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Look to the West : Maps

A page dedicated to various maps showcasing the world of the Look to the West timeline.

All of the maps can be enlarged by clicking.

Don't view and read these if you haven't read the timeline yet and you're worried about possible spoilers.

Empire of North America Political Maps

North America in 1788

North America in 1800

North America in 1815 (bigger version)

North America in 1848

North America after 1853 (bigger version)

North America after 1857 (bigger version)

Empire of North America Electoral Maps

ENA elections in 1814

ENA federal elections in 1822

ENA elections in 1832

ENA elections in 1832

ENA elections in 1837

ENA elections in 1840

Maps of South America

South America in 1845

Maps of Europe

Europe in 1727

Europe in 1740

Europe in 1748

Europe in 1766

Europe in 1772

Europe in 1793

Europe in 1796

Europe in 1799

Europe in 1800

Europe in 1809

Europe in 1840

Europe in 1860

Maps of Africa

West Africa in 1800

Southern Africa in 1815

Maps of Asia

India in 1800

India in 1803

The Ottoman Empire in 1809

Southeast Asia in 1815

China in 1815

India in 1819

China in 1841

China in 1851

China in 1878

Maps of Australia and Oceania

Australia in 1820

World Maps

The global situation in 1896

List of Contributors

Discussions on LTTW Maps

LTTW Mapping Project - A thread to discuss and post maps from the timeline's setting.

* Post-Pandoric War map (1901)

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