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Soviet Union (Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy)

This Soviet Union had to suffer more than OTL due to the German bombing of Baku in 1941 and the (failed) enclosement attack on Moscow in the same year. It left the war in a definitely weaker position (esp. compared to the US) than OTL. After Stalin's death in 1948, Malenkov became new leader of the Soviet Union. Beria was purged, similar as OTL. Shdanov was already dead. The new government was in a weaker situation than IOTL, and historians write that this contributed to Mao Zedong's defeat in the Chinese Civil War. Russia got the bomb in 1950, but didn't manage to start the first satellite, lacking German scientists. They still tried to undermine America's influence by supporting Communist parties in the West, resistance organizations in the restituted kingdoms of SE Europe, and in the colonies - not always successful, although the sometimes corrupt regimes weren't popular.

Country from Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy

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