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Spa Day


Season: 4

Episode: 4

Written by: Psychomeltdown

Air date: May 18, 2008

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The crew is docked at the Hub, Doctor What and Grey Wolf take the time to partake in a little libation at the Pub, while a majority of the crew is still on board. Keira Knightly and IronYuppie both head off to a day at the Spa, leaving behind a forlorn Dave Howery.

G.Bone recieves a mysterious container full of porn, which he has Psychomeltdown open. the rest of the crew, being AH.commers, eagerly partake in the ponr arrival. Meanwhile Dave Howery is moping in the bowels of the ship, where Thande arrives to offer him a cardboard cutout of Keira that he made himself. Upon further questions, Thande quickly leaves and Dave is left with the cutout… which agrees with him that the crew needs to be killed.

Psychomeltdown arrives to the Med Bay blind, soon the rest of the crew is stricken with this strange illness. Dave Howery confronts Kit declaring that he is trying to sleep with his Keira, he chases him to the Control Room, where Landshark is trying to find out what happened. Enraged, Dave chases both Landshark and Kit around the ship. the two finally get to the Med Bay where they discover the container of porn might be the reason the crew is going blind. Dave discovers they are in the Med Bay and begins attacking it.

Kit goes to get a sample of the container for testing, while Landshark uses himself as bait to draw Dave off. Landshark runs into Othniel, who has been at prayer and has not partaken in the porn, he is sent off to get Keira from the spa, since she is the only one to clam Dave down.

Landshark finds a blind Kit in the Teleportation Room and is frustrated by the inability of people to contain themselves. He leads Kit back to the Med Bay, but is confronted by Dave Howery.

Landshark and Dave fight it out, Dave gaining the upper hand. Dave is then knocked unconscious by Weapon M, who has just returned to the ship. They arrive to the Med Bay to find that Torq has also become blind.

Meanwhile though all of this, Doctor What has met a girl at the Pub, Strategygirl, who brings him back to her hotel room. Suffice to say, she does things to him that cause him to whimper and weep as she leaves.

In the Tag is is revealed that Ward and Grimm Reaper are responsible for the blindness caused on the ship, hiring Mirror Thande to make a chemical that would cause the blindness. Ward also hired Strategygirl to seduce Doctor What, simply to mess with his mind.

What she did to him and why Ward does not look at her, are never to be known.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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