1. kasumigenx

    Tres Coronas (Three crowns in one a Miguel da Paz timeline)
    Threadmarks: Two marriages

    On 1504, the betrothal of Miguel da Paz of Portugal with Madeleine of Navarre, the daughter of Catherine of Navarre would be confirmed by Louis XII and increased her dowry in order to create peace between France and England avoiding another war between the Spains and France due to Italy, the two...
  2. kasumigenx

    Union of Venice and Switzerland or some territories of the Republic of Venice with Switzerland

    Is unification of Venice and Switzerland even possible?
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    Archduke Christoph V2
    Threadmarks: Archduke Christoph

    On 1470, the 15 year old, Archduke Christoph of Austria would marry Margaret of Thuringia, a claimant to the County of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of Bohemia, he has two brothers, Edward(1459) and John(1466) and two sisters, Helena(1460) and Kunigunde(1465), he would be a great husband to his...
  4. kasumigenx

    DBWI: Austrian, Italian and German Cuisine without Adolf Hamlin

    I really love eating in Adolf Hamlin's restaurant, he seems to combine Austrian, English, German, and Italian cuisine, he hangs replicas of his paintings in his restaurant. His parents Alois and Klara Hiedler migrated in 1899, what if it was not the case?
  5. kasumigenx

    Marian Legacy
    Threadmarks: Marian Legacy

    On 1554, Mary I of England would know herself to be pregnant with the son of her husband, Philip of Austria, she would give birth to a daughter named Catherine of England on December 10, 1554, named after her mother. On 1557, a peace between the Spanish and the French in the Italian wars was...
  6. kasumigenx

    WI: Microsoft buys Yahoo and Vaio

    What if Microsoft buys Yahoo and purchases Vaio from Sony, I think this would be better than the purchases of Nokia and Skype.
  7. kasumigenx

    DBWI:If William the Bastard conquers England, does the Oil language stand a good chance against Lingua Franca and Lemosin

    If William the Bastard conquers England, does the Oil language stand a good chance against Lingua Franca/Lemosin, the Lemosin language, and Lingua Franca became the common language in France causing the Oil language to be moribund in Francia but in Lorraine and Brittany it is flourishing, would...
  8. kasumigenx

    Harold Hardrada timeline
    Threadmarks: Clemencia and Philippe

    On 1068, Clemencia of Aquitania and her new husband, Felip I of Francia would talk about Francia and the defeat of Guilhem lo Bastard, apparently, Guilhem is just known as the Bastard due to his failure in claiming England against both Harald Hardrada and Harold Godwinson. The two would talk...
  9. EmeraldKnight1701

    I Vow to Thee, my Country:An Alternate Canadian Timeline.
    Threadmarks: Part.1 Prologue

    Part. 1- Prologue. Canada. The Second largest country in the world, rich in culture, and more importantly… History. Today, Canada is a part of the G7, sits on the United Nations Commission for UNEF, a founding member of NATO, and a leader of Human rights and peace around the world. To...
  10. kasumigenx

    What if Mary Tudor the younger chooses to side with her father Henry VIII

    What if Mary Tudor the younger chooses to side with her father Henry VIII in the divorce instead of her mother, what would happen to the Great Matter?
  11. kasumigenx

    Disaster in Poitiers(Desastre de Peiteus) Eleanor of Aquitaine dies in 1153
    Threadmarks: Death of the Duchess

    In 1153, Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, consort of Henry, the Duke of Anjou would die in childbirth giving birth to a stillborn son in Poitiers, making Maria, the daughter of the King of France and Eleanor of Aquitaine the Duchess of Aquitaine. Henry was said to have been devastated of that...
  12. kasumigenx

    Sin Filipinas
    Threadmarks: Aguinaldo’s death

    On April 26, 1898, the US Navy Squadron carrying Aguinaldo would have a fire causing the Ship to sink, the casualties would include Emilio Aguinaldo and George Dewey, the immediate result of this was the disintegration of the revolt of the Filipinos and the creation of new countries from the...
  13. kasumigenx

    Alanic Empire
    Threadmarks: Space for the Alans

    On 370, the Huns would expand south from Volga and on 400, they would clash with the Eastern Roman Empire, a battle that they would lose so they would decide to move Southwest Instead and join the Hephthalites. The Huns would join the Hepthalites in their migrations to the South, this might...
  14. kasumigenx

    No Majapahit Scenario: An Empire that did not exist due to a woman’s rejection
    Threadmarks: An Empire that did not exist due to a woman’s rejection

    A noble woman in the Island of Sanfotsi or Selurong[1] would choose another man, of Mongol extraction instead of Nararya as she has realized that she would just be used by that man because he would be able to convince the Yuan to attack Java. The woman would not be known in history or in Epics...
  15. kasumigenx

    No WWII or Mild WWII Philippines

    This is my analysis From what I have read, Ilocanos only started being a majority in N.Luzon and asserting themselves after WWII and they adjust and partially assimilate to the people that they migrating in which they did not do after WWII(they used to speak Ibanag and Pangasinense prior to...
  16. kasumigenx

    Terraces and Pagodas – The Swords of Gambang
    Threadmarks: A Sultan’s defeat

    Gambang’s troops defeats the troops of Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei and forces him to withdraw from the city of Tondo, and his and his men’s swords were said to decimate Bolkiah’s troops forcing Bolkiah to retreat. Dayang Kaylangitan, the daughter of Gambang is married to a fellow noble in the...
  17. kasumigenx

    The luck of Philippe Auguste
    Threadmarks: A stillbirth in Brittany

    In the Spring of 1187, Constance of Brittany would have a stillbirth[1] causing successor of Richard to be John, his own brother, there are two girls between Richard and John, Constance of Brittany would have two children at that time, Eleanor and Mathilde, who would be left in the custody of...
  18. kasumigenx

    Worlds Gazetter - No Spanish Philippines/No Sack of Tondo

    I am having a tour/description of the countries and their history. The history and backgrounds of Maguindanao Sultanate, Madyaas Confederation, Selurong and the Bruneian Empire, the four countries in the East of Vietnam and West of the Pacific Islands.
  19. kasumigenx

    Plantagenet-Capetian rivalry, Hundred Years War and Occitan

    It seems that the Plantagenet-Capetian Rivalry and the Hundred years war and the consequences of Eleanor's marriage with Henry II crushed the Occitan people, I am thinking of a better scenario for them in the long term.
  20. kasumigenx

    Rebirth of Milan(Palaiologoi Milan)
    Threadmarks: Louis XII

    Louis XII On 1498, Charles VIII would die, leaving Anne of Brittany and his daughter Anne behind and Anne of Brittany would remarry to Louis XII, his own successor, Anne of Brittany would again give birth to a daughter named Isabella of France in 1499 and another daughter in 1510 named Renee of...