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Eyes Turned Skyward : Images and Fanworks

This page lists media related to the Eyes Turned Skyward timeline, sorted by creator. Will be expanded as new media comes into being.

Artwork authors so far include Michel Van, nixonshead, Winchell Chung, TaintedLion and e of pi himself.

Items marked <canon> have been canonized by the authors, Workable Goblin and e of pi.

1.) e of pi's artworks

Concept of Operations for Artemis Missions <canon**

2.) Michel Van's artworks

Mostly vehicle mission patches and vehicle schematics.

Mission Patch for AARDV-1 <canon>

Mission Patch for AARDV-2 <canon>

Soviet/Russia Rocket VULKAN <canon>

Europa 1/2 Rocket <canon>

Europa 2-Thrust-augmented <canon>

Europa 2 HE <canon>

3.) Nixonshead's artworks

Mostly CGI images and diorama renders.

a.) Canon Spacecraft

These are all canon, so the <canon> label is not used.

Block III Apollo Block III

Block III plus

Apollo Block III+

Block IV

Apollo Block IV

Block IV

Apollo Block V


Aardvark Block I


Aardvark Block I Tug


Aardvark Block II



Spacelab orthos

Spacelab Space Station

Salyut 7 orthos

Salyut 7 Space Station

Mir ortho

Mir Space Station

TKS Orthos

TKS Spacecraft

Longxing orthos

Longxing Spacecraft

Tianjin-2 orthos

Tianjin-2 Space Station

Artemis Orthos

Artemis landers

Space Station Freedom

The assembly sequence of Space Station Freedom

Lunar Reconnaissance Pioneer

The Lunar Reconnaissance Pioneer

Launcher comparison

A comparison of launchers

Carrack launcher family

The ALS Carrack family of launch vehicles

Carrack exploded view

An exploded diagram of the Carrack launcher

Vulkan exploded view

An exploded diagram of the Vulkan launcher

Neva conceptual view

Concept for the Russian-Indian Neva launcher

International Solar Polar Mission - Odysseus

The Odysseus solar probe

International Solar Polar Mission - Telemachus

The Telemachus solar probe

Centrifuge Gravity Lab

A look inside Freedom's Centrifuge Gravity Lab

Spacecraft Comparison

A comparison of spacecraft

Lunar landers

A comparison of lunar landers

Marconi Satellite

A satellite of the Marconi global satcom and navigation overlay constellation (Part III Post #19)

Artemis launch stacks

Cutaway view of the various vehicles for an Artemis mission in their launch fairings (Part III Post #20)

Japan Comet Sample Return

A mid-90s Japanese concept for a comet sample return mission (Part III Post #23)

Ames Comet Lander

Ames' concept for a comet lander, incorporating a Sojourner rover (Part III Post #23)


Early variants of the Europa rocket family <canon>


Luna-Pe <canon>

Artemis Rover

Artemis Rover <canon>

b.) Canonicity-pending images


The 1979 movie Meteor used a familiar spacecraft design

Europa-5 variations

Variants of the Europa-5

c.) Scenes from the TL

Airlock Assembly

Spacelab 4 - Special Delivery <canon>

Spacelab 11

Spacelab 11 - On Approach <canon>

Apollo Transposition

Apollo Block III+ Transposition <canon>


Transportnyi Korabl' Snabzheniia <canon>

International Solar Polar Mission

A poster for the International Solar Polar Mission, launched in 1985 (Part-III Post#5) <canon>

Salyut 7

Salyut 7 - Effective Improvisation <canon>

Spacelab 28

Launch failure of the Spacelab 28 mission <canon>

Mir MOK module

Mir's MOK base block <canon>

Salyut 7

Departure from Salyut 7 <canon>

Mir Kvark DOS module

Mir - Arrival of the station's first DOS module, Kvark <canon>

Voyager 2

Voyager 2 - Flyby of Pluto-Charon <canon>


Voyager 2 - Looking back on the Solar System <canon>

Apollo Block IV

Apollo Block IV - Updated crew transport for space station Freedom <canon>

Freedom's Challenger module

Freedom - First expedition to the Freedom Space Station <canon>


Aardvark Block II - Updated cargo transport for space station Freedom <canon>

Lunar Reconnaissance Pioneer

Lunar Reconnaissance Pioneer in close orbit of the Moon. (Part-III Post#2) <canon>

