small aeroplanes, such as very early bushplanes...
  4. Qing Dynasty China Becomes the Home of the World's Second Airline

    This is an idea that came to mind when working on a personal project. Basically, in my timeline where Empress Dowager Cixi dies in 1875, resulting in the Qing Dynasty modernizing and ultimately becoming a constitutional monarchy in the mid 1890s, China ends ups becoming the home of the world's...
  5. What if the MiG-25 was made of titanium?

    The Foxbat was manufactured with nickel steel to resist the high temperatures of Mach 3 flight. Titanium alloys could have done the job with much less weight but was not considered for cost reasons. When western intelligence saw the Foxbat it was assumed to be made of lightweight alloys and it’s...
  6. Simon

    Comet and Earlier Transatlantic Passenger Jets

    The de Havilland Comet was the first aircraft to introduce regularly scheduled transatlantic passenger services with the Comet 4, only to be very quickly eclipsed by the Boeing 707 which entered revenue service three weeks later. Travelling westwards due to range and prevailing wind issues the...
  7. Petike

    What would early 1900s aeroplanes sound like if they were powered by electric engines ?

    "Well, they'd probably be more quiet, Petike." some of you might say. :p More seriously, I've been wondering about this question for an aeronautic-themed story I've been writing. Its setting is a largelly realistic alternate world with pre-WWI and early WWI style aviation. For the sake of...
  8. Alamo

    Design challenge: a panic fighter for 1935

    The date - March, 1935. The location - the Kingdom of Lusatia, a power of middling size in central Europe. You are the director of the National Aeronautics Workshop, and have recently been given your greatest challenge. Born from the rubble of empires in the Great War, the newfound independence...
  9. (military) technological progress without WW 2

    This thread is not about discussing the notion of whether or not war is a social and technological catalyst. I personally believe WW II, apart from advancements in specific fields, was a net loss given that 50-60 million people died and the famines, genocides, political instability, civil wars...
  10. Petike

    Alternate air force roundels and markings thread (Mk III)

    Welcome to the new thread ! If you have any civil aviation or air forces related roundels, markings and other emblems from timelines and alternate worlds you'd like to share with others in the Maps and Graphics Forum, this is the thread for you. The older two threads have run their course and...
  11. Could the airplane have been invented before 1900?

    I'm wondering it it's possible for the airplane to be invented in the 19th century, and what would change if it did get invented then.
  12. Truthin History

    Why wasn't Gustave Whitehead credited with "first flight" ahead of the Wrights?

    The alternative truth about who invented the first successful airplane and made the first successful flight of mankind is controversial. Gustave Whitehead is said to be have successfully flown a powered aeroplane of his own invention - closer to the design of modern planes than the Wright Flyer...
  13. Simon

    AHC: Kill Embraer

    So the challenge for the thread is to find a way to kill Embraer, either before it—or similar company—is founded or some time afterwards. The obvious solution would seem to be around the time of its privatisation when it was in trouble financially, but not being very familiar with the company's...
  14. Tales Weaver

    The Starry Flight: an Aviation TL
    Threadmarks: OP

    well.. here is my first TL. please enjoy. this TL deals with the POD of Samsung purchase attempt of Fokker. In OTL, it failed as Hanjin and Daewoo didn't participate in the consortium, but in This TL, it succeeds. well.. enjoy the TL.
  15. WI No Rolls-Royce Jet Engines for the USSR

    In 1947 a total of 55 Rolls-Royce Nene jet engines were sold to the Soviet Union as a gesture of good will. A part of the sales agreement was that the engines not be used for military purposes. The Soviets reneged on the deal after the Cold War began and reverse engineered the Nene to develop...
  16. Tales Weaver

    DBAHC: Screw Pan Am

    Today, Pan American World Airways is the biggest Airline company in the world, with purchasing Airbus A380 in 2010. Your challenge is to screw the airline with POD of 1927 without ASB.
  17. Nuclear Airships

    Lighter than air vehicles (LTAs), blimps, hot air balloons, dirigibles, airships, have a number of advantages over heavier than air vehicles (HTAs), airplanes, helicopters: HTAs generate lift over their surface, but weight over their volume, and so are only efficient at relatively small...
  18. A helicopter for the USMC

    Rather than finish up the Army parts of my Alternate New World Order TL, I dove deep into an area I admittedly know very little about and started looking into Naval and Air Force procurement. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with the USMC, but I'm starting to run into areas where I...
  19. Tales Weaver

    DBWI/DBPC: Samsung's M&A on fokker fails.

    In 1996, Samsung's attempt to buy fokker was successful. The Samsung's interest in aviation industry and Fokker's desparation led to this M&A. This delayed bankruptcy by 6 years, but it folded in 2002. But samsung uses fokker as a brand for Samsung Aerospace. Would it be plausible to make M&A to...
  20. martinroberts

    A Different Aircraft?

    I heard from a British engineer that the Focke Wulf Fw200 Condor was built to be a bomber. And she was a patrol plane. I wonder, if the Luftwaffe decided that the Fw200 was good for long range bombing? Rather than patrol? What would be the outcome of the battle of britian then?