1. Mikhail Gorbachev's New Union Treaty

    Recently, I learned how the Soviet Union attempted one certain reform before it fell apart. This was Mikhail Gorbachev's New Union Treaty to reform the country into a Union of Sovereign States, to make it more democratic and ensure equal rights for all its citizens. Many countries agreed to it...
  2. kasumigenx

    The divided island
    Threadmarks: The divided island

    On 1663, the Spanish would be expelled in most of Luzon by Koxinga but they have been dealing with the Moros in that island prior to 1663 which would refuse to be conquered and proselytized by the Spanish. The Northern most Island, Luzon have been divided, one of which is not even independent...
  3. kasumigenx

    Maximilian I, King of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor
    Threadmarks: A change of heart and the jilted bride

    On 1475, the Margaret of York would give birth to a miracle son and Maximilian, son of Frederick II would wed with the lineal heiress of Bohemia and the Luxembourgs, Margaret of Saxony in April of 1476, she is 8 years his senior but this would never matter as she has not yet been married, that...
  4. kasumigenx

    Terraces and Masjids
    Threadmarks: Defeat of the Chinese Pirate Limahong

    On 1575, the ruler of Kaboloan would bravely defeat the Pirate Limahong himself, who would return to China himself which would allow Kaboloan or Pangasinan to be an independent Kingdom from the Spanish and remain professing Islam and its other faiths. Kaboloan would resist the Spanish who were...
  5. GameBawesome

    AHC: Create an illegitimate/cadet branch of a Dynasty/Royal Family/Nobility
    Threadmarks: Game Begins

    A thread spiritual successor to my previous thread, AHC: Form an alternate Dynasty/Royal Family/Nobility, which was based off the List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage, AH Royal/Imperial/Noble Titles Game and AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world. In the long history...
  6. kasumigenx

    Pearl of the East of Borneo
    Threadmarks: In the East of Borneo

    The lands South of Nihon and east of Borneo, the lands of Sambali(Sanfotsi), Kumintang, Ma-Yi, Butuan, and Toupo would have existed, the lands of Sambali, Kumintang, Butuan, and Toupo would have relations with the Song Dynasty, Sri Vijaya with trade and would have used Malay as their own...
  7. kasumigenx

    What is your preferred name of the Philippines

    What is your preferred name of the Philippines Katagalugan/Selurong(Seludong/Saludong alt. spellings in Malay) In context, Malay Historians use to call Luzon as Selurong while Moro historians refer to the people of Luzon as Tagalogs so basically in the same context, Katagalugan = Selurong, it is...
  8. GCR Robinson 9S 2-10-2 Class.

    Around 1914, the Great Central Railway's Chief Mechanical Engineer, John Robinson, designed a 2-10-2 class for heavy freight trains, which would be set to be built at Baldwin Locomotive Works. However, the breakout of World War I prevented the construction of these locomotives. So what if this...
  9. kasumigenx

    Don Carlos Ascendant
    Threadmarks: The healthy son

    On 1545, Maria Manuela, Princess of Asturias would give birth to a healthy son and she would survive giving birth to her son for at least a year and her son would have grown up to be healthy and named Carlos, named after his grandfather, Charles V, Carlos would have a great future. Maria...
  10. kasumigenx

    Consequences of a Chavacano speaking Mindanao

    This is a possibility after 1900, if the Americans did not settle Mindanao as there were a lot of Chavacano speakers and Cebuano and Illonggo speakers were settled to Mindanao and even settlers from Luzon also went to Mindanao, although a Pre-1900 POD is possible, this is possible due to...
  11. kasumigenx

    Filipinas Alternativa
    Threadmarks: The Majapahit descendants and the outcome of the Irraya revolt

    The descendants of the three sons of the ruler of Majapahit Angka Wijaya with Sasaban would expand from the area of Central Luzon to Cagayan Valley which ruled the Kapampangan empire would become prominent part of the nobility of Cagayan Valley and the Pampanga River Regions and would be active...
  12. kasumigenx

    Humane Spanish Empire: Catherine of Austria dies on 1539
    Threadmarks: Death of the Queen

    On March 9, 1539, Catherine of Austria would die giving birth to Infante Antonio, who also dies when she gives birth to him, John III needed another wife and Henry VIII would send his daughter Mary Tudor (who was recognized again as legitimate on the urging of Jane Seymour) on 1540 which would...
  13. kasumigenx

    Gers on the Pacific V4 Mongolian Philippines TL
    Threadmarks: Verse 1

    On an unknown land in Sambali or Sanfotsi[1] the latter part of the 13th century, a woman would refuse the advances of a Prince of Singhasari, she knew what he was upto and instead married a Mongol Prince instead. The marriage was between this unknown noblewoman from Sambali and a prince of the...
  14. North Western Railway T1 Class 'Clockwork'

    Before we get into the locomotive, I want to talk about something relating to this post: We all know that Sodor isn't real, nor is the North Western Railway itself. However, in this 'Alternate History', alongside my own take on proposed steam locomotives, I've decided to establish a alternate...
  15. kasumigenx

    A different Burgundian succession
    Threadmarks: New heir

    On 1476, Charles the Bold would reconcile with John of Burgundy-Nevers and disinherited his daughter and made John the heir if he does not have a son to make her as the bride that would guarantee imperial support on Burgundy and married Mary of Burgundy to Maximilian of Austria, he would have a...
  16. kasumigenx

    My idea for a Portugal Wank

    >Brunei keeps control of the Philippines/San Lazaro but the Portuguese would have ports in the Philippines as long as the Portuguese Empire is intact with the Lesser Sunda. >Brazil remains to have only control of the lands in the East of the Tordesillas/Zaragosa line although later expansion...
  17. GameBawesome

    AHC: Form an alternate Dynasty/Royal Family/Nobility

    A thread based off the List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage, AH Royal/Imperial/Noble Titles Game and AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world. There have been various royal or imperial dynasties and royal houses. Here, the challenge is to make your own dynasty/house...
  18. No Camels

    What if Camels never existed? How would the history of the middle east, north africa and central asia change?
  19. kasumigenx

    A different Spanish succession
    Threadmarks: Maniago revolt

    On 1661, Maniago, Almazan and Malong would have won against the Spanish with the help of the rest of the rest of the Natives of Northern Luzon forcing the Spanish to retreat South. The major factor that made Maniago’s victory possible was the continued vitality of the population that would...
  20. Is there a way to get the internet dominated by ''Localized Social Media Sites''?

    So, this question may sound weird but please hear me out. The Cartoon Network series "The Amazing World of Gumball" takes place in a fictional northern-Californian city named Elmore. Elmore has its own social media site known as "Elmore+" which, in terms of site design and function is basically...