Mir Izdelia DOS module

Mir - Arrival of the Izdelia DOS module <canon>

Mir at Glushko's death

Mir - Status of the station at the death of Glushko <canon>

Freedom at IOC

Freedom - Initial Operational Capacity <canon>

Mir as planned

Mir - Planned final configuration <canon>


Minotaur - Europe's cargo spaceship <canon>


Mir with reduced caretaker crew (Part-III Post#1) <canon>

X-40 Starcat

The Grumman X-40 'Starcat' in an early test flight (Part-III Post#4) <canon>

Minotaur Jules Verne

The first Minotaur mission to Freedom (Part-III Post#1) <canon>

Advanced Crew Vehicle

A proposal for the ACV, a replacement for Apollo (Part-IV Post#13) <canon>

ACV to the Moon

Proposed lunar mission concept with the ACV (Part-IV Post#13) <canon>


Freedom at FOC (Part-III Post#1) <canon>


A closer look at Freedom's labs at FOC (Part-III Post#1) <canon>

Fritz Lang

A returned Minotaur capsule (Part-III Post#10) <canon>

X-40/01 Starcat Alpha

Starcat Alpha returns to the shop for repairs after a failed stuck landing (Part-III Post#4) <canon>

Carrack first launch

First flight of the Carrack launcher (Part-III Post#3) <canon>

Expedition 22 spacewalk

A spacewalk during Freedom Expedition 22 (Part-III Post#13) <canon>

Star Dragon

Test flight for China's manned spacecraft (Part-III Post#13) <canon>

DOS-11 Tiangong

The DOS-11 module "Tiangong" being fitted out (Part-III Post#13) <canon>

Vulkan launch

A Vulkan rocket on its way to Mir (Part-III Post#8) <canon>

Cassini flyby

Cassini makes a flyby of Earth on its way to Saturn (Part-III Post#9) <canon>

Leavitt Space Telescope

The Leavitt Space Telescope (Part-III Post#22) <canon>

Apollo Block V

The first crewed flight of Apoloo Block V. (Part-III Post#16) <canon>

Mir 1996

Mir following the addition of Tiangong, with a Chinese Longxing docked. (Part-III Post#16) <canon>

Sanger HED

The HED, experimental first stage for Sanger (Part-III Post#10) <canon>

Sanger Horus

The Horus sub-scale demonstrator, experimental second stage for Sanger (Part-III Post#10) <canon>


The Large Gamma ray Observatory (Part-III Post#22) <canon>


Concept for the Large Infrared Space Telescope (Part-III Post#22) <canon>

Artemis Lander T-Vac testing

Thermal-Vacuum testing of an Artemis cargo lander (Part-III Post#18) <canon>


Testing Artemis hardware in Arizona (Part-III Post#16) <canon>

Lunar Ice Observer

The Lunar Ice Observer (Part-III Post#12) <canon>


The twin Grimaldi lunar gravity probes (Part-III Post#12) <canon>


Japan's SELENE/Kaguya probe (Part-III Post#12) <canon>


A Mesyat lunar communications satellite (Part-III Post#12) <canon>

Artemis 2

An uncrewed docking of an Artemis cargo lander with a Pegasus upper stage in an Earth-orbit test. (Part-III Post#18) <canon>

Artemis 3

Testing of the Artemis crew lander in Earth orbit. (Part-III Post#18) <canon>

Saturn Multibody H03

Preparations for the launch of the Artemis 4 Cargo/Hab Lander to the Moon.

Artemis 4 Cargo TLI

TLI for the Artemis 4 Cargo/Hab Lander (Part-III Post#20) <canon>.

Artemis 4 Cargo descent

Artemis 4 Cargo/Hab Lander begins its descent (Part-III Post#20) <canon>.

Apollo 12 from Artemis 4

The Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3 landing sites imaged by the Artemis 4 cargo lander (Part-III Post#20) <canon>.

Janus on the Moon

The Janus lander on the lunar surface (Part-III Post#20) <canon>.

Don Hunt on the Moon

Don Hunt takes his first step on the Moon (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Artemis 4 hab Janus

Artemis 4 stes up their Hab module, Janus (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Artemis 4 visit Apollo 12

Don Hunt and Luka Seleznev approach the Surveyor 3 and Apollo 12 landing sites (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Artemis 4 visit Apollo 12

Natalie Duncan inspects the Apollo 12 LEM descent stage, Intrepid (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Artemis 4 heads home

The Artemis 4 crew re-united with their Apollo CSM (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Davis' office

The office of NASA Administrator Llyod Davis (Part-III Post#25) <canon>.

Georges Lemaître

Georges Lemaître is launched on its mission to explore cosmic background radiation (Part-IV Post#16) <canon>.

Europa 5

Europa-5 first launch (Part-IV Post#2) <canon>.


Jaguar vs. Europa-5 (Part-IV Post#1) <canon>.

X-33 launch

The experimental X-33 takes to the skies (Part-III Post#21) <canon>.

Artemis 5

The crew of Artemis 5 return from their record-breaking drive (Part-III Post#6) <canon>.

X-33 apogee

X-33 reaches its highest altitude (Part-III Post#21) <canon>.


Handling tests for the X-33 (Part-III Post#21) <canon>.

X-33 landing

An unusual sight, a spacecraft that lands on a runway... (Part-III Post#21) <canon>.


The Cryosat-1 technology testbed (Part-IV Post#3) <canon>.

Thunderbolt L1 Launch

The semi-reusable Thunderbolt L1 launcher takes to the skies (Part-IV Post#4) <canon>.

Thunderbolt L1 Beta

The Thunderbolt L1 Beta first stage returns to Wallops (Part-IV Post#4) <canon>.


The MOK-2 space station module awaits its fate (Part-IV Post#7) <canon>.


The Sojourner rover explores Phobos (Part-III Post#17) <canon>.


Deploying the FROST radio telescope array on Artemis 7 (Part-IV Post#10) <canon>.

Little fall

Artemis 7 Commander Ryan Little takes a tumble from the lander //Athena// (Part-IV Post#10) <canon>.

Mars Traverse Rover

The Mars Traverse Rover Independence rests on the Martian surface <canon>.


Conceptual image of Japan's planned HOPE-C spaceplane. <canon>.

The Mars Atmospheric and Climate Orbiter

The Mars Atmospheric and Climate Orbiter (MACO) (Part-IV Post#8) <canon>.

Water, water everywhere...

Artemis 9 discover water on the Moon (Part-IV Post#10) <canon>.

Cassini probe release

Cassini releases its atmospheric probe (Part-III Post#9) <canon>

Cassini atmospheric probe

The Cassini atmospheric probe drifts through the Saturnian atmosphere (Part-III Post#9) <canon>

Cassini at Titan

Cassini makes a flyby of Titan (Part-III Post#9) <canon>

TransOrbital ConOps

Northrop TransOrbital's Concept of Operations (Part-IV Post#9) <canon>

Saturn M22 explosion

An unmanned Saturn rocket explodes shortly after liftoff (Part-IV Post#15) <canon>

Unloading Luna-Pe

Unloading the Luna-Pe cargo ship (Part-IV Post#14) <canon>

Orion Expedition 1

Orion Expedition 1 (Part-IV Post#17) <canon>

TransOrbital Depot

TransOrbital tug and propellant depot (Part-IV Post#19) <canon>

Starclipper TSTO

Lockheed McDonnell's Starclipper TSTO concept (Part-IV Post#19) <canon>

Spitzer Space Telescope

The Lyman Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope (Part-IV Post#20) <canon>


Japan's Hayabusa probe at Mars (Part-IV Post#23) <canon>

Barnard Comet Lander

The Barnard probe lands on Comet Encke, March 2010 (Part-IV Post#21) <canon>

Orion Soonbase

A look inside the Orion habitat module (Part-IV Post#22) <canon>


China's Tianjia-1 space station (Part-IV Post#24) <canon>


China's plans for balloons on Venus as part of their Jinxing series of probes (Part-IV Post#25) <canon>

Saluting Armstrong

Armstrong remembered (Interlude#5) <canon>


Space Station Discovery (Part-IV Post#26) <canon>

Armstrong Base

Armstrong Base (Part-IV Finale) <canon>

4.) Winchell Chung's artworks

“Mission Patch” Timeline Logo

5.) TaintedLion's artworks

Ya and Yumi

Ya and Yumi probes

Mars 12 on Phobos

Mars 12 on Phobos

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