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  1. MemphisC

    "The Pure Arcadia" A Timeline of Alternate Arcades and Beyond
    Threadmarks: The Scenario

    this is a spiritual successor to my first-ever timeline What if Nintendo Stayed in the Arcades and some things from that timeline will be adapted into this one as well. but this timeline will be much more ambitious as I not just talking about one company staying in the arcades and the effects of...
  2. Reinhard Heydrich emigrates to the USSR and joins the OGPU

    Upon his dismissal from the Navy in April by Admiral Erich Raeder, Heydrich decides that there is nothing left for him in Germany and leaves everything behind, emigrating to the USSR and joining the OGPU. Upon the dissolution of the OGPU and replaced with the NKVD, Heydrich has risen high enough...
  3. CrashBandicam

    What's the worst timeline you've ever read?

    So, what do you think is the WORST timeline that you yourself have ever read? On this site or elsewhere. Personally, I have two picks for the worst timeline I've ever read myself. MOD EDIT - Insults to other members T/L Deleted.
  4. M1ngo

    The House of Knowledge: A 34th Dynasty of Egypt Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro & Life of Nefertari Graphic

    In our timeline, the Ptolemaic Kingdom, a Hellenistic kingdom ruling over Egypt, ruled from 332BCE, just after the death of Alexander the Great, to 30BC with the death of Cleopatra. While the first three kings, all named Ptolemy, can be considered good rulers, the subsequent generations proved...
  5. The Owl House on Cartoon Network

    Now this one is an interesting one and I just thought of this one. In this post, what if The Owl House never aired on Disney; and by that, I mean what if the show aired on Cartoon Network (I would have said "…or Nickelodeon", but I feel like Cartoon Network would have been more caring to the...
  6. MegaToon1234

    Of Mice and Plumbers: A Nintendo-Disney Timeline
    Threadmarks: Let's Start Things Off

    Somewhere in January 1980, Nintendo had plans for a Popeye arcade game. However, said plans fell through, leaving Nintendo with something else to do. Now, IOTL, Nintendo turned it into “Donkey Kong”, where it stars Mario/Jumpman, Lady/Pauline, and of course, Donkey Kong. However, this begs the...
  7. Mr_ Bondoc

    DUST RPG: An ASB Timeline

    DUST is an alternate history RPG by Paolo Parente which features a World War II setting with anime-style elements including dieselpunk style mecha. According to game designers, "DUST Adventures RPG is a rules-light exciting roleplaying game set in Paulo Parentes DUST Universe and inspired by the...
  8. MegaToon1234

    A Hedgehog in the Big N (Sonic Team at Nintendo)
    Threadmarks: The Introduction

    From the creator of Nintendo's New Groove comes an alternate timeline thread set in a completely different alternate timeline from NNG! Now let’s get to see what we have here! You may know how Sega is on the top as of the early 1990s with their Sega Genesis, what with the development process on...
  9. MegaToon1234

    Nintendo's New Groove: An Alternate Nintendo Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Beginning of a New Groove

    Somewhere, in the early 1980s, Atari and Nintendo had plans for releasing the Famicom outside of Japan. But due to some unfortunate setbacks such as the Great Video Game Crash of 1983, something involving Coleco showing a demonstration of a prototype of Donkey Kong for its forthcoming Coleco...
  10. Alternate Names For Modern American/ Canadian Al

    Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some names for some alternate American and Canadian cities to exist in my new timeline I'm currently developing e.g. Dana Point - Seabrook City Anything you have to offer is appreciated! Cheers!
  11. Sam Biswas

    What would an alternate name for Maine if was part of Canada?

    If somehow the British and Loyalist forces were able to conquered a land that was supposed to be what we know now as Maine during the War of 1812 and later absorbed into the Canadian Confederation, what do you think it would've been called?
  12. Greater Bulgaria Timeline

    This is my first attempt to write a TL. My thinking is to first create mold and then try to fit in ATL into this mold. This should be a collaborative timeline, so you can join in. To begin i have created some maps that the TL will center around. 1. Here is Bulgaria at the start of WW1. 2...
  13. AHC Independent Fareo islands

    In 1944 the Icelandic Althing dissolve the union between Iceland and Denmark and declared itself a republic. What is the Fareo islands followed suit and declared itself an independant republic. In such a scenario how would the Fareoese declaration be met by the international community? How...
  14. Antonio Ferrari

    The elephant, the lynx, the two wolves, the dragon, the eagle, the griffon vulture and the bull.

    History is written by the victors. We all know that. In our world, WW1, at the time know as "The Great War" or "The war that would end all wars", was won by the Entente powers, composed by England, France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greece, Guatemala...