1. kasumigenx

    Alternate Native Americans

    From what I have researched there is an Austric component in Native American Ancestry represented by Haplogroup B which Amerinds have assimilated and absorbed, I think they are basically refugees from the flooding of the Continental Shelf of the China Sea area and their pushing by the...
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    Fidalgo Upheld
    Threadmarks: An exploration made public

    The Portuguese exploration of Luzon in 1545 by Pero Fidalgo and the Knowledge of Tomi Pires about Luzon in 1512 would be known in Portugal during the reign of John III of Portugal and even established trading posts in Comintan which would cause the Spanish to be blocked from acquiring Luzon up...
  3. kasumigenx

    What if the Spanish cannot colonize Luzon due to its Portuguese discovery being a common knowledge?

    From what I have read there is actually a Portuguese exploration in Luzon prior to that of Legaspi by Pero Fidalgo, what if this becomes common knowledge in Portugal and Iberia, I think Spain would have likely kept Don Carlos alive. This would also mean that if Spain conquers Luzon in this...
  4. How advanced could human civilization have become without ''Beasts of Burden''?

    ''Beasts of Burden'' such as Donkey, Mules, Llama's, Camel's, Horses, and Oxen etc. have played a critical role in the development of human civilization. They have made significant contributions in farming and perhaps the biggest impact of Beasts of Burden is that they have allowed individual...
  5. kasumigenx

    Threadmarks: An advantageous annulment

    On 1306, Wenceslaus, the Prince of Poland and Bohemia, son of Wenceslaus II, the later Wenceslaus III would annul his marriage with Viola Elizabeth of Teschen who would end in a nunnery which would be like a death sentence to her and she would regret marrying Wenceslaus all her life and...
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    H1N1 2011 Fukushima Labs
    Threadmarks: November 9, 2016 AD

    Man 1 It is November 9, 2016, we have another Female Senator from California named Kamala Harris and in the Philippines in Camarines Sur a female governor named Leni Gerona Robredo. Man 2 The new administration I hope a new breath of fresh air after the death of Obama due to H1N1 and the two...
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    Death of the Mad Queen
    Threadmarks: Death of the Mad Queen

    Philip would arrive in Burgundy, he would remarry to Margaret of Brandenburg-Ansbach securing ties with the Hohenzollerns in Brandenburg. Philip would arrive in Burgundy only to find his own son, Charles, Archduke of Austria dead as well due to an illness leaving behind daughters in his own...
  8. LNER Thompson Class A2/4 Pacific.

    The London & North Eastern Railway Class A2/4 was a class of 4-6-2 steam locomotives designed for express passenger services by Edward Thompson in 1946 to operate on the East Coast Main Line. Only 2 locomotives were constructed and 8 were proposed following Edward Thompson's retirement as CME in...
  9. GWR 8900 'General' Class.

    (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PROPOSED DESIGN FROM THE GWR, THIS IS A MADE UP DESIGN) The Great Western Railway's 8900 'General' Class was designed for heavy goods work by Frederick Hawksworth in 1941 at Swindon Works to run on various of the GWR Lines. The class was mostly used by the British Military...
  10. kasumigenx

    Different Spanish Empire
    Threadmarks: Early History of the Sultanate of Selurong/Sapa and the Colonization of Luzon by the Spanish

    On 1571 the Rajah Sulayman would agree with the Spanish which would have made the Spanish to be able to establish their own shops and rule in Manila but the Northern Half of Luzon will not be pacified by the Spanish and the people of there would help Limahong in his plans to seize Manila from...
  11. kasumigenx

    Ruthenian revival
    Threadmarks: A Royal marriage

    On 1295, a betrothal between the children of Yuri of Galicia and Wenceslaus of Bohemia, basically between Elizabeth of Bohemia[1] and Andrew of Galicia would happen, which would affect the future succession of the Kingdom of Bohemia, the marriage would cause a stir in the succession issues of...
  12. kasumigenx

    Philippines kicking the Spanish in the 16th century

    I was thinking what would be the consequences of the natives led Bruneian dynasty seizing the Spanish knowledge in military and armada and kicking the Spanish from the Philippines, this plot is the Tondo Conspiracy. IOTL This was something that is not much discussed about but in this case the...
  13. kasumigenx

    Galician revival – A Ruthenian timeline
    Threadmarks: Galician revival

    On 1323, Andrii Yuriievych would survive in battle against the Lithuanians and would inherit Halych completely from his brother Lev and secure his daughter and her husband, Liubartas’ succession in the principality of Halych and Volyn. Andrii’s daughter, Euphemia would welcome the birth of a...
  14. kasumigenx

    Martyrs of Manila
    Threadmarks: Martyrs of Manila

    On May 1571, Lakandula would refuse the Spanish and it will spell the end for the Bruneian hold to the Bruneian held Selurong when the Spanish came back to seize the part of the island that they rule. Rajah Matanda is also against the Spanish since the Spanish had kidnapped him while he was...
  15. kasumigenx

    Return of Poitiers, a French/Crusader timeline
    Threadmarks: Death of a Duchess

    Children of Eleanor of Aquitaine d. 1157 With Louis VII Marie of France, Duchess of Aquitaine and Princess of Antioch b. 1145 m. Bohemond III of Antioch Alix of France b. 1151 m. William, Count of Dieppe With Henry II of England William b. 1153 d. 1156 Henry b. 1155 d. 1157 Matilda b...
  16. kasumigenx

    DBWI: Catherine of Aragon dies a decade later not in 1528

    What If Catherine of Aragon lived a decade longer? Catherine of Aragon died in 1528 and her daughter Mary was betrothed to James V after Catherine died and married her, James V was very much enthusiastic of the match due to Mary being a heiress, here this match would likely not happen, this...
  17. kasumigenx

    Son of Yangtze, a Chu Timeline(Austric/Hmong Mien China)
    Threadmarks: Son of Yangtze

    On 2000 AD, a minister from the Chu Empire, whose language[1] is distantly related to the Southern Islanders[2] and the Kingdoms of the South would talk to the minster of Ligurian Empire in the East whose people are descendant of the Italic which was majorly swamped out by the Etruscans and...
  18. kasumigenx

    Only one Imperialism
    Threadmarks: A battle that never happened and a colony aborted

    The chieftain of Macabebe would accept that Lakandula had decided to make friends with the Spanish and decided to not marry the woman that he was engaged in and decided that he would instead focus on trying to regain the lands taken by Bolkiah, he would remain silent regarding the Spanish and...
  19. kasumigenx

    International Impacts of the Spanish not discovering and conquering the Philippines

    Since I am doing a timeline where the Spanish don't colonize and discover the Philippines, it will be quite obvious that there will be the impact of the Spanish not conquering in the territory and one of that is that Luzon would be divided into a state ruled by Bruneian dynasty and a state ruled...
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    Princess of Heaven(Princesa del Cielo) - A Philippines/Majapahit timeline
    Threadmarks: Princess of Heaven

    In the late 15th century, Dayang Kaylangitan would have watched the defeat and death of her father, the chieftain of Tondo. Dayang Kaylangitan is in confinement in her own home after knowing the defeat of her father, the chieftain of Tondo She would refuse to marry Lontok, the son of Bolkiah...