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    King John - a Plantagenet Timeline
    Threadmarks: Release of the Duchess

    King John Release of the Duchess On 1206, Eleanor of Brittany would plead for her release and husbands were chosen by her uncle and her regents in Brittany and an Anglo-Aragonese alliance was made and Prince Ferdinand of Aragon was chosen by John as the consort of the captive duchess and...
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    A Traitor’s execution - A Spanish-American war TL
    Threadmarks: A Traitor’s execution

    A Traitor’s execution A Traitor’s execution On April 25, 1898 the Spanish–American War began. While the war mostly focused on Cuba, the United States Navy's Asiatic Squadron was in Hong Kong, and commanded by Commodore George Dewey, it sailed for the Philippines. On May 1, 1898, in the Battle...
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    Hijo Catholico v2
    Threadmarks: The birth of the male heir for the Catholic Monarchs

    Hijo Catolico The birth of the male heir for the Catholic Monarchs When Henry recognised Isabella as his heir-presumptive on 19 September 1468, he also promised that his sister should not be compelled to marry against her will, while she in return agreed to obtain his consent. It seemed that...
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    Hijo Catolico - A Spanish TL
    Threadmarks: Points of Divergences

    Hijo Catolico Points of Divergences “On Palencia on October 2, 1470, Isabella of Castile would give birth to a son, she would name as Alfonso, she would name after her own dead brother, the birth of a son would mean that Isabella of Castile would have a male heir on her own claims to Castile...
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    Galicia-Volhynia TL(Ukrainian TL)
    Threadmarks: A death avoided

    Galicia-Volhynia TL Frederick, the young son of Frederick the Fair would survive and his wife Isabella of Aragon would bear another daughter named Bianka (1322), who will be the peace offering for Henry XV of Bavaria. On 1322-1323, the Dukes of Galicia, Andrew and Leo would manage to survive...
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    Filipinas Alternativa

    This would be a timeline regarding the Philippines the TL would be similar to OTL but will completely diverge by late 1500s. @Simeon @ramones1986 @Joseph Solis in Australia The POD would be the Northern Luzon nobility which were affected by the sacking of Tondo and the marriage of Dayang...
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    DBWI: a United Philippines

    The American Senate did not rattify the treaty of Paris and instead supported the Magdiwang Party and later the revived Tagalog republic which rule Luzon now, this country is known for copying Haiti by kiling the remaining Spanish colonizers and their sympathizers and stamping out Spanish and...
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    Rainha Leonor - a Portuguese timeline
    Threadmarks: Rainha Leonor

    Rainha Leonor Eleanor of Austria, around the time of her marriage. Rainha Leonor On Lisboa in 1517, Eleanor of Austria would marry the future John III of Portugal as his own mother would have survived giving birth to his sister Maria, due to the difficulty of her last pregnancy, she would no...
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    Margarita – a Spanish TL
    Threadmarks: Philbert II of Savoy

    Margarita – a Spanish TL Philbert II of Savoy Born in Pont-d'Ain, Philibert was the son of Philip (Filippo) the Landless, who until 1496 was a junior member of the ducal family, and his first wife Marguerite of Bourbon. In 1496, Philibert's father surprisingly succeeded as Duke, when...