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e of pi

American member of, currently living in Ohio. I'm an aerospace engineering student, hoping to someday work in spaceflight.


Eyes Turned Skyward - An alternate post-Apollo space age with a station-focus instead of the Shuttle. Co-written with Workable Goblin. My first timeline. Turtledove Award winner.

Kistling a Different Tune: Commercial Space in an Alternate Key - Alternate launch vehicle developments in the 2000s, related to the Kistler Aerospace (later Rocketplane Kistler) company. Turtledove Award nominee.

The Last of the Clippers: The Convair 1010 - A successful American SST program in the 1960s. In conjuction with TimothyC

Boldly Going: The History of an American Space Station - This history of Space Station Enterprise. In conjuction with TimothyC

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