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Look to the West : Flags of the World

A page dedicated to collections of various flags from around the world in the Look to the West timeline.

All of the flags can be enlarged by clicking.

Don't view and read these if you haven't read the timeline yet and you're worried about possible spoilers.

European flags

European states (1840)

Bohemia (under Wettin monarch)


Novamundine (New World / American) flags

Empire of North America (after 1828)

Empire of North America (after 1853)

New states arising from the Great American War (after 1853)

South America (1838)

La Hermandad de las Naciones in South America (1865)

Asian flags

China (unofficial pennant)

Neo-Mughal Empire

Political and ideological iconography

Diversitarian flags and emblems

Societist flags and emblems

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