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The Yankee Doctor : The Story of the American Doctor Who Series (1964–Present)

A late 20th century popcultural timeline regarding an ATL history of Doctor Who, created by LordVetinari and contributed to greatly by The Chimera Virus.

You can read the timeline here (or, for greater ease of reading, use the chapter guide available below).

Premise and POD

A different set of circumstances leads Rod Serling to take a vacation in the UK during the premiere of the first series of Doctor Who. After striking a deal with the BBC and the American broadcaster NET, Serling attempts to bring Doctor Who to an American audience. This leads to gradual but increasingly divergent results in the world of anglophone popculture, and an ATL where a British and an American TV series of Doctor Who coexist and influence each other over the years.


Intro, Part I: Let's Get This Show on the Road...

Intro, Part II: Arguing With Me, Myself and I

Chapter 1: Turn Off At the Signpost Up Ahead, Mr. Serling

Chapter 2: Meeting WHO for the Very First Time

Chapter 3: America's "Fourth" Network and Mr. Serling

Chapter 4: The Dalek in the Room and Other Issues At Hand (Or Plunger)

Chapter 5: WHO is the Doctor ?

Chapter 6: Travelling Companions

Chapter 7: Hyping It All Up

Chapter 8: And...Here...We...Go...

Interlude 1: The Music of Doctor Who

Chapter 9: The Little Show That Could...

Chapter 10: The First Year of the Three Doctors

Chapter 11: The Show Is A Changin'

Chapter 12: Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello

Interlude 2: Riddle Me This, Batman...

Chapter 13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Part 1)

Interlude 3: Cartoon Daze (Part 1)

Chapter 14: A Different Man, A Different Plan

Chapter 15: Character Studies

Chapter 16: Across the Sea to See What We Shall See

Seasons 1-3 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Seasons 4-6 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Chapter 17: Here We Go Again

Interlude 4: Companion Chronicles (Part 1)

British Who Seasons 7-11 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Seasons 7-9 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Interlude 5: Every Great Decision Creates Ripples (Part 1)

Chapter 18: Moving On, Moving On, Moving On...

Interlude 6: Every Great Decision Creates Ripples (Part 2)

Interlude 7: Washington National Cathedral (guest post by The Chimera Virus)

Chapter 19: Moving Further Into Darkness

Seasons 10-14 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Chapter 20: Go Out and Tell Them A Joke, But Give It Plenty of Hope

Seasons 15-18 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Interlude 8: Every Great Decision Creates Ripples (Part 3)

Chapter 21: You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Kiss Three Bucks Goodbye...

Interlude 9: The Rise of Flash Gordon, Part 1: The Birth of a Saga (guest post by DocBrown)

Interlude 10: "It's A Whovian Monster Mash [It'll Be A Time Lord Smash] (Part 1) (guest post by The Chimera Virus)

Seasons 19-22 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Chapter 22: If Dreams Can't Come True, Then Why Not Pretend ?

Interlude 11: The American Classic Series Doctors (1964 - 1987)

Interlude 12: The British Classic Series Doctors (1963 - 1991)

Interlude 13: Strickland: The Series

Chapter 23: A Short Return to Normalcy

TV Movie and Season 23-25 Recaps (contributed to by The Chimera Virus)

Chapter 24: Just Because We're Gone (Again), Don't Mean We're Done...

Chapter 25: The Interregnum (Part 1)

Interlude 14: Doctor Who Video Games (A Short History)

An overview of the chapters (as of December 2015) is also available in this post by the author himself.

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