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Nixonshead is that rare thing, a British europhile, currently living in Germany. His hobbies include fiddling with digital imagery and various matters concerning astronautics.


So far, nixonshead has contributed greatly to, as both a writer and an illustrator.

a.) Timelines

Kolyma's Shadow - His first timeline, which looks at how the early death of Soviet Chief Designer Sergei Korolev in the Gulag might have affected the Space Race.

The Snow Flies: A History of the Soviet Space Shuttle - His second timeline, again looking at alternate Soviet space programme history. This time, a look at alternate developments during the latter decades of the Cold War.

b.) Artworks

One of's honorary Space Jockeys, he frequently crafts very interesting alternate space artworks and posts them in the Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds thread.

After coming across e of pi and Workable Goblin's fantastic Eyes Turned Skyward, he began building spaceships from the timeline in Blender, for which he won the 2014 Turtledove Award for Best Other Artwork and Best Alternate History Artwork.

You can find his online portfolio of CGI on Flickr.

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