1. Neue Sonne Uber Europa: Timeline of events in Africa, 1939-1985

    Neue Sonne Uber Europa is my personal take on an Axis victory scenario, spanning from 1939 to 1985 and depicting a five-way Cold War between Germany, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the United States. In part one, we covered the timeline of events in Europe, which can be found here...
  2. Neue Sonne Uber Europa: Timeline of events in Europe, 1939-1985

    Neue Sonne Uber Europa is my personal take on an Axis victory scenario, spanning from 1939 to 1985 and depicting a five-way Cold War between Germany, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the United States. This first part of the timeline will be covering events in Europe, a relatively peaceful...
  3. CeruleanDev

    Pepsiman ('40s comic book)

    In late 1943, Pepsi-Cola teamed up with Timely Comics to create Pepsiman, an obscure superhero who deserves to be so. Pepsiman starred in a comic book that lasted one issue, where he goes around fighting crime and serving Pepsi. His archnemesis was one Sir Red, representing Pepsi’s main...
  4. The King from Baton Rouge - The Long Dynasty and Beyond
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    Excerpt from ‘King Huey: 20th Century Folk Hero’ by Jon Meacham and Tim Naftali (2015) …President Huey Long is undoubtedly a major figure in the storied canon of great American folk heroes, from Davy Crockett to the romanticization of Honest Abe Lincoln, ‘King Huey’ will forever remain in the...
  5. Thande

    Look to the West Volume IX: The Electric Circus
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    Quick links to published parts Volumes I-V (currently) available for purchase as eBooks(with accompanying media and bonus features) from Sea Lion Press via Amazon and other online purchases. Direct links: Volume I: Diverge and Conquer Volume II: Uncharted Territory Volume III: Equal and...
  6. Robert A. Taft elected as President in November 1940

    Suppose that in 1928, Roosevelt loses the NY gubernational election and Hoover is blown up by Argentinian anarchists, so the GOP replaces President Coolidge with a Curtis-Watson ticket, indirectly resulting in the Wall Street Crash/Great Depression occurring a full year earlier in 1928. Curtis...
  7. Gillan1220

    U.S.-Japan Pacific Cold War in the 1940s and when will it erupt into a war?

    This is scenario that's been in my head for a couple of times now. One thing I learned is that Japan wanted the United States to abandon the Asia-Pacific in order to respect its imperial ambitions. Of course, the Japanese messed up at Pearl Harbor and learned the hard way not to awake the...
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: Italy-China Fascist Alliance Doesn't Happen in WWII, What Then?

    As we all know, Mussolini's Italy and Chiang Kai-sek's China forged a major alliance in their efforts to protect their respective interests in Western Asia, as well as to ostensibly prevent Communist take-overs of allies and neighboring countries. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance was re-forged for...
  9. Gillan1220

    Operation Beleaguer leads to more American involvement in the Chinese Civil War

    Operation Beleaguer was a U.S. military operation in post-World War II China that oversaw the repatriation of Japanese and Korean nationals and the protection of American citizens and interests in the mainland. Since this was during the time of the resumption of the Chinese Civil War, the U.S...
  10. WI: Molotov-Ribbentrop War

    I had this idea for WW2 scenario in 1939. So let's say the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact never happens or it fails and the Soviets align with the British and the French in a negotiation which did happen in OTL. So in this alternate scenario for heavens sake have Germany invade Poland in August 1939...
  11. Ideas/Suggestions for a Realistic No WW2 Timeline?

    I'm thinking about making a timeline in which the 1930s balance of power is to some extent maintained. My thought is that the basic POD would be something along the lines of the Marco Polo Bridge incident not happening, or being successfully deescalated. (How likely would this be?) The secondary...
  12. JEF_300

    Japanese Military in 1949

    Let's assume that MacArthur decides, for whatever reason, that retaining the relatively high paying jobs in Japan's military-industrial complex is vital to rebuilding Japan, and the Japanese military is reorganized into the Japan Self-Defense Forces in either late 1945 or early 1946, rather...
  13. mspence

    America's first jet fighter?

  14. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson
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    Hello everyone, this is my first TL here, so please go easy on me. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson asks the question, "What if the Soviet Union 'won' the Cold War?" Yes, I am aware that TLs that take place during the Cold War are a bit overdone here, but this period of history is my area...
  15. Amadeus

    What Could the Allies Have Done to Stop the Holocaust?

    For decades, historians have debated just what the Allies could have done to stop the Holocaust. In your judgement, what actions could the Allies have taken in order to end (or at the least limit) the atrocities committed by the Nazis?
  16. Amadeus

    Could the British Tories Have Possibly Won in 1945?

    The British Election of 1945 is one of the most famous upsets in political history: despite Winston Churchill's popularity the Tories lost in a landslide. Was there any way the Tories could've won in 1945?
  17. APTerminator

    Long May He Serve

    Synopsis Suppose, if only for a minute, what if the longest serving president in America had served a little longer? Welcome to Long May He Serve, my timeline on that what if. We'll follow events starting off from April 12, when FDR actually died, and go on for as long as I can. So sit back in...
  18. Gukpard

    Could a modern "traditional" society survives on the aesthetic sense?

    This is one of the most complicated things I ever tried to ask here, as it covers both ideology and sociology, so if even I cannot quite explain what I'm asking, I'm sorry if you have trouble understanding. Imagine the stereotype of the 1940s society, suits, art deco, smoking, chilvary (on the...
  19. mspence

    The People's Repubulic Of Mongolia

    WI Mao (or, if something happened to him, his followers) had lost the Chinese Civil War & fled to Mongolia? Could they have been recognized & supported by Stalin?
  20. Amadeus

    J. Edgar Hoover and the 1948 Election

    In 1948, FBI Director secretly fed information to Tom Dewey's presidential campaign in the hopes of getting appointed Attorney General - with the ultimate goal of joining the Supreme Court. The POD is Dewey goes with his gut and aggressively campaigns against Truman, allowing him to win the...