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An Alternate Trek

A late 20th century popcultural, Star Trek themed timeline, set in the United Kingdom. Created by Lindseyman in cooperation with various other AH.commers, particularly viewcode.

While the timeline is a smaller project, its development has been ongoing since 2013. You can find it here.

Premise and POD

What if the original 1960s Star Trek was produced by the British on ITV instead of Americans on NBC ?

The timeline started out primarily as a discussion of what could the original, 1960s Star Trek have been like, had it been sold by Roddenberry to a British television broadcaster instead of an American one. Over time, the discussion started morphing into a more coherent timeline, with Lindseyman as the main compiler and author of the approved ATL ideas.


For greater ease of reading and finding individual chapters, the timeline's large amount of chapters is sorted into more specific sections.

Beginnings and pre-production

Series 1

List of ATL early Star Trek episodes

S1E01 "The Cage", first aired 7:30pm on Saturday 7th January 1967 (Star Trek premiere)

Advertising for Star Trek series launch on ITV

S1E02 "Inhibitions", broadcast January 14th 1967

S1E03 "Yesterday is Tomorrow", broadcast Jan 21st 1967

S1E04 "The Herschel", broadcast 28th January 1967

From the ITC Star Trek Script Writer's Handbook - Andorians

S1E05 "The Mind Sifter", broadcast 4th February 1967

S1E06 "The Federation", broadcast 11th February 1967

S1E07 "Shiva", broadcast 18th February 1967

S1E08 "The Guardian of Time" (broadcast 25th February 1967), S1E9 "Court Martial" (broadcast 4th March 1967)

ITC and BBC controversy after "Guardian of Time" broadcast

From the ITC Star Trek Script Writer's Handbook - Vulcanians

S1E10 "Where No One Has Gone Before", broadcast 11th March 1967

S1E11 "Yin and Yang", broadcast 18th March 1967

Cast Readjustments

S1E12 "The Aphrodite Syndrome", broadcast March 25th 1967

From the ITC Star Trek Script Writer's Handbook - The Rhihannaun

From the ITC Star Trek Script Writer's Handbook - The Rhihannaun and Earth

S1E13 "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear", broadcast April 1st 1967

S1E14 "The Lost Broadcast", broadcast April 8th 1967

S1E15 "Brothers", broadcast April 15th 1967

S1E16 "The Forgotten", broadcast April 22th 1967

S1E17 "Charlie's Law", broadcast April 29th 1967

S1E18 "Mutual Destruction", broadcast May 6th 1967

S1E19 "Old Wounds", broadcast May 13th 1967

S1E20 "Organia", broadcast May 20th 1967

S1E21 "To Thine Ownself", broadcast May 27th 1967

S1E22 "The Computer War", broadcast June 5th 1967

S1E23 "The Spores", broadcast June 12th 1967

S1E24 "I Shot an Arrow", broadcast June 19th 1967

S1E25 "Where it Landed", broadcast June 26th 1967

S1E26 "Janus", broadcast July 3rd 1967

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7

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