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In Defence of Humanity

A Canada-centered ASB timeline written by one of our Canadian members, TheMann.

It is effectively an Canada-wank ISOT story, as well as a crossover with two already established and popular timelines :

You can read In Defence of Humanity here.


The story begins in February 21, 2011, a couple of months following the events of November 11, 2010, which sent Canada from the world of “Canadian Power” to the world of the Doomsday: 1983. After recovering from the shocking chain of events, Canadians learn about the surrounding world, previously ravaged by an accidental nuclear war in 1983. Since ISOTed OTL Canada is the most technologically and economically developed nation in this ATL, it becomes a world superpower and gradually starts to engage in supporting stability and lawfulness in many of the more authoritarian post-1983 successor states.

Sister TL

Collaborating with TheMann, Ming777 (another of our Canadian members) had originally created the TL under the name Rise of the North with TheMann's portion moving into the future, while Ming777's part, which includes TheMann's writings, is typically behind present time by a few months.

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