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First Congressional Assembly

The First Congressional Assembly was the first legislature of the Sandbox Republic and convened on July 25, 2010, following the 2010 General Elections. This Assembly is currently in session and is expected to establish many of the procedures and practices to be followed by later Assemblies.

It opened with 25 seats, 10 held by the Socialist Dreamer Party, the plurality of the government. It was also marked by a large amount of independents.


The First Congressional Assembly had 25 members, representing four political parties and a remarkably large bloc of Independents. No party had a majority although the Socialists did hold a solid plurality. Following TheDarkMessiah's election to Chancellor, the 1st Congressional By-election was held and the Chancellor's brother, Patches (I), was elected to fill his seat.

As of August 2, 2010, TheDarkMessiah (Independent) is Chancellor of the Sandbox Republic and leader of Congress.

Party Seats Change
Socialist Dreamers Party 10 N/A
Royalist Party 3 N/A
New Imperial Party 3 N/A
Motionless Cthulhu Party 3 N/A
Independents 6 N/A

Election of the Chancellor

The first action of the Assembly was to elect their Chancellor. 010camaro was nominated by President offtopic/Lord Roem, who was supported by the Motionless Cthulhu Party. The plurality Socialist Dreamers Party nominated their own Penelope for the position, but she withdrew before the vote. Independant member, TheDarkMessiah, also put himself into the running expecting other Independents to support him. After discussions with the final two candidates, the Royalists pushed for TheDarkServant while the plurality Socialists split their vote.

A Chancellor was elected on the First Ballot:

Candidate Votes
TDM 12
010Camaro 8
Abstentions 2

TheDarkMessiah was elected Chancellor.

Debates on Constitutional Affairs

A proposal by President Lord Roem on the establishment of a Judiciary set off a major debate on how the new Republic should be structured, whether it should have a constitution, and what powers should each branch should have. A 'pro-legislature' side was primarily argued by LightInfa (R) and Douglas (Ind.), while Paladin (NIP) argued for a judiciary. As the debate progressed, the President began to support the idea of a written constitution and announced that he would send a draft to Congress for debate. Nonetheless, he still insisted on maintaining a judiciary in the Constitution. The end result was the Establishment of an Independent Judiciary Bill and the Debate on the Proposed Constitution.

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