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German Democratic Republic (Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy)

This German Democratic Republic consists of NW Germany. Other than its OTL counterpart, it's really democratic, and more comparable to Labour Britain. It's a centralized state, which consists of 17 Regierungsbezirke (administrative districts). Banks, hospitals and mining were nationalized, other branches of economy are free. The Kanzler (chancellor) is the head of state and leads the government, like the US president, and thus quite powerful. He's elected by the first chamber of the parliament, the Nationalrat. The second chamber, the Länderrat, isn't very influential. Elections to the Nationalrat are once in four years, starting in 1949. A party that wants to gain seats has to gain 5% of the votes in the whole state. Kurt Schumacher was the first chancellor to be elected. It's a founding member of the EFTA.


  • Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), led by Kurt Schumacher/Erich Ollenhauer
  • Christlich-Demokratische Union (CDU) (christian-conservative, but weaker), led by Konrad Adenauer
  • Deutsche Partei (DP) (conservative to right-wing), led by Hans-Christoph Seebohm
  • Bund der Heimatvertriebenen und Entrechteten (BHE) (refugee party), led by Waldemar Kraft
  • Zentrum (left-catholic), led by Rudolf Amelunxen
  • Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD), led by Max Reimann
  • Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) (liberal-national), led by Franz Blücher

Results of the first nation-wide election

  • SPD: 38
  • CDU: 20
  • DP: 11
  • BHE (Allies forbad a participation): -
  • Z: 8
  • KPD: 7
  • FDP: 6
  • Other parties (not represented): 10


  • Chancellor: Kurt Schumacher (SPD)
  • Exterior (since 1951): Erich Ollenhauer (SPD)
  • Interior: Rudolf Amelunxen (Z)
  • Defense: -
  • Justice: Gustav Heinemann (Z)
  • Labor and social security: Hermann Lüdemann (SPD)
  • Finances: Erik Nölting (SPD)
  • Trade: Karl Schiller (SPD)
  • Montan industry and energy: Fritz Steinhoff (SPD)
  • Other industry: Alfred Kubel (SPD)
  • Agronomy: Hinrich Kopf (SPD)
  • Traffic and Railroads: Max Brauer (SPD)
  • Post: Bruno Diekmann (SPD)
  • Education and Culture: Adolf Grimme (SPD)
  • Science and Universities: Carl Spiecker (Z)
  • Buildings: Fritz Kassmann (SPD)
  • Inner-German affairs: Walter Menzel (SPD)
  • And the only woman, responsible for Health, Youth, Families: Annemarie Renger (SPD)

Country from Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy TL

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