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  1. Map Thread XXI

    This extremely wrong in many ways, along with the original and the revised map. I'll redact a post later if I'm feeling decently enough, in the meantime, I'm sorry for leaving you hanging.
  2. Map Thread XXI

    What year is in the map?
  3. Map Thread XXI

    @Bob Hope, I was wondering if you are open to criticism on the aesthetic choices you have undertaken in regards to the WorldRaj? It doesn't have to be a public thing by the way.
  4. How do people make fancy QBAM backgrounds?

    Yep, it's almost all drawn by hand unless you have something to base stuff off of. Or if it's a preexistent logo that then got traced.
  5. Map Thread XXI

    Yes, it's from the user CannedTech, now banned.
  6. The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

    What do you wish to see? Because the worlda is meant to exist as a basemap without numbers, icons, annotations and zoom ins.
  7. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    Scale doesn't help you with distortion and the Q-BAM is very distorted in regards to longitude. Unless you are dealing with a really small area of it that's either close to the equator or shaped like a known shape before beign distorted by the projection. You'd need to find the mathemathical...
  8. Map Thread XXI

    There's a Hearts of Iron IV (a WWII strategy game by Paradox Interactive) mod called The New Order: The Last Days of Europe, TNO for short, which depicts an scenario in which the Axis won WWII and some other stuff. It has become a meme that has many sub-memes and they are quite prevalent in...
  9. Map Thread XXI

    Gorgeous map so far! Before you keep going though, it's "Panamá" and "Maturín" accent and tilde in the last syllable.
  10. Map Thread XXI

    Oh, I recall that you said that Constantinople and Istanbul would be two separate cities. Where's is Istanbul now? I forgot.
  11. Map Thread XXI

    It's still a Nazi victory. Not an absolute one though.
  12. Map Thread XXI

    That does not seem like victory so total that it could end up with such a thing. Not at all.
  13. The Commonwealth of America: A Collaborative Worldbuilding Project.

    The deal with the X and the J is far more complicated than just that.
  14. The Commonwealth of America: A Collaborative Worldbuilding Project.

    As someone who speaks Spanish, that argument has no relation to the point you are trying to make.