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The New Imperial Party (NIP)

A Sandbox Republic political party founded by offtopic/Paladin in July 2010 to contest the 2010 General Election.

The New Imperial Party is one of the emerging parties in the Sandbox Republic. Believing the new republic to be the spiritual successor of the old Imperial Republic, the NIP advocates a policy of Renovatio Imperii, of restoring the republic to the glories (and territories) of old. The manifesto includes support for a Strong central government, a strong military composed of elite (read:awesome) units such as war zeppelins, a drive to expand, shiny imperial bling and lots of titles and fiefdoms for everybody. It supports all things imperial, including both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Current members are Paladin and fortyseven.


In the 2010 Elections, NIP candidates Paladin, Marix, and fortyseven won a total 31 endorsements, securing the party 3 seats in the 1st Congressional Assembly. Paladin supported TheDarkMessiah's candidacy for Chancellor.

Party Platform

Let's face it. Empires are cool, be they European, Middle Eastern, American, or Asian. That's half the reason most of us joined this site.

The Old Republic was once such an empire, but it crumbled, beset by its own internal squabbles. Now, however, the Sandbox Republic has arisen. Since it is the spiritual successor of the Old Republic, the NIP consider it our right to reclaim the glories, and territories, of old. If elected to congress, the NIP promises:

  • A strong central government which actively betters the lives of its citizens.
  • A strong military, which will spread our rule-er, enlightened civilization around the globe
  • A strong bureaucracy, which will provide jobs to the populace, mostly in the form of nifty titles and pet-project ministries
  • A strong infrastructure, which will also help the economy, along with an excuse to use beautiful airships/planes/locomotives/steamships/what have you

The NIP will give you all this and more. Vote NIP, and vote Empire. And awesome.

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