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Germany (Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy)

Germany, at that time also known as the Third Reich, attacked Britain in the Mediterranean in late spring 1941. They conquered most of the Near East (except for a pocket held by Jewish volunteers) as far as Trucial Oman and Persia. On May 1st of 1942 they also invaded the Soviet Union, almost capturing Moscow in 1943.

In that year, however, the USA entered the war against Germany, after it had been published that the Nazi regime had sold Jews as slaves to wealthy Arabs. From then on, the Germans had to retreat on all fronts: Their troops under Erwin Rommel in North Africa and the Near East had to capitulate in November 1944 after being cut off from Europe, the western Allies landed in Italy in summer 1944, in Albania in October of that year and in Normandy, France in June 1945.

Germany had to capitulate after Oldenburg and Graz were nuked in August 1945. Since Hitler wasn't willing to, the generals toppled him and surrendered to the western Allies, and gave them free hand to occupy Western and Northern Europe, and even Poland and the Baltic states. It was divided into the states of South Germany, West Germany, and East Germany afterwards.

Country from Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy

